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November Sun - Lisbon Bike Polo Tournment

Friday, November 2, 2012 - Saturday, November 3, 2012
Host club: 
Lisboa Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
aprox 44 x 22 meters

Each team is guaranteed to play 10 10 minutes games with no goals limits :P


Junta freguesia Benfica
Av. Gomes Pereira, nº 17

Signed up

Teams Table and Games Schedule already assigned.
Check the pdf.

Ring Pics

Sneak peek video:

Cool court!, nice video. WE'RE IN.

Wow! Things are going fast down here.
There are 3 teams left to fill the pre-list (24th September)!

Remember: lxnovembersun@gmail.com


Pre-registered teams so far

Flibsteiros (Lisboa, PT) - players: Madeira, Nuno, Reis
Kabouters (Lisboa, PT) - players: Kiko, Vitor, TBA
Passe à 3 (Geneve, CH) - players: Elena, Michel, Attila
Polotov (Madrid, ES) - Players: Alejandro (madrid), Jorge (bilbao) y Angelo (madrid)
Sexy Legs (Barcelona, ES) - Players: Bernat, Jordi and TBA
Los bigotes hasta las rodillas (Montpelier, FR) - players: dams, mass, Benji
Random (Geneve, CH) - players: Tomás, Miki, TBA
Dirty Sanchez (Barcelona, ES) - players: Rexo, JB, Alejandro
Vicenza Bike Polo (Vicenza, IT) - players: Tobia, Punch, TBA
The Cat's Meow (Barcelona, ES) - players: Catarina, Lucas, TBA
Acapolo (Brighton, UK) - players: JU, TBA, TBA (still waiting)
Daggers (Madrid, ES) - players: Ivan Moreno Puche, Raul Escanero Barranco, David Navarro Andrés
Güacapolo (Brussels, BE) - Sacha, Antoine, Vincent or Molo
Port' d' Polo (Porto, PT) - João, Daniel e Bruno

We have good and bad news.
The bad news are that we're having a hard time trying to set up the tournament and working in our day time jobs at the same time so, apart from taking some tome to get back to you, we think we are not going to have the supermodel after all on the team selection onday 1 thursday, sorry about that.

What about the good news?

Less than one month to go now!!!
Please teams, if you haven't yet transfer the fee (€30 per team) do it today. We have the 16 places already filled and continue receiving emails for inscriptions, if you think you're not coming tell us: your place might be available for other teams so, start using paypal and send us an email (just for double check). If you have any issues with bank accounts, credit card stuff, drop us a line, telling us about it ok? Otherwise, we will assume that you will not keep up with the previous inscription… hey, It's not fair to let other people down because of non-confirmed-confirmations… you get the point right?

Autummn is now everywhere and we have not had that much rain yet. Temperatures in Lisbon for the first days of November tend to be around 12º-19º (http://www.weather.com/weather/monthly/POXX0039?month=1) that means playing on short sleeves might be ok. But as we are playing on an open court forget not to light some candles for Saint Peter to take these days off, ok? Let's make room for November Sun.

Some useful info:
We tried our asses out to find a free stay for everybody (in a school nearby) but it turned impossible, due the fact that the 2nd of November, a friday, being a normal school day… nevertheless there are some pieces of advice to share in case you're new to Lisboa. Jump to the "where to stay".

Anyway, Benfica neighbor errr… how can one say this without being too shitty??…. isn't the most "charming" place to stay. There are some options tough, if you insist, but you might have to pedal/walk around 4km to get there as the options are few and scarced…
Our suggestion is staying in the center of Lisbon, at the downton (Baixa) area.
The train station of Rossio lies right in the center of Baixa and is two stops from Benfica station, it takes 10min to get there and €1,5 (no extra fee for bikes). The court is 500m away from the station down Avenida Gomes Pereira (you did check the map, right?), you get to a Pink palace that is on the right side of the road- you can't miss it- (the field is in the "complexo desportivo" from Junta de Freguesia de Benfica - the pink palace, everybody in the neighborhood knows it, just ask about the "junta de freguesia de benfica". Oh yes: there is a pool (public) by the court that will be open! So, if you really want to take a dive between games, go ahead. It will cost around €10 for two days access, just don't forget a cap, swimsuit, a towel and flip-flops. But this is on you, don't count on us for swimming competions, apart from the tournament, please.

Where to stay
Hostels are like mushroos around downtown Lisboa.
From €16 to €18 person/per night with wi-fi and breakfast.
Look around hostels in the Rossio, restauradores and Baixa areas.

If you manage to travel along with other teams/girlfriends/grandmother/wathever, you can always try sharing an apartment. For instance, 6 persons can spend around €200 altogether, for 4 days, that means around €8/person/night, this way it might be even cheaper. Again, there is plenty of offer around Rossio and Baixa.

Regular Hotels
Raging from 2 to 5 stars, or from around €200 per night, you can still pick some cheap options as well depending on your demands of, confort, prices, laundry service, blah, blah. Enough. Check here:

Sure you can look farther around other areas like Chiado or even Bairro Alto which is great for any plans of nightlife that your energy still allows, but remember: Lisbon is the city of the seven hills. Bairro alto (High neighborhood) lies in the summit of one of those… just don't forget about checking on googlemaps.com where does your choice lies. The worst scenario is pedaling from the downtown station of Rossio up to one of this hills after a two-day bike polo explosion...

sweet thanks for all that insight, looks like it wont be too much expensive even with hotels and train.

i didnt get the sentence about "supermodel" stuff ; " we think we are not going to have the supermodel after all on the team selection onday 1 thursday, sorry about that." ??

Los bigotes From Montpellier are looking for a third!

We have already sent requests for any free player wishing to play in the Iberian Union of Bike Polo (union iberica de bike polo). Hope you get the extra player asap!

Ragazzi Ricchi in Aséo (Vicenza, IT) - players, Tobia, Punch, Ricky

Ok before raising the expectations to a whole new level apart from bike polo... A little insignt on the supermodel part ok? If you read the format for the tournament, we have a draw right in the beggining (thursday)where a "supermodel" was supposed to pick randomly a piece of paper from a pot with every team name in order to determine the groups for the tournament. We figure out that the supermodel budget can be better applied on providing a meal for all the athletes during the tournament for instance ;)

Next week will be deadline for all teams. If you have applied but aren't keeping up please drop us a line, there are more teams willing to be in Lisboa.


It. Is. Gonna be. GREAT

Miguel Reis aka striped

awwww too bad about the superbabe !

does anyone need a sub for this ?

Can we definitely know that teams are going to this tournament?.

Alea Jacta Est.

We have a tight, pretty mixed pack of players to play in Lisboa. Looks like we're having some sort of a "latin ninja clash", should we recall the event as "Sol de Novembro", or "Sòl de Noviembre"?
Wathever, here is the list of the 9 teams. There is still room for more:

-Flibsteiros (Lisbon, PT): Madeira, Nuno, Reis

-Kabouters (Lisbon, PT): Kiko, Vitor, Lourenço

-Polotov (Madrid, ES): Alejandro (madrid), Jorge (bilbao) y Angelo (madrid)

-Daggers (Zaragoza, ES): Ivan, Raul, David

-Catattack (Barcelona, ES): Catarina (lisboa), Lucas (são paulo), Mr. Myiagi (barcelona)

-Ragazzi ricchi in aseo (Vicenza, IT): Tobia, Punch, Ricky

-Porto Bike Polo (Porto, PT): João Ferreira, João Sousa, Joaquim Sousa

-Porto Bike Polo B (Porto, PT): Bruno Lopes, Tomé Duarte, TBA

- Vixanto(?): Antonio (lisboa), Vitor (avanca), Xano (brighton)

As soon as you have arrival times (at least expected), let us know. We are planning on holding the team's draw on Thursday (1st November) during the evening, but the exact place and time will depend on how many teams will be already present, ok?

By the way, this is the tshirt you're all gonna take back home (thanx Cat and Rod from Lucky Basterds for being on our side!). As you see the sponsors list as grown, we have now some supernice brands with us as well ;)

Até já
Miguel reis aka striped

Just two more days for the best European tournament held in November!

These few days worth a whole life.

Even if there was some (few?) drops of rain;
Even if we where fewer (at least this year) than we expected;
Even if we felt we could play much more (than we did):
That gave us plenty of time to play great polo, hang around, and most of all... discover that we belong to a family with a huge heart.


Miguel Reis

p.s. The winners list:
1st_Cattack (Lucas, Pablo, Catarina);
2nd_Ragazzi ricchi in Aseo (Tobia, Punch, Ricky);
3rd_Polotov (Angel, Jorge, Alejandro);
4th_Kabouters (Kiko, Vitor, Lourenço).

nice court!
have more videos?