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Sunday, May 25, 2008 - Monday, May 26, 2008
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One day not too long ago, us New York Hardcourt kids got together and lamented about how boring the month of May is. “How could we make May any less crappy of a month to have to live in,” we thought. As is our answer to most things, we decided to throw a tournament. So we came up with the New York Pre-Worlds Round Robin Polo Tournament and Barbecue Classic Memorial Day Extravaganza. Or NYPWRRPT&BBQCMDE, for short. Come one, come all! Over Sunday & Monday of Memorial Day weekend, we’re going to try to cram in nearly 200 games, some barbecuing, perhaps some chicanery and shenanigans, and most definitely a great freakin’ time. It’s going to be a round-robin format, so each team will get to play every other team. That’s a lot of Polo. Even if you suck, you’ll still get to play the same number of matches as anyone else. As an added bonus, if you come to our great city early, you can do Rumble Through the Bronx on Saturday. And if you stay late, you can go to the Bicycle Film Festival the next weekend. That’s right. We’re New York. We effing love you.


New York
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