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Oregon Bike Polo Championships

Bike Polo Flyer web 2.jpg
Saturday, March 7, 2009 - Sunday, March 8, 2009
Host club: 
Portland Bike Polo
Contact info: 

Friday:  Polo Haus 5416 ne 14th place portland, OR 97211                8 PM - polo in the street, pump track in the back, and music in the middle                WELCOME TO THE OBPC's  Presented by the men of the polo haus. Saturday:  Pier Park               7 AM - meet at court to asseble the boards and resweep the court                9 AM - registration opens to everyone - $10 a head / $30 a team               10:30 AM - registration closes and tournament rules are reviewed               11 AM -  first games begin               6 PM - its almost to dark to play - alternate ending location if needed               6:30 PM to ??? - breakdown/cleanup of event location               8 PM - Drinking and shenanigans, location TBD Sunday: Alberta park             8 AM - meet at the court to setup for days events             10 AM - first of the finals games starts             we play till there are no more games to be played. Side note to all participants -Please bring a cup or bottle to put your beverages in due to park police and city police. There are restrooms open at pier park which MUST be used by everyone.  They are located a distance away but the park is beautiful so enjoy the ride. -There will hopefully be food/drink on both days for everyone. -Please remeber you are visiting the NW and it still is winter time and we get rain here alot. Please bring dry clothes and a rain jacket/pants/socks. We want you to have a good time not a wet time. -Thank you all for letting me know you are coming. I hope this schedule will help alot of you all out - see you in a few days! Thanks you so much Drew Kinney


Pier Park
N. Bruce Avenue N. Hudson Street
Portland, OR 97203
United States

Signed up

um, yeah, there.


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...


You guys are hosting a tournament in a hollow? Look out for witches.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-now


This poster is blowing my mind.


sweet...I'm down. 360 here I come!

its been awhile... c u then... you guys have a new court???

since 1998

Matt Messenger
since 1998

just got my tickets! arriving thursday.

can i stay inside somewhere?

anybody else from the east coast going?

p.s. is this you el joker?818 Polo

You bet it is! I'm on Portland's flyer!

Is the poster's neon-like design to commemorate all the strip clubs you have in Oregon?

Minneapolis Polo Twitter can be found at "/MPLSBikePolo"

A Blog about bikes

made in oregon

it's a take-off on the portland landmark neon sign on the shores of the willamette. and the strip clubs.


thank you el joker my friend from canada made it for us she found the picture some where on the internet but is that ok with you if we keep using you.

but you don't have any friends in canada. um. oh. i guess this is a bad time to ask you for a place to stay?


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

oh martin your silly i have alot of friends look at my facebook that will prove it just kidding justine from victoria just moved here and she offered her experties in making the flier. and you can stay with me martin and tell james to come down with you.

cool drew. i'll let james know. he'll be down this weekend for the mayhem so you can even work on him yerself. yea i just heard from justine today! woot woot! i'm so excited to get out of this city! too bad it's not for another three and a half weeks!


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

yo what is the mayhem i really dont know

mini-bike winter.


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Axles of Evils and the mini bikers we have never been the closest of players but James polo on sun that is if you can get monday off

independent tribes working to achieve a similar goal with different tactics...

free fun for winter bikers this valentines day weekend!


bring extra blood to share.

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Yeah yeah, for a crew like Portland to use me in this fashion Im honored, even if it wasnt intentional. Any way I can trade this usage of my likeness for some badass Local Portland teammates for this tourney? I'm plannin on going anyhow, tho I dont think any other LA kids will unfortunately

Hey Alex, it's Tom from Vancouver. Let's be on a team my bearded brethren. whaddaya say???

Take it Sleazy

Holy shit are you for real OMG FUGGYEAH!!! I'm emailing you rite now. So cool!

Hey Tom!
Do you have a third?
Is there room for another 818 all star?

Hey Joey read what Tom wrote you need to grow a beard to get on the squad. Dont get mad at me I dont make the rules...

Is this good enough?

Dam I tried to change the picture. But the browse wigit is not updating.

awesome i have a few benchers that would love to play with you we will see you in a few weeks holy shit only a few weeks.


I can house two but you should be very comfortable with each other cause you will be sleeping in the same room...on the same air mattress...maybe three if you're very comfortable.

i'll be there thursday night. can we get some pick-up games going on friday the 6th?


we'll see who we can get down there friday afternoon, i'd be in to pickup!

kenny and i will be there friday night to cuddle with drew and our teammate...


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

don't worry, i'll have the dutch oven warmed-up by the time you get there.....


warm it up. it's been too long...


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Friday night polo haus polo in the street its been a while but it will be fun and we will have a welcoming party that night to.

sweet. thanks drew. so looking forward to this

how's the ride from the airport to your place?


the light rail from the airport in PDX is the shit as well. it has a stop right outside of the baggage claim and you can bring your bike on it. it also runs on the honor system for payment;)

the ride is dope its only 4 to 5m of flat that is if you take the right way what time you flying in?

i land at 10:47pm Portland time on Thursday the 5th


Yo Chris!
You got a team? I looked for tickets and they are so freekin cheep! Might use my CSI NY check to buy one.

hey joey, yeah i have a team. but joker and tommy gunn might need a third. get with them!


chris i can meet you at the airport if you will have your bike the max or light rail does not go very close to my house. but its an easy ride

fyeah! about time we had some international competition in our house.

although i dont know how to get from portland airport to the marine drive bike path without going far out of the way. maybe you can just bushwack it?

ByCycle suggested this route:
http://bycycle.org/regions/portlandor/routes/find?q=7050-5466 to 47702

but regardless even if you take the max to the Lloyd Center at NE 15th it is only about 2 miles. pretty easy riding.

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

er i found it. kinda looks like it still sucks a bit, but whatevs:


Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

phil corn foot its the only way go around the back of the airport screw 33rd and the bike path i got a secret for all of you

thanks for the links revphil, but i think i want to know drew's secret. i can see cornfoot drive on maps, going through golf courses. drew, email me your address. hopefully i'll be able to put my bike bag on my back and ride to you, but i appreciate the offer of the ride. i'll let you know as we get closer and montana finishes cutting my bike in half.


I plan on driving down thursday afternoon for this. Hopefully with a few cars full of people, it will be awesome

nice, so we can have pick-up all day friday!


a of all- new yorkers are rally coming? sweeet!
b of all-rory_bear-thats right FULL CIRCLES! as timmy would say, but not always do...
c of all-this is shaping up Drew-good job!

well, one new yorker at least. i've been practicing my 360s in pick-up and the others are not too happy about it. i am really looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to see some friends again. though i have to say, despite the fact that both of their explanations should be legitimate in civilized society, both martin and leon are leaving me sad and empty due to their foretold absences.


you have no idea how sad i am that i have to miss this chris!

rock on portland. do it like i know you can!


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Just bought my flight and I can't wait to go to my first out of town tourney!

I am realy in need of some tourny action. (and a brake from the norm)
Portland or Boston?
What to do?

Portland's founders faced a similar dilemma about whether to name Portland "Portland" or "Boston".

It's a sign. You should go to Portland.

portland: you joker and tommy gunn

the return of the blumpkin


enter the blumpkin...


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I think I am just going to hold my load for the ESPI's.

Joey get yer arse down to portlad and play some polo, i think u tomgun, alex will do just fine.. do it ! do it!


Northern Standard

You grew the beard fool, and we already knew you were good enough. Get on Southwest Airlines already! Go to the ESPI's also I will need your help there too... Thanx Chris

duh, Portland!
you could always flip a coin but if you're coming up from cali its obviously easier and faster to get to portland than boston. plus-c'mon support your west coast!

you coming, too craig?

I want to. If I can get a team / ride, then definitely.

Ah! I do have a beard!

Inland Empire/Upland, eh? You ever run across any players from Harvey Mudd or elsewhere on the 5C's? Are they any good?

I play with those kids every Fri.
There is one guy named Ace who kills it. He has a prime group of kids who love the game.

Wow i was under the impression it was going to be only Portland, Corvallis and Eugene invited, im glad it was opened up to everyone, this is gonna rock! Eugene is jumping at the bit to get up to this tourney, Corvallis is gonna have an awesome team.

Eilif Corvallis OR.

less than two weeks!


ya 2 weeks, getting stoooked!!!
Hey chris can you look into some pedals for me? Brooklyn bikes have some called shinburgers, how much????


Northern Standard

$110 usd. you want a pair? black or silver?



what up drunkie? leaving in nine days and portland polo is all i'm thinking about!!!

well, that and strange!


hey chris,do you know anyone at BB? anyway of getting a polo discount? Ah f!@# it, sure get me black pair.


Northern Standard

so, they're actually done making the shinburgers and don't have any left. they've gone vegetarian. they told me that they work better ("your foot kind of sinks into the holes rather than having that bed of nails feeling"), and that they're lighter. 120 usd. you want these ones? http://brooklynmachineworksstore.com/shinburger-vegie.html



Just paid for my ticket!

Wait, are you playing on El Joker's team? I heard that the third from LA wasn't coming up to play with Tom/Alex.

I am coming out from the LA area. Unsure if I am playing with Tom and Alex. They may have a 3rd. Can you confirm this Tom?

Well, the reason I was concerned is that I am the third.

Oh Darn, Lucky you!
So I will not be able to play with my partner from LA. I am sure I will figure somthing out.
Good Luck Craig!

If you want I will ask around Seattle and see if there is anyone who still needs a third. Let me know. I may not be there in person but perhaps you can represent for me.

Seattle Bike Polo

Yes that will be awesome! Much appreciated!

can i please have a comment from pieter about how awesome this is going to be?


portlanders can party new york under the table any day of the week, don't you worry chris, there's more than one reason they call it little beirut. i don't even think they know what the fuck gatorade is. mallet throwing is encouraged and deftly practised. first time i went down there was a beer scavenger hunt in the park, everyone came out with like 12 cans each. someone told me i was crashy and i took it as a compliment and haven't looked back. everything i have learned about drugs, alcohol, and polo come from oregon. just remember chris, you have to be sober enough to play in the final. it'll be great to see you. bring me something from new york and i'll bring you something from east van.

thank you, crashy. this is exactly what i had in mind and needed. and i'll bring you something alright.


Not Pieter but I am sure it will be awesome!
My first travel tourny. I am glad I will play against familiar faces like yourself Christopher.


I think East Van have 2 or 3 teams and a couple mixed teams with folks from NYC and LA. I think next week we'll play 360s again to help remember how to play oldschool. I think most of us are coming down friday afternoon/evening. Maybe we'll get some pick up infron tof the Polo Haus.

Drew if I remember correctly Portland allows defensive 360s...even encourages it. True?

Someone please bring me a medium East Van T.


Need a team!

Ill see what I can do.

Seattle Bike Polo


Ill be flying into Portland from Milwaukee on the 3rd. Id love to hang out, maybe play some pickup. I dont think I can make it for the whole tourney. If anyone besides sweet t would be interested in hanging out, seeing the sights, letting me sleep on your porch, or whatever, I dont really have any plans for almost two weeks so Id love to meet up. Ive never been to Portland so Im pretty excited. Do you guys play any other days during the week?

If anyone wants to meet up email arejay@hotmail.com. Send me your contact info so I can reach you once I get there.

Extra-stoked on pickup games in Eugene tonight—we're still figuring out how many of us are coming up. We even had a last-minute pickup/practice Monday!


hey canadians! I wanna check to see if I can cross the border or if my extensive crime record will keep me out.

SO, I would like to catch a ride North to Vancouver with someone if there is room. Then Ill come back home after a day or so.

any takers?

btw Bike Prom is coming back to Victoria April 24-26th expect another rad polo turny and various types of other lecherous activities.

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

oh rev, you know i'll be at the prom...er makin out on the bleachers outside it i mean.


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

oh and bring your waterbottle/pimp cups for discreet adult beverage consumption.

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Fuck ya!

one week


PDX ! ! !

alex, it'll be great to catch up in portland, sounds like you've picked up a fun team. 818! where's the hamma?

YOYOYOYOYO Pieter! Dude Im psyched on this thing, I'm gonna be on a Canadian team! Hey if u want the latest check our thread below Im sure you'll find Hammer there if u look. I got a new polo bike too!

Well, ~half Canadian. I'm actually from the States.

Looking forward to playing with you. Super pumped!


get ready...its gonna be fun!


Cos everybody knows this is how it goes, west coast has got the most sauvoir faire per player,read em and weep we play three deep and we roll along bang a gong trex said get street cred...

wot wot? dang dawg, i thought you knew!

just an update/request for an update...we've got 4-8 people rolling down that way friday with a likely ETA of 3-5 pm PST. cars parked and polo bikes mounted by sundown at the LATEST. pickup games? beer? what's the word for friday night?

818, 2/3 in effect!

909 Representing!
Ya! you heard about the big bad Upland!

Oh man I can't wait for this weekend!

there will be a new schedule posting either in the morning or late tuesday afternoon waiting on a couple of things to time out for it but friday night party at the polo haus with polo in the streets along with a bitchen pump track in the back and i have a few djs and a band playing that evening should be fun to get people pumped to play on sat. see you all really soon


pump track?

is this something rory will win?

east van is coming strong with 15 players.

thanks for everything drew...

Make way for the East Van army!

ohh PUMP TRACK, i was just at 1 on sunday, Is it mt bike style or BMX? Should i bring a bike for it or are there some dirt machines there? I'll take rory on!!!!


Northern Standard

i have a few bikes but i really wanted to use polo bikes on it i think it would be sweet to have a polo pump train going on i have a few pics at polohaus.blogspot.com and teamwreck.blogspot.com check both sites out there are great.


fuck you all. (said with my head in my hands)


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

i was really looking forward to seeing you martin but i guess next time right good luck debating your decision about not coming.


if only the decision were mine!!! have fun polistas! i'm with you in spirit!


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Just saw the pics,SICKTER OFF THE RICkTER,can't wait to shred it!!!


Northern Standard

word on the street for the weekend portland has a snow advisory. snow level dropping to 500 feet on sat night and possible snow on sunday. so everyone be prepared to have snow on you this weekend or not portland weather men really suck at casting the forecast.

Corvallis has one team for sure, and we almost have a 2nd team.

Eugene will defenantly have a team. I will talk to them this thursday night and see how many they got coming.

Ashland Oregon bike polo just started and i hear at least one person will be coming up.

hey eilif talked to sean in eugene and he has a couple teams and beer and i have got intouch with ashland as well and i think they may have one or 2 people so if anyone is coming to the tourney without a team i think there will be plenty of people to play with or make a bad ass team that may win this whole event i hope well eilif i jsut want to make sure you are bring the boom box so we have music all weekend and does corvallis have a place to stay as well let me know we will talk. i hate spelling.

if Eilif's stereo doesn't make it, I'll be bringing mine, too:

We can battle/share batteries.

My Messenger Bag Is Bigger Than Your Messenger Bag

Im charging my batteries at the moment, the sound system will be ready! I will be bringing 2 batteries. I could even pull the battery out of my truck if need be, ill also be bringing a charger. Yep over prepared as usual. Tho i may need to bring a tent as well to keep it dry.

Alexanders system is great for carting around town on a trailer, I know from many a good drunken ride in Eugene! we might have to do a night ride up there in Portland!

Some of Corvallis is looking for a place to stay, were planning on coming up friday to get the whole shebang. Ill be hashing out the details this thursday and will report back.

eilif please bring a tent please we will need it and i cant find a big enough one as i returned it to rei to get a smaller one that is way to small i think i got a line on a sweet table tough let me know


I think ill be able to borrow the Peak Bike Sports convention tent. Everyone at peak has played or is playing bike polo so we got a bit of sponsorship ehehe.

i don't think we're allowed to have tents under our permit...lame, but jus sayin' i'll double check, and a boombox is fine. but no super amplified anything... anyway i am totally stoked for this tourney even though i am a low level player. its gonna be fun! who is gonna be here by friday night partaking in the festivities? everyone, right? :D
polo brings us all in one full circle. count it!

*i just got back from wed night polo so ...make what you will of that* see y'all friday, and saturday and sunday!

Gregg from Peak says i can borrow the pop tent, ill bring it up just in case.

The Eugene "B" team will arrive by 9 Friday. With any luck, we'll be sleeping at my friend's house on Roselawn.

PS--Peak is a great ISP; they give me good speed, a static IP, they never packet-shift...And now they're loaning a tent for polo! Thanks, Gregg!

My Messenger Bag Is Bigger Than Your Messenger Bag

Actually Alexander, I work at Peak SPORTS in Corvallis (a Bike Shop), and know practically nothing about computers. But my wife says Peak Internet is THE best. They have actual people working there! And they have brains. You can even go in and talk to them in person (this is easier if you live a few blocks from the office obviously). I Hope to make it down to Eugene tonight w/Eilif -its been WAY too long, you guys are probably too good for me now.

tiah we need a tent its oregon and it rains we need a tent trust me we will have paper that will get wet and that will mess everything up for us if it does bring the polo tent we need it no matter what tiah says.


mallet throwing and 360s, just like the good old days.

The keg of NINKASI IPA should be in ptown around 8:30-9pm today... fast for atleast 6 hours beforehand.

We got 5 players coming up for the friday night party from Corvallis. Needs place to sleep. Figure the floor of the Polo Haus would do just fine. Get our backs nice and straight for the tourney.

Gregg is bringing up the pop tent on Saturday morning.


a of all-someone is bringinga keg of ninkasi ipa? i love you!
b of all-drew! i undertand whya tent woudl be awesome, and i'm all for it, but not if i get some fine because of it. i'll double check the paperwork, i relaly don't know why it would present a problem but i seem to vaguley recall the park people saying something along the ones of "no tents" but whatever i doubt it would be a big deal if its up for rain purposes.
c of all-hurray!

YOYO Tia I got some LA Polo gear for you! Girl size T-s you will like!

Yo Alex! Thank you very much! :)
To those of you who have not seen the LA shirt-its pretty sweet-black with a white outline of a polo player rearing up with a mallet about to swing raised over the head. Count it!!!

Day one of the tourney is complete! It was a great time, more mellow(on the sidelines) at times then you'd expect from 20 teams (!!!)but it was never lacking for good times. The party the night before after a bunch of pick up games in front of the Polo Haus was pretty sweet, too. It was a lot of fun to meet the out of towners, and to talk with returning peeps.
There were lots of great looking games.

The reg list is in Eric's notebook right now-thanks Eric for running the brackets!! but I'll list all the teams later.

aww, you're with mean justine in your profile pic and she has an east van bike polo shirt. WHY THE FUCK AM I NOT THERE?!?!?!??!


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I wish I was there ;( I heart PDX

Quick like Thunder

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

I wish I was there ;( I heart PDX

Quick like Thunder

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for coming out is was the players who made this such a great success THANK YOU AGAIN.


hup hup. its done and done! i'm too tired from my long day on the bench to recount all the details now, but i wanted to post this link to some nice photos my buddy Jose took from day one of the tourney.
there's more than me than there should be admittedly but its cos i'm on his bike team and he was taking a couple so i could use one for a profile shot. sorry!
yesterday was great and today was awesome.
i'll also have a few photos up in the near future. i'll post a link when i get to it. if other peeps took pics and can share them that'd be great,too.

Thanks for hosting, Portland. I had a great time.

wow back to reality with 5 cm of snow on the ground here in Vancouver, i think we got what Portland was supposed to get this weekend, thank frek the polo gods were good to us this weekend.. I had absolute blast this weekend, playing day 1 in that park setting, was for me a truly amazing experience with old growth douglas/cedar/ trees = AWSOME!!!! i flipping LOVE the north west coast..ANYwho, many thanks to everyone who made this happen,(u know who you are)
much love
321 polo!!!!!


Northern Standard

Who WON?

East Van's Ballz Deep won - Rory, Drunky, Piet. (can we have the final standings please?)


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

It was something like 1) East Van Ballz Deep, 2) Seattle's Good Enough, 3) Portland Sucka Fucks, 4/5) LA/NY/EV & East Van's Seven Seven Hate

4/5) LA/NY/EV & East Van's Seven Seven Hate

It only just occurred to me, but I wish we could have seen that match up.

778 fo' life.


Neither Kenny's nor my team played either of your teams or the Women's Army either.

Wow I cant believe that! Top 5!
Big thanks to my team!

Fuck yeah! Way to go.

next years oregon bicycle polo championships early april we will have 45 more minutes of daylight i am looking forward to putting htis one on again.

i haven't got that list off of Eric yet and as the reg person I should be able to come up with the names, right? Alas there were 20 teams and so much activity I doubt I'll get em all but I'll try to remember a few.

Balls Deep-i'm pretty sure they were there...:)
NY/LA/East Van-that name sucks guys...
77 Hate (on)
TMT Blast
BMFP (bikemuthafuckinpolo)
Dead Fucking Best
Big Back Yard
818/?/? (some vancouver area codes)
Flying Tigers
Dirty Sock
The 206ness(seattle's good enough)
The Ladies Army
In state beer tax
Polo Trollo
Bob's Your Uncle
Ashland Penetration
Bob Ross & the naked ladies
Solid Gold

In case anybody wants to see the final bracket:


You can click on "all sizes" to blow it up.

My Messenger Bag Is Bigger Than Your Messenger Bag

This was a great 1st tourny for me! Traveling to meet other people who love bike polo as much as I do was a great expierience. The Portland team has a great style of playing that I have never seen before.

A big thank you to Drew who took care me while I was visiting from LA California.

Oh ya Tim Tim thanks for letting me crash at your house on Saturday!

joey-i'm glad you chose portland and not boston, or maybe you're gonna go there, too? in any case we're glad you came. i wanted to get a pic of you and alex with your awesome shirts but alas i never got around to it, y'all just have to come back next year, ya hear?

back in nyc, but still high from this weekend. a lot of great memories were made, but i'll save those stories for the post-obpc thread.

thank you everyone. drew: your hospitality and generosity are inspiring: from meeting me at the airport thursday night, albeit it with no tools to put my bike together, to our off-road ride up to the overlook above the train yard, to lending me a sleeping bag for the weekend, to showing me where to find green to smoke all weekend, to teaching me to ride that pump track, all the way to monday morning with everything else in between. thanks man. i can't wait to see and play with you again.

to everyone who put in hard work to make this tournament run so smoothly, from tia and eric to the polo haus to little beirut generally: a giant thank you. i was really happy to have met so many new players, and to have played again with some (all too) familiar faces (pieter, can i go three weeks without seeing you?).

kenny and joey: thank you so much for playing with me. i was really impressed with our turn around between saturday and sunday. i knew we had it in us. one win from the podium isn't bad for our first time playing together.

martin: thanks for not coming so joey could take us as far as we got! i did get your gift from one very special member of the east van army, though, thanks. i really missed you.

and to tpl: thanks guys, the bike and the mallets are the shit.



i miss you too buddy. soooon...


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Hey Martin thanks for the gift.
You have a great group of girls.



Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Polly gave me somthing and said it was from you....

like drew said, the players made it excellent.

thank you for making it rad.

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Did you guys see this?

hey joey did you get your bike alright i hope i packed it well for you.

Ken Ken Ichi is in it!!!