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Peppermint Polo Cup II

what you are not (yet?) albe to see is our totally amazing poster.
Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Saturday, May 31, 2014
Host club: 
Court size: 

May 29-31. !!
please note: that is Thursday-Saturday
with the actual Tournament being Friday/Saturday
Entry fee:

15,-€ per person = 45,-€/Team

Camping right next to the Court
in the beautyful riverside-woodland of Leipzig
Breakfast will be provided there.

very rough schedule:

Thursday May 29:

arrival And Tent-Setup

Registration Party @ Fisch Bar
(Georg-Schwarz-Str. 109)

Friday May 30
10am- midnight (hopefully earlier)

expect the change between the morning and evening group around 4-5pm :(

Saturday May 31

Beginning of the 24 Team-Double-Elimination

8-9pm Award ceremony

Afterwards: PARTY IN THE TENT.

Sidenote: Even in theory this is a _very_ tight schedule, especially on Friday's Swiss Rounds.
Means: no court sweeping and no breaks between games.
We also plan on being very strict about Teams not being on-court on time. If you have not shown up 3 Minutes after the prevous game has ended you will have lost your game 5:0.
If only one (or two) players of your Team is/are missing you may take your chance and play the game short-handed. The missing player(s) will not be allowed to enter the game later on.

Also if we do not manage to finish the Swiss rounds on Saturday, we will do so on Sunday, but only will play a 16 Team Doulbe-Elim.

Breakfast and Departure

It may not have been totally clear, but we are very much looking forward seeing all of you!


Rollhockeystadion Böhlitz-Ehrenberg
Ludwig-Jahn-Str. 24, Böhlitz-Ehrenberg
Leipzig, SN

Signed up

Ä Tännschn! Attention, Beware Achtung, VORSISCHT!!

email an peppermint@vollbio.de

email to peppermint@vollbio.de

(containing the usual Informations like who is playing and stuff.

Registered Teams
1 Apollo3 Szemek (WAW) Kuba (WAW) Maciek (WAW)
2 Bambule Danny (BLN) Lette (BLN) Nico (BLN)
3 Mintberry Crunch Timmy (NBG) Josef (NBG) Dodi (BDP)
4 holy bimbÄm Jupp (GSN) Clemes (GSN) Christoph (GSN)
5 Big Schenkelklopfer Schenkel (HH) Inkasso Chris (HH) Inkasso Andy (HH)
6 Metaphorischer Kugelblitz Richie (L) BJ (FFM) Lukas (GSN)
7 The Sentence Kat (MUC) Dany (BRN) Jirka (PRH)
8 Bold Hagen (MUE) Flo (MUE) Jan (FFM)
9 1. PoloClub Köln Jan (CLN) Kati (CLN) Marc (CLN)
10 Rakähte Käthe (BLN) Frieda (Zwenkau) Gitti (BLN)
11 LiAnKe Lisa (NGB) Elisabeth (Riesa) Cindy (Borsdorf)
12 Aromatoque Peppermint Shooting Unicorns Donatello (L) Wilma (L) Daniel G. (HAL)

13 Ebbelwoi Conspiracy Eddy (FFM) David (FFM) Johanna (FFM)
14 The Beardless Rudy Madej Pajac
15 Iconic Empire Tony (BLN) Mateusz (BLN) Püppi (BLN)
16 die drei Blondinen mit der Fahne (nochmal) Adam (BLN) Mö (FFM) Til (MUC)
17 Kakao Adrian (KRK) Kuba (KRK) Olej
18 XXX Timon (CLN) Fabrice (CLN) Oli (GSN
19 Rotwild Nele (HAL) Matthieu (MUC) Nik (LDN)
20 Radoberger Rado (FFM) Miguel (FFM) Maciek NOSAL
21 POWPeng! Janosch (L) Aline (L) EdLab (L/LYO)
22 La Poloma Loca Jürgen (NBG) Christian (NBG) Thomas (NBG)
23 pussy play Karin (BIE) Alex (BIE) Ben (BIE)
24 Ponyhof B.E. Hans Handschuh (L) Reimer (B) Bernd (KON)

1 die Schweißheiligen Ali (FRG) Karl (FRG) t.b.a
2 Stahl(in)orgel Eliska (DD) Lia (DD) Filip (DD)
3 POLOSKI Stan (KRK) Piotr (KRK) Maciek (KRK)
4 VCA Carla (HAL) t.b.a. t.b.a
5 Konstanz David (KON) Andi (KON) tba
6 Heatfluxes Johannes (GSN) Jonas (GSN) Oli (GSN)
7 Power Rangers Robert (HH) Max (KRH) Philip (MUE)
8 Disco Polo WoWa (WAW) Smyl (WAW) t.b.a
9 Wild BoyZ Basti (BLN) Andy (BLN) Nico (BLN)

We have decided to raise the Number of Teams to 24, as we have a couple hours more time than usual.

There will be a compromise though. That would be:

If we manage to finish the swiss rounds on Friday, we will have a 24 Team Double Elim. If we have to play the last swiss Round on Saturday Morning, we will only do a 16 Team Doulble Elim.

updated Teamlist above