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Polo Cup Münster

Saturday, July 4, 2015 - Sunday, July 5, 2015
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Polo Cup Münster

The time is now, Bike Polo Münster iinvites you to
Polo Cup Münster.


04. + 05. of July

(You are right, we changed the date, but this one will be the final one. Its just, this willl be the first tournament which we host, everything has to be more than awesome, colorful and nice. We are quite nervous.)


Sports campus University of Münster.

Short/Basic Facts:

- 16 Teams, maybe we will rise to 18.

- Friday evening, welcoming!

- Saturday, swiss-rounds, 2 groups

- Sunday, double elim, to find the nicest!

- 1 Tournament Court

- ADD On: If the games just bored your power. There is a Cage-Soccer, a multifunctional sport area and a 400m running-path.


We are a bit late and so the registration will open pretty soon.

15. of May 20:00 o'clock CET (GMT+1) to 17. of May 20:00 o'clock CET (GMT+1)

Registration form will follow within the next few days.

For more Informations, Stay Tuned



Sports Campus University of Münster
Horstmarer Landweg

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Registration Period:

15. of May 20:00 o'clock CET (GMT+1) to 17. of May 20:00 o'clock CET (GMT+1)