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POLO Delivery // Bucharest International Bike Polo Tournament

POLO Delivery // Bucharest International Bike Polo Tournament 2015
Saturday, June 13, 2015 - Sunday, June 14, 2015
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40x20, 1 court

BUCHAREST BIKE POLO welcomes you to “POLO Delivery” International Bike Polo Tournament - 1st Edition
For the 1st time in Bucharest, an International Bike Polo Tournament will take place during the largest urban-cultural festival in our city, Street Delivery 2015.

ABOUT Street Delivery
Street Delivery is an urban event that takes place every year in Bucharest, Timişoara, and Iași.In each of the cities or neighborhoods, a street is closed for the automobiles and open for the people, becoming a space for pedestrians to stroll and take part in various artistic, social, civic, enlightening activities. Anyone can apply with an idea that can make the city an enjoyable place.

Between the 12-14th of JUNE, George Enescu Square will become a bike polo paradise with two courts and other related activities.
For the past two years, the Romanian Bike Polo community managed to create great Bike Polo tournaments in Ploiești, Sfântul Gheorghe, and Oradea with the participation of international teams and now for the first time in Bucharest.

Therefore, we would love to invite you to “POLO Delivery” International Bike Polo Tournament - 1st Edition. We hope to make this an annual event in the South-Eastern Europe with your support.

Since 2011 the Romanian Bike Polo community has grown constantly. In 2014 we participated in EHBPC in Padova, met awesome people and some of the Bike Polo giants. This year we want to take things further: our 1st International Tournament!

We guarantee you’ll have a great time and that’s what we’re going to DELIVER!
We expect 16 TEAMS to join our tournament
REGISTER your team HERE: http://bikepolo.ro/
http://bikepolo.ro/ - More details coming soon

George Enescu Square https://goo.gl/maps/sn1OA

JUNE 11th MEET & GREET - PreTournament Polo-ing, PARTY-ing
JUNE 12 free for all rounds
JUNE 13 rounds (9AM -8PM)
JUNE 14 rounds + final (9AM -5PM)

ENTRY FEE 11Euro/PERS or 33Euro / TEAM


The Doors Hostel https://goo.gl/maps/zGzwd
- 14 beds, 10 euro/night
- 1 double bed room, 25 euro / night

Umbrella Hostel https://goo.gl/maps/OOyQn
- 10 beds available
- 12 Euro /night

Midland Hostel https://goo.gl/maps/SxPSa
14 beds available
12 euro / night

MORE INFO SOON: http://www.bikepolo.ro/
E-MAIL: contact@bikepolo.ro

AQUA Carpatica
Fixcraft Europe
Turific! handmade
La Vita e Velo
Kyklos Ciclomesageri
Biciclete Pegas

Street Delivery
Portocala Mecanica (http://portocalamecanica.ro/
WeBike (http://citywebike.ro/)


1. NewBs that love Bewbs Dávid, Munkácsi, Aszalós Ármin
2. No A-Polo-gies Marcus, Mubeen, Win Man
3. PAW LAW Bogdan, Marius, Cristian
4. Les Frites Tom Lerom, Guillaume Colinmaire, Tijs Pladijs
5. We got a TEAM Michael, Alexandru Lazarescu, Alex -
6. Gangbang Sebestyén, Gábor Kormány, Miguel Polo
7. FreeBallers Alex Tranda, Ariel Constantinof, Constantin Radu
8. BPO Joó Árpád, Imre Gordan, Kovács Ferenc
9. Brrrap! Martin Kyncl, Jenda, Dragos Solot
10. Easy Rider feat Kátai Géza, Tamas Szasz, Lukacs Szabolcs
11. Dirty Pigs feat. Csányi Ervin Attila, Lukács Lehel József, Szabó József Attila
12. Polo4Dummies feat. Iasmina, Catalin, Mihai


Street Delivery SPORTS
George Enescu square

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