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Polo on the Prairie

Saturday, June 9, 2012 - Sunday, June 10, 2012
Host club: 
Saskatoon Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
tennis court. Full boards.

Saturday: 3v3 lots of polo, Sunday 3v3...

Book the dates, get in touch, play polo.

Real talk, register here:



Signed up

This going to be the best. Any chance we can just do a mixed bench minor event? Rather than a city vs. city. I think it would be fun to mix everyone up for this. If not I will see what I can do about making sure we have a full roster from Winnipeg.

Yes, that might make more sense.. I dont think Edmonton is even playing polo anymore anyways.

only takes 3 to field a team.. we've got the stamina from knocking the ball around by ourselves for hours on end

Josh i hope you still smoke cigars...i got some good cubans & nicaraguans we puff on between games.

Is no one else excited about this? I can't wait.

hell yes. putting myself out there as a ^ free agent ^ facebook.com/jkupsch

Another free agent here. Lemme know!

Calgary is excited! Cowpunchers are gonna bring the supervan full of super polo steez.


We wont need a tonne of reffs, but if you are interested in throwing your hat in the reffing ... bin..? then get in touch with me. bryn dot rawlyk at gmail dot com

count me in if needed.

I'll help out....stoked for some prairie polo!

Urgent: 1 player needed! Jay and I from Winnipeg just lost our 3rd. If there's anyone out there still looking for a teammate, get in touch.

groggyboy AT gmail.com

very exite my beer bowl better still be there

Still lookin for a 3rd. If we don't find one, is it still worth entering? I really wanna be there and play, but you know, money money money!

I will mention it around the saskatoon folks that arent really on LoP. Im sure there is someone that needs a team :)

We may have a lead on a third on our end. Depends on travel arrangements, I do believe. But it wouldn't hurt to put out the word anyways!

I thought this tournament was a bench minor format. Why are people looking for teams?

We were excited to do that on the Saturday then 3v3 on the Sunday, though there hasnt been all that much chatter as to how many people are coming.. We didnt think we could have enough bench teams to make it work is all.

We could always do a bench portion on Saturday afternoon/evening if we have enough folks.

The sun is staying up pretty late..

we can start at 0445 on sunday!

calgary has about 14 people coming

get a tally from each city if u can

Thats what the registration form is for...

Have you had many people register?

edmonton 4

haha Edmonton sucks

I think Winnipeg is bringing 8.

we can do city vs city edmonton will be tired

I would rather not do city vs. city. I think it would be more fun for everyone if we took all of the players and split them up according to skill level. For example each city rep could get together on Saturday morning and rank their players A, B, C, D. Then the players can be split up as evenly as possible between the 4 teams. Such as each team gets 2 "A" players, 2 "B" Players, 2 "C" Players, 2 "D" Players. It could even be randomized by putting names in a hat and drawing those names.

bring it on

anyone going to saskatoon coming through or who wants to make a detour through Missoula Montana have room for me and my bike? im trying to make it for the tournie and you can crash/party at my place beforehand if i can get i ride to calgary which is on the way too!


call or email me pleeeeease

evanjamz@yahoo 406 552 5529

-Evan L Missoula Bike Polo

Anyone know where I can get a pimp leather couch for sideline polo viewing when I get there? Last year kinda set the standard, I can't just sit in a lawn chair now!

What time are we supposed to be at the courts on Saturday morning? Do you need us to bring anything from Winnipeg? Anything I can do to help?