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Polo Retreat 3

Friday, June 6, 2014 - Sunday, June 8, 2014
Host club: 
East Van Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
one large lacrosse box, split in two

Polo Retreat 3! It's back! It's comparable in size to two years ago! It's better!*

This year we travel to the Interior of British Columbia to visit the ex-mining town of Hedley BC. A beautiful lacrosse box nestled between mountains, just a short ride away from a wooded campground along the river. No ferries this time folks! Just a 4 hour drive from both Seattle and Vancouver!

Arrive and camp Friday, June 6th at Pickard Creek Campground:


Play polo Saturday and Sunday at the 2-court lacrosse box.

Enjoy the hospitality of Hedley! (There may be a pancake breakfast??)

Just come have some fun**!

*better not guaranteed
**fun guaranteed


Hedley BC
Scott Ave
Hedley, BC

Signed up

If I wasn't convinced already, pancake breakfast was the... ermm.... nail on my... decision making coffin?

Or whatever. I'm stoked :)

Crab shots.

Camping and Polo make my pants tight

In case anyone is checking this: Updated info!!!

Hi Folks! You are probably all eager for some info/ updates so here is what's up:

We are camping at the Pickard Creek Campground, close to Hedley. I'm still waiting on a call back from an actual person that manages the campground, but I have been assured that they are aware we are coming. There is some very basic information on the campground here:
and a map here:

The turnoff for the campground is BEFORE Hedley and easy to miss- if you hit Hedley you've gone too far. I'm hoping to get some early arrivers out there to hang a sign on the turnoff so it's more visible for everyone else.

The lacrosse box is a rental for the weekend ($300) which I have made a deposit on via check. I kindly ask each participant to bring $10, which I will collect (I accept Canadian or Amurican). If we exceed 30 participants, I will make sure you are reimbursed in some manner! The lacrosse box will be divided into two smaller courts for maximum polo, and there mayyyyy even be lights for those of you who feel 12 hours of polo/day is just not enough.

It is a short ride along a highway to get to Hedley and the court so please, bring helmets and lights! We will be posting sinage along the highway to warn traffic, and providing one-time-use glow-sticks for anyone riding in the dark, but the more you can do for yourself the better!

What else to bring: Tent/tarp/shelter of some kind, firewood (supply yourself for the weekend), water. We will be at elevation so it's likely to get cold in the evening, warm layers, probably touques and mittens as well. Of course it's going to be friggen hot in the daytime so sunscreen, and swim suits if you feel like dipping in the river. There is a general store in Hedley that sells some food (fresh and frozen meat, fresh baked goods, staple ingredients) and booze. I've even been told that the owners can accomodate special requests, so if you want to bbq one night and don't want to bring the steaks, I can put you in touch with them! Princeton (a larger town) is nearby in case Hedley doesn't have everything.

The locals are curious and will be coming our to watch and ask questions so please remember to keep your achololic beverages koozied or in a different container.

I expect to have more information for you all soon (re: campground and pancake breakfast) which I will update here! If you have any specific questions feel free to contact me.

Thanks everybody!

This sounds awesome! I'm bike touring right now and this is timed up surprisingly well with my trip. Mind if I join ya? I just rolled into Vancouver last night and will come out to polo today.