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Saturday, July 23, 2011 - Sunday, July 24, 2011
Host club: 
Bikepolo Munich
Contact info: 

Dear fellow poloistas!

The Munich polo crew is happy to invite you to our polo tournament Polocatepetl!

The tournament will take place in the course of the Bike Expo. We´ll have two courts located in the so-called "action hall". We´ll have pick-ups on Thursday and Friday, the actual tournament will be on Saturday and Sunday. If needed, we could also start with some tournament games on Friday, provided there´s enough teams in town already. The number of teams is set at 24 for the time being.

There is no specific time for the registration. First come, first serve. If you want to play, send an email to: angie[at]bikepolo-muenchen.de

This tournament is also our bid for the EHBPC 2012. We want the community to get an idea of how the European Championships next year could be like. But of course, the EHBPC will be bigger, faster, better!

If the European community likes this years organization and tournament, we would love to host next year´s Euros. We have the full support of the Bike Expo people, the dates will be set in September/October, so there´s going to be enough time for organising your trip to the Bavarian capital.

Come on over for some polo fun!


Munich International Trade Fairs Munich

Signed up

amazing poster!!!!

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Rik wrote:

amazing poster!!!!


Love the name!

*Somebody please think of the children!!*

same here!

Suerte y puntería

Don't forget to visit the website: polocatepetl.bikepolo-muenchen.de

+++1 for the awesome flyer and the website!!


I like the chain routing :)

Thanks for the probs, everyone!

Well, the 24 spots are all taken already. But we have a waiting list, too, and we consider raising the number of available spots, depending on how many more teams register. So PLEASE register if you want to come, we´ll find a way to let you play!

Teams registered so far are:

Tough Shit (James, Lo, Til)
Toros (Eddy, Schustar, Synthese-Mo)
Munich Allstars (Marcus, Michi, Roland)
Poloholica (Angie, Anja, Katrin)
Gladiators (Chris, Moritz, TBA)
Cucarachas (Matthias, Matthieu, Matze)
Eisprinzessin (TBA,TBA, TBA)
Catania (Mauro, Frederico, Tobi)
3P (Daniel, David, Nils)
Bambule (Danny, Jessy, Nico)
Delta Connection (Daniel, TBA, TBA)
Shotguns (Anna, Johanna, Daniel)
Monkey Punch (Flo, Max, TBA)
Clowns (Hannes, Steffen, TBA)
Polo d´Oro (Oli, Recep, Thomas)
Polonauten (Stefan, TBA, TBA)
Wheels of Fortune (Andi, Bernd, Saade)
Vienna Allstars (Mateen, TBA, TBA)
Pink Ladies (Mattia, Punch, Willy)
The Rat Pack (Florian, Malte, Ronny)
Die Kraken (Ralph, Thomas, Tim)
Chain Doe (Hannes, Steffen, TBA)
Polo Prospects (Raul, TBA, TBA)
La poloma loca (Chris, Josef, Jürgen, Nils)

The teams on this list will receive an email soon with details for registration fee payment, housing, etc.

We can´t wait to welcome you in Munich!

wish i could come back to munich for this

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Things are coming along. Here are some new and exciting info about the tournament:

For entering the BIKE EXPO you´ll get ticket codes about a week prior to your arrival with a how-to so you can print your own tickets for the fair. Once you´re in, your team will be given vouchers for the food court. We´ll also provide beer, water and soft-drinks for the players.

We´ll have two indoor tournament courts. But as we all can´t get enough of polo, we´ve organised an outdoor court at the venue, which can be used as a pick-up court by daytime, and - more importantly- which has lights, so we can pull a polo all-nighter after the fair closes its doors. There will be a BBQ and a decent supply of beer, all to fair prizes and brought to you by the Bikepolo München community. PLUS: No need to worry about how to get home late at night. Just crawl into your tent next to the outdoor-court after taking a shower and brushing your teeth in the on-site sanitary facilities. Sleep like a baby and then walk to the court in your your pyjama the next morning to watch the early games. Hell yeah!
Please inform Schustar via andreas.schuster[at]hotmail.de if you fancy the camping solution or if you (still) prefer private housing. If you want to camp, bring your own tent or vehicle.

And now, just for a short moment, close your eyes and imagine the EHBPC 2012 in Monaco di Bavaria:
Five indoor courts, never-ending supply of beer and other healthy beverages, an outdoor court for late-night polo, on-site camping, ..., POLO FESTIVAL!!!

Don´t miss the opportunity to get a foretaste of what the Euros could be like next year and come to Polocatepetl!

Only 18 days left…

Wish i was able to be there , sounds fantastic . Gets my vote for the euros next year .

Have fun this weekend! Wish I was there.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

Follow the qualifiers online!


Finals bracket:


Finals bracket:


Thanks to all the teams and volunteers for the great weekend!!!

Results (Swiss rounds followed by 8-team double elim):

Toros, Munich (with Polosyntheses Mo)

Candy Colored Clowns, Karlsruhe (with L'Equipes Lukas)

Bambule, Berlin

Tough Shit, Munich

Pink Ladies, Vicenza
Wheels of Fortune, Konstanz

Animal Farm, Karlsruhe/Hannover
Poloholica, Munich

9. Polonauten
10. Gladiators
11. Munich Allstars
12. 3P
13. Vienna Allstars
14. M3
15. Die Kraken
16. Chain Doe
17. Polo d´Oro
18. Catania
19. Shotguns
20. The Rat Pack
21. Delta Connection
22. Polo Prospects
23. La poloma loca
24. Eisprinzessin

Female MVP: Anja (Poloholica)
Male MVP: Hannes (Candy Colored Clowns)

Thank you Bikepolo Munich!!!

And thanks Lukas.
It was so much fun and a pleasure to play with you!!!

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