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Polopaluza - Eindhoven NL

Saturday, October 10, 2009
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I am not the organizer for this, but there isn't currently a thread for it.

Polopaluza: Eindhoven bike polo tourney
Hereby we proudly invite you to Polopaluza bike polo tournament. Blood, sweat, beers, and nice prizes are on the way. Everyone is welcome, but only 12 teams can join this tourney… First come, first serve!!

Polopaluza bike polo. (powered by Fuccit)
Time: 12.00 – 18.00h
Fee: EUR 15,- (incl. dinner + roller-race)

What we need from you is:
1. Your team name
2. Name of 3 players
3. Reachable e-mail address + telephone number

Sign up here


Café ‘t Vonderke
Lodewijk Napoleonplein 9

Signed up

That is one beautiful poster. Has to be the only event ever to have Cinelli, Vans and Southern Comfort on the same bill of sponsors. Pink triangles! Coolio.

Southern Comfort -- really?!?

Is anyone going to this?

Are there any spaces for teams left?
We want to play! All the way from Florida. Let us know please!
74 Miles per hour bitches.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"


There are 2 places left! Check out www.ehvfxd.net.

An entire team in gorilla costumes. Sweet. WTF did they guy say about extreme sports? :P