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Portuguese Euro Qualifiers 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011
Host club: 
Lisboa Bike Polo
Contact info: 

To our billion fans: Sorry guys this is strictly a national affair.

Calling all Tugas, get your butt here if you want a chance to qualify. This is serious stuff, but with a beer in hand, so, more than qualifiers we want this to be a polo party!

Rules: Since the 2011 euros have the tournament rules defined on the site, we'll just use those.

The format will depend on the number of teams that enter. The basic model... but with larger or smaller groups.


Paço d'Arcos Lisbon

Signed up

Hi Tomas,

I hope you are well.
Mosaik did the poster ?

Play polo for Call Me Daddy

Hey Polo,
How are you man? hope the recovery is going well and you can be ready for the french championship. Yup i did the poster, and it is now hanged in my living room, hand made , one shot, no Mac or Pc used,ehehehhe.
Will see you soon!

HYENAS for Life!


" Yup i did the poster, and it is now hanged in my living room, hand made , one shot, no Mac or Pc used,ehehehhe. "

You are talented my friend !

Play polo for Call Me Daddy

Suerte con esto Tugueses!!

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

Muy guapo el poster!!

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

Hey Camilo,
We (the Hyenas) will try to get qualification spot, but a lot of new teams have showed up, good luck to the spanish tourney also, if we manage to get a car we probably will go there to see all our spanish friends playing.
As for the Poster...thanks! It was proudly made in Portugal with a lot of love for this sport!


Hey Mosaik!!! Are you planning to come to the spanish national???? It would be great!!!

If so, just tell me if you need some accomodation, there won't be any problem man!!

Hope to see you soon!!

Hey man,
How are you, hope everything is ok, just let me see how it is with the car, and if i can manage to go there, i will send you a mail for the acomodation. Thanks for the hospitality!


Hey ppl,

Jordas (Anta, Ribas, 136) IN!!!


Bem vindos Jordas...ponham o 136 a treinar com voçês! Rápido!


Fdx, barbosa. Ganda nivel nesse poster!!!!


Caros e caríssimos amiguinhos e amiguinhas,

não esquecer que o papá BARBOSA, está a espera de todos os seus rebentos no campo às 10h em ponto!! O campo já esta sem balizas da bola!
Infelizmente... a sorte é madrasta, o Kiko, encontra-se doente e por isso não nos vai agraciar com a sua presença. CONTUDO, capacete continua a ser obrigatório!


Té manhã!!


El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

so guys, who won?

Hyenas won!

See you guys in Barcelona!! ;)

In the end, 2 teams ended up partying a bit too much yesterday and where a no show. So we were left with four. But i am really happy with the way it is going. There's true quallity/potencial. Next year we'll have to be on our toes. Just found out that Polo as spread to Porto city with two new teams, so things are getting interesting. A lot of new faces!

Congratullations to everyone! And thanks for the commitment!

THings are getting interesting!!

Hyenas have won, but expect difficult times for them to keep their power heheh
Portugal is eager to play Polo, and change, it was possible to see during the tournament today!


Congrats for the win hyenas.

Great display of dominance in the final (even without Kiko) , you guys sure deserved the Win and the spot at the euro.

P.S. Adorei a referênçia ao uso do capacete continuar obrigatório apesar do kiko estar doente. LOL

Congrats Mosaik, Congrats Hyenas!!!!

Hope to see all of you soon!!!

pelayinnn wrote:

Congrats Mosaik, Congrats Hyenas!!!!

Hope to see all of you soon!!!

Thanks man, take it cool and with nice clean Polo, and probably we will meet all again in Barcelona!
Show us what Gijon is all about!


cool. sounds good. i remember talking to the guy from porto, who had the dreadlocks at fixed jam. he seemed really enthusiastic. i'm happy that they got it sorted out down there.
see you guys in barca.

i'm happy that they got it sorted out down there.
see you guys in barca.[/quote]

Thanks mate, see you in Barcelona...in the Hyenas savanna fest! Eeheheeehh


Hi there to all,
Yup the tournament was just amazing, a lot of new palyers and new teams that have improved their skill and polo level, and of course a lot of fun.
Under 30 degrees celcius, a big blue sky, a sunshiny day near the sea side,good music, good food and a perfect court, a bunch of teams showed up for the first Portuguese qualification for an Euro BikePolo Championship.
With a big growth on the Polo comunity over here, nine teams got to the court to play the games, at the end only six really dialed to the "bigdeal", and from those six only four took it thru the final round, and they were:
This last team (Fribusteiros) really showed us a good level of polo and a big evolution due to the short lack of time they have been palying, Hyenas in other hand made the hole championship whithout one of their members (kico) due to a medical issue with him (hope you can recover soon Bro). The Jordas, who once were the Ripanarapa played really well and the tournament surprise came from the Kabouters, a recent formed team with a Portuguese member that plays in Amsterdam (and owner of Recicledbikeshop), the only Portuguese lefthander in the business, and the newcomer Chamonix.
The games were all realy intense and well played, clean plays, and a lot a fairplay from all the teams.
At the end this were the final four qualification:
3-Jordas (that will come to play the pickups in Barça)
And a special big up to the other teams; Pinoquios, Tangas, Karabaisters.
And that´s it people, hoppefully next year we can have the complete ten teams playing for another EHBC qualification.

SEE YOU ALL IN BARCELONA! Friends from all over...be ready for some Jungle PARTY with the HYENAS!


such a cool day of polo!
paço d'arcos is definitely an amazing spot to play. great location, cool weather, nice view (next to the ocean) and i just found a place where you can get a huge vegan dish for only 2.2€ what can you ask more?

i was talking to Joao about starting polo in Porto on the train there from the west jam tournament .. he seems to be doing pretty well so far! watch out Lisbon! :D

congrats on winning guys, i look forward to seeing you again at the euros!

Hey great Mosaik for the result and the artwork! See all You Hyenas in Barcelona! can't wait to share a beer with U

Hey Marco, how are you my friend, we (the HYENAS) are dying to meet all our Italian friends in the Barça Jungle! And yeah we will get the bears for all!