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Return to the Valley: Tent Raiser

Saturday, August 3, 2013 - Monday, August 5, 2013
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Hockey Rink

Were campin' in the Valley again!

This year we are holding a 3 day camping tournament on the August long weekend. We are expanding the number of teams and the amount of fun. Located 45 minutes west of Ottawa is Fitzroy Provincial Park, where we will camp Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, enjoying an 8 minute bike ride through the park to the Fitzroy community centre to compete in a *somewhat* traditional 3v3 tournament. Cost is $100 per team, that includes all 3 nights of camping.



Fill out the form as best as you can. After you are finished, it would be helpful if you pay. Click that little "Buy Now" button to pay. Judging by the interest we've seen, it would be best to pay as soon as you can, as teams are only confirmed once they are paid in full. There will be an absoulte cut off for payment, we'lll announce that as soon as we start filling up.


Registered teams:

- Call Me Laddy (Luke, Shamus, Brodie OTT)
- Journey-Pop-Pop (Robbie, Pierre OTT, Nick TO)
- Things and Stuff (Kev, Ngaihon, Shane TO)
- Greynbow (Eryn, Kirsten TO, Colin BVT)
- TBD (Emily, Chandel TO, Paul MTL)
- Muffin To See Here! (Alexis, Julia, Danas OTT)
- TBD (Bustin, Lewis, Aahron TO)
- Longhorns (Becca, Angie, Alyssa MTL)
- Soggy Biscotti (Patti, Dirks, TBD TO)
- Whatsadickfor (Steve TO, Mitch OTT, Jesse MTL)
- 9.1.1 (Franck, Germain, Olivier MTL)
- Beardenstein (Nate, Zack, Mack NYC)
- Poop Shoot (Neill KW, TBD, TBD)
- Do Work Sick Party (Coach, Dom OTT, Hayter EVAN)
- Grim R33fers (Biddle PHL, Crash MTL, Legend OTT)
- TBD (Angelo, Albert, Rockstar OTT)
- The Expats (John H, Nick Savage, Shelley, LDN, TO, NYC)
- Scouts Honor (Bottles, Glen, Quico, TO, MTL)

Teams who have paid are in bold, teams not bold, have not paid, and need to do that.


Fitzroy Community Centre
100 Clifford Campell St.
Fitzroy, ON

Signed up

oh buddy, im coming this time!!


When the smoke clears, there can only be one. Grim Reefer.

Besides being an awesome polo player... I didn't know that you were an awesome fuckin poet......
I'm coming to this thing this year.... after I finish my chores....

oh shit, wrecked again!

Wish I could make it back to my home town for this one!!... We will see.

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine


Jiffy pop.

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

I'm gonna shotgun so many Palm Bays!


I might bring food this time. Uncivilized Canadian "camping"...

This is gonna be the vest!

Just cool it

when is registration?

Registration is now Open!!!

see ya there!!!


What do we do if we are bringing a non player for the camping fun?

Last year we had to book separate campsites for anyone not playing, this year we booked group sites ahead of time with this in mind, so we may have extra room! It'll cost a few bucks for the non-playing camper, so we're trying to get an idea of numbers.


Cool. I put a maybe down. I am pretty sure I have Denae convinced but not 100%.

Does anyone need a third or wanna make a team? I didn't get my shit together for this

I am looking for a team.

I sent you a message earlier today on facebook in case you see this first.

I need a team too!!!

Tournament is Half Full!

Registration will close Saturday, July 20th.

Get yer dicks on the dancefloor! Yeeeehaa

I am still looking for a team!

If anyone needs a teammate let me know!

Neill! Waiting for confirmation from my bud Anton (HFXBP), I'm in. Bought a great new tent and sleeping bag and everything.
Team name: Poop Shoot?!?!


sounds great! My 2 year old loves the name.

If Curtis is going, I'm staying home

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

I'm looking for a team too!

okay you me and Curtis . I sent you a message.

Hey dude, I'm sorry but i think I got another people to play!.
See you there.

I'm probably around for this. What's the deal for finding a team.

Is the 5th a holiday in Canada then?

And is it realistic to be at my desk in Toronto on the morning of the 6th?

5th is a holiday, and I assume everyone from Toronto will be driving back Monday evening


Just a reminder, registration will close in 10 days, and we'll be tracking down payment shortly after. There are still a few spots left, and a number of players who have expressed interest, but still have not signed up.

We'll be posting up the registered teams shortly!


Looking for a team

I'm up for it...

Just need a third.

Awesome. I'll keep looking. How many spots are left in this tournament?

Still a ton of spots left, but we'll let people know if they're filling up. Also a ton of teams who haven't registered, so get your info in ASAP, so we can get an idea of where we should cut it off.


So, anyone still need a team, we need a third.

Nick Savage is in, if that's cool.

Sounds good to me.

Also, is there someone who can take my bike from Toronto to Minneapolis, after this. I can take it back to London, it's no big deal, it's just a shame to put it through two transatlantic flights in 4 days, if I don't have to.

What time are games going until on Monday? Just trying to figure out the driving situation back to Toronto. Also, do we need a provincial park pass to get into the park? Thanks buds

We'll try to start as early as we can on Monday to get everyone on the road as soon as possible.

Not sure about the pass, but there will be someone at the front gate with a list, signing people in on Friday, so you should be alright.


I just posted a list of registered teams up there in the tournament info! We still have room for more teams, so get signed up before we have to cut it off. If you haven't paid, feel free to do that at any point, we'll need the money before the tournament to pay for camping, insurance and facility rental. Thanks!



Still looking for a solid third...

I thought I had a team but now I am looking to join one. I could be your third?

I'm going if I can find a team!

I have a team signed up but both other players can't make it anymore. so either looking to join as a third or team up with two players.

i'd jump in dunno if that makes 2 or 3 but would be kool if it can be confirmed so i can pay luke.

Its not looking like anyone else is jumping in to make 3.

I am on the fence. My team fell apart but I am also no longer sure I can take the time off work. I will try and figure this out tomorrow. If I can make it I would be happy to play with you. No promises though.

If Eryn cant make it, we can add a third to play extra games, that's not a problem, would be a much easier solution than turning people down.


You should do that. I don't think I can make it. Sorry buds.

I'm sorry to read that Eryn.

Me too. Stupid work just gets in the way.

I've already found a team

If anyone is still looking for a team, Neill from Kitchener-Waterloo has paid and is planning on coming but does not have a team, so let him know!

I can vouch for him, we've played a bunch of times together, real great guy, probably the most calm player you'll ever meet on the court.


I'm bringing a +1

Due to the number of registered teams format of the tournament will be adjusted!

Rather than the permitted 24 teams we have 16, rather than draw it out across three days we will continue as we did last year and play 2 days of tournament play. Allowing Monday to be an awesome relaxy camping pickup day!!!

Sorry if this inconveniences anyone but all response I've had regarding this idea has been nothing but positive!!

I'm looking to play if anybody still needs another player.

I think Derek and Neill might still need a third. Look up for more info!

Having Monday as a pick-up day is a great idea. Can't wait to get down there!

Hey All,

This is an updated teams list, if anything on here is incorrect, please let us know. We have to make a players list for the campground, then any additional campers will just have to pay at the entrance door if they're not on the list.

- Call Me Laddy (Luke, Shamus, Brodie OTT)
- Journey-Pop-Pop (Robbie, Pierre OTT, Nick TO)
- Things and Stuff (Kev, Ngaihon, Shane TO)
- TOMBOI LYFE (Emily, Chandel TO, Paul MTL)
- Muffin To See Here! (Alexis, Julia, Danas OTT)
- Unreal Tree (Bustin, Lewis, Aahron TO)
- Longhorns (Becca, Angie, Alyssa MTL)
- Whatsadickfor (Steve TO, Mitch OTT, Jesse MTL)
- Soggy Biscotti (Patti, Dirks, Sara, TO, PHL)
- 9.1.1 (Franck, Germain, Olivier MTL)
- Red Beard and the Pirates (Nate, Zack, Mack NYC)
- Do Work Sick Party (Coach, Dom OTT, Hayter EVAN)
- TBD (Rockstar, Ang, Albert, OYTT)
- Grim R33fers (Biddle PHL, Crash MTL, Legend OTT)
- Scouts Honor (Eryn, Glen, Quico, TO, MTL)
- The Expats (John H, Nick Savage, Shelley, LDN, TO, NYC)
- Poop Shoot (Neill KW, Dereck OTT, TBD)

Also, the teams who have not paid, should bring cash with them on the weekend, cause we need the dough:

- Biddle/Johnny/Kyle
- Oliver/Germain
- Ang/Albert/Rockstar
- Coach/Dom/Hayter

We'll be sending out an email later today or tomorrow with a few more details, directions, map, housekeeping stuff, etc.


Glen coerced me into going and found me a ride. I am replacing Bottles on Glen and Quico's team as he can't attend anymore. You should change his name to mine. Also you can take my payment and put it towards that team.

done and done. I believe Quico already paid, so we'll figure that out when we're there.


Ok great.

Team name change. We will now be Red Beard and the Pirates

Emily, Chandel and I will be known as TOMBOI LYFE.

Thank you.

I can see TOMBOI LYFE winning the whole thing... called it here first!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Ha! Don't go betting real money Jeff!

My team was awesome, I loved playing with them. I can't recommend this tournament highly enough. Those Valley Folks are a crazy bunch but super generous. This tournament managed to be both competitive AND fun with very few incidents of "red mist". Even I didn't throw a mallet. The "half time" squeegee entertainment was a bonus.


1st Things and Stuff (kev, Shane, Ngaihon TO)
2nd Red Beard and the Pirates (nate, Zach, Mack NYC)
3rd Unreal Tree (Lewis, Aaron, Justin TO)
4th Call Me Laddy (Brodie, Luke, Shamus OTT)
5th Whatsadickfor (Jesse MTL, Mitch OTT, Steven TO)
5th TOMBOI LYFE (Paul MTL, Emily, Chandel TO)
7th Soggy Biscotti (sara Philly, patti, Adam TO)
7th 4.1.1. (Germain, Olivier MTL, Dereck OTT)
9th Les Biches (mattieu, alexis MTL, sara TO)
9th JoUrNeY-pOp-PoP (Robbie, Pierre OTT, Nick TO)
9th Do Work Sick Party (Coach, Dom OTT, Hayter VAN)
9th Muffin To See Here! (Alexis, Dana, Julia OTT)
13th Scouts Honor (Glen, Eryn TO, Quico ZGZ)
13th The Expats (Shelley CHS, Nick, John TO)
13th Wahhiche (Angelo, Albert, Johnny OTT)
13th Grim R33fers (Johnny MTL, Legend OTT, Rob Philly)
17th Longhorns (Rebecca, Alyssa, Angie MTL)
17th scoliosis (andrea, carol, bridget OTT)

a big HUGE thank you to the VALLEY BOYS! this tournament was amazing!
really revived my love and fun side of bike polo AND bike polo tournaments again. thank you guys for an amazing time.
thank you to my teammates! Emily and Paul! So much fun playing with you both out there. TOMBOI LYFE!

so great seeing all of you there! great group of peeps to spend the long weekend with. see you all soon!

Grats to everyone that played hard and partied hard!

Man I am bummed that I missed this tourney... In my home town.

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine