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Riverside 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012
Host club: 
West Lafayette
Contact info: 
bikepolo.lafayette@gmail.com, 765-543-4839 -Tom 812-972-0022 -Kevin
Court size: 
There will be one 150' x60' roller hockey court with 3.5' plexiglass boards and rounded corners

Lafayette will be hosting it's 3rd tournament at the Riverside Skate Center. This will be the 2nd annual spring tournament, Riverside.

We are kicking the 2012 season off with a tournament that will be a great display of Midwestern bike polo at one of Indiana's greatest polo courts. Our first Riverside tournament was a great success as you can see in our video produced at the April 2, 2011 Riverside event. (http://vimeo.com/22766262)

The tournament will be a one day event with registration starting at 9am, swiss rounds beginning at 10am, and wrapping it up with awards by 10pm. We are also in the middle of reserving the courts the following day, March 25, in order to have a day of pickup for those who plan on hanging around. Housing will be available upon request.

We are planning on keeping the team cap at 24 and registration fee at $10 per person. More Information it to come as we wrap things up with our sponsor and the West Lafayette parks department.

Registration is open
Send info to bikepolo.lafayette@gmail.com, subject Riverside registration.
Team Name
Players names
Housing requests


Riverside Skate Center
100 Tapawingo Dr
Lafayette, IN
United States

Signed up

Come one come all to this awesome court in beautiful Lafayette, Indiana!

You might recognize the court from this video from last year...

Lafayette Riverside Bike Polo Tournament from Kevin Daly on Vimeo.

Yea BOI these courts are so dope


Might quit the ice-cream making job for this.

I'm sure Kevin will make it worth you while, even if I have to force his hand.


May not have to quit. COMO might just arrive late Friday night like we did before.

count on 2 milwaukeeish teams

Is registration open? Any way i can register 3 teams from ohio?

I've been waiting for a good tune-up for the season, I'll try and get Piet and Jon to go.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

There is no set time or day for registration, so lets get that going. Send info listed below to bikepolo.lafayette@gmail.com, subject Riverside Registration. As of now the team cap is at 24 teams.

Team Name
Players Names
Contact Info
Request for housing


Are you guys sending confirmation email out? and is there a google doc or something with the reg'd teams?

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

my birthday weekend. me and dana as of now, maybe elton. cant wait.

u mad bro?

yeeeaaaaa yr back!!!

i have registered a great zombo and a bob and a danaL.

gem city
diagonal text

Since this is only one day, I think I can go. Are there any teams that are in need of a third? I'm a strong defensive player and am not afraid to check anyone into the boards.

Midwest is best!!

Registration is on hold for the moment. We are currently at capacity. I will keep you posted. If need be we may make some adjustments
to accommodated additional team.


So who all made it in? That was way fast!

Yeah extremely fast.. I am currently in the process of making to offical registration list.


Tom sucks at typing. We are working on cutting the shitty players and keeping the good ones. Bribes are a accepted (blow jobs, rim jobs, blown kisses, etc...). No, but really. A lot of teams registered all at once. We are checking who got in first. Most of the teams who registered are in and we raised the team cap to an absolute maximum of 26 teams, but unfortunately 1-3 teams still may not get to play.

Alright, after much time spent reviewing incoming emails and other registration messages referring to the Riverside event, it is now official. There were 30 teams that registered, though unfortunately we are keeping it to a 26 team cap. One court and one day, 26 is all we can do. We are planning to have pickup on March 25 so for those who might not be registered or are pending can still come hangout, party it up, and play some pick up. Also there are a few teams register that are and might not be able to make it, due to various other events. I am keeping up on the situation of those teams and will contact those who are pending currently when there is an opening. For those of you registered more info will be coming you way shortly.


Looking for a third? I want to play.

Pick this guy up, he's a solid goalie with a huge reach.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Anyone need a third?

Bike Polo Ronin

looks like the Bluebird and Cardinal need a little birdy to sing with...

Yeah, if anyone is looking for a third, get at me.

holy shit so many good players... shit's gonna get real serious, real fast!

My team is #30 on the list, so waiting to see if we'll get in, but I would happily be anyones third. I am a good goalie and hard defense player.

Bike polo is the rollerblading of 2012

A 26 team double elimination is 50-51 games.

10 minute games with a 5 minute buffer, or 12 minute games with a 3 minute buffer, and that will take 12.5 hours... if it runs like clockwork.

Add swiss rounds. Yikes! People REALLY like Lafayette!

Single elim takes exactly half the time. Then you run like 2 swiss games per team in the morning? One round of swiss with 26 teams on one court will take 3-1/2 hours. You're in a bit of a pickle here, eh?

5 minute buffers?? aw hell no. when yr game is over, get off the court, when you're up, get on and start playing.... as head of tournaments for our state CO-OP i'm gonna be a fuggin nazi about this shit. we've even talked about randomly drawing teams (for the first swiss round) ahead of time so people know exactly when to be there. i expect a handful of forfeits accompanied by tears and choice words.

the discussion was 3 swiss rounds and 10 minutes games, followed by a "top 16" double elim tourney (31 games or a little over 5 hours). we initially counted on 24 teams, so 12 games per round = 2 hours, times three rounds equals 6 hours. so ideally that's 11 hours and change....and we have the court for 12 hours.

since they're accepting 26 teams i don't know what the plan is... but if we just switch the "top 16 double elim" to "all 26 teams single elim" then that would only be 25 games and offer plenty of buffer time...

Adding 5 minute buffers between games is a good way to account for accumulated downtime throughout the day, whether there is actually 5 minutes between games or not.

Just sayin', it's going to be way tight. Even adding a minute between games and running non-stop, which I would say is impossible, you end up over 12.

What about just renting it sunday, doing double or single elim in the morning and then playing pick up for the rest of the day? Just a though.

you're right it's gonna be tight no matter what happens. thankfully there's lights.

renting it sunday? that costs $$$ of course then we could length the games... add a few more rounds... then more people wanna come... bump the teams up to 32... by that time the Guardians will be flying in and Pete will be bitching about how this isn't bench format...

lafayette's a small club and they're already gonna have trouble housing everyone as it is... the jenny cup this is not- remember last year how the trophy was a pringles can with an action figure on top??

I was just thinking to add a day because when I was in Lafayette for hte last one they told me it's only 100/day. That's chump change with registration fees from 26 teams.

I get what you're saying, I just wanted to talk about it is all. Nice Guardians/Pete combo joke though, that was gold. I get that lafayette is small but I also see that they are getting real good at polo and they have one of the nicest courts in the country to play on. And they're a bunch of super cool dudes who are really into the game. And I had a ton of fun in lafayette. So I'm just discussing because it's obvious all the homies wanna come and get down. I just don't think you can pull off an 11 hour tournament in 12 hours.

hah well i may have spoken too soon!!!

looks like lots of people are gonna need to find hotels saturday night!! :]

MKe will find a sorority to stay at

I agree that a 5 minute buffer between games is too high for a single court tournament, but suggesting no buffer at all is much worse. Obviously when you call time the next game does not start.

Also, budgeting over 11 hours for a 12 hour reservation is probably not a great idea. Some other things can affect the total time like:

-Not starting on time (90% of tournaments)
-Mechanical time-outs
-Balls flying off the court
-Time stoppage after goals (maybe?)

Just some things to think about before adding more teams or budgeting time. Nobody wants to run out of time when the games start getting really good.

Why doesn't anyone take into account stoppage of play?

A suggestion....consider dividing the day into High Octane (A) and High Fun (B) brackets. That is, instead of one huge series, throw two smaller series. Two separate 12-team double elim brackets @ 23 games each = 46 games. A lot for one court for sure! Start early and I hope you got lights.

It may be hard to split the A and the B. Or not. People probably know each other. There's time between here and there to look at the registration list and figure it out.

I believe splitting people into like-skilled groups would make for better polo overall. Seeing a top team play a bottom team is boring. Split 'em up and people play like skill levels right away. Morning and evening sections have advantages: "B" bracket is early morning (get'er done), "A" bracket is prime time. Twice as many teams claim honourable victory.

An idea from an outsider, humbly submitted for betterment of the poloverse...

Ok, Bloomington has at least 3 free agents I know of. Being myself(and my brand new Marino!), Max, and Tori. Snatch us up if you're in need of a 3rd! Text me 7564804797, or email, jarobech@indiana.edu

We meet with the parks board on Monday. I will discuss getting Sunday as an additional tournament day. Seeing as we already proposed using the court for pickup on Sunday from 10am-5pm, I don't see it being much trouble. The question is, do we want to change to a 2 day event and exclude those players who wanted to play only a one day event? The solution I would have for that is inviting the one day players to join in Swiss rounds all day Saturday and those who want to leave, don't make the double elim on Sunday.

Seems pretty fair. Their spot, if they seed in, just goes to the next highest standing team.

I am for it!

1 day 1 day 1 day 1 day 1 day 1 day!!

I'm all about breaking up monotany. 1 day party hard. Get home early

Here's the thing ladies. If we change this to a 2 day tournament we risk losing teams like MKE, Lex, Matt bailey and friends, and potentially others... With a 2 day tournament and losing teams we would only have ROUGHLY 20-24 teams. With that being said 20-24 teams just seems like a middle ground. Meaning, not enough to consider a 2 day event. My feelings right now tell me, One day. 26 teams with a minimum 3 swiss rounds. If there is not enough time to pull off a double elim bracket with possibly the top 16 seeds, then we do a 4th swiss round and single elim bracket including every team that registers... Thoughts?

Just make the call, Kev. It's not an easy choice when you have this many people that want to play.

Keep it at 26 and tell everyone they won't get to play very much, or cut it down in size and make it so the people who do come get to play more, or make it a 2 day.

Those are the choices so I guess you just gotta pick one and let people decide if it is worth it to them to attend.

Edit: If there is pick up on sunday it won't matter anyway and people will get to play as much as they want.

There will DEFINITELY be pickup on sunday.

Anyone want a third? Hit me up.

Jack Crowe
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."

when do we pay?

Yeah, I would like to play if anyone needs a third.

If anyone still needs a third, I'd love to play.

Teamless.Hungry.Will play for food.

any confirmation of lenght and format of this yet?

Well there seems to be a lot of people looking to be a third...I would like to join this group.

If you want a 3rd. I will throw my name in the hat...I suggest you pick me up.

Big Tides!

The tournament format has been decided.

It will begin with 3 Swiss rounds to determine seeding followed by single elimination tournament involving all teams. Time will be evaluated at the end of the Swiss rounds to decide if additional rounds are possible given the remaining time.

Swiss Rounds will begin at 9:30a eastern, and the first round matchups will be determined and released at least a week before the tournament. Since the tournament will likely run close on time, teams not present at the time of their games will forfeit the game.

This tournament will conclude in one day. However, Sunday there will be pickup at the tournament court from 10a-5p.

We want this tournament to be fun and not so serious that is why the one day format where every team plays a minimum of 4 games was selected. Yet, it will be organized and run in an efficient manner. We hope this does not discourage anyone from attending, but if it does please let us know as soon as possible so we can fill any open spots.

cool. also i hear captain dangerous may make a repeat appearence? confirm or deny.

I see a lot of tbd players, so I'm assuming this means there are a lot of teams that need thirds. I will reiterate my strong defense and goalie skills and my passion to check people into the boards. Pick me and I will make you cupcakes or any other sweet treat that you prefer!

Midwest is best!!

Anyone left looking for a third?

Cap'n Dangerous is first on the list at the Sparrow for entertainment. I sent emails out, just waiting for a reply. I have looked at his schedule and he is free, but I am not sure if Black Sparrow has anything booked yet. Working on it, guys!

Ok, I see that there are a few registered teams with a open third spot, and also I have been noticing that there are a lot of people looking to play so check you the most up to date registration and see what you can make happen. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjsSFkHr6NgkdGdrR25nNkxnZ3N...


the Ohio teams are actually filled up we found replacements for Dana and Elton

All right, Captain Jake, your wishes have come true. After party at the Black Sparrow with Cap'n Dangerous! It. is. on. til. the break of dawn.

Our Tbd spot is filled too, with Colin From Lex

down with hope, up with dope

when pigs fly.

Just so everyone can get as excited as I am... The NAH/Fixcraft polo ball will be used at this tournament. YAY! Just received them in the mail today!


The teams for MKE are a little off, I'm playing with Kremin and Guthrie


Damn. This turned into the Riverside Shootout.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

awww shit that's a good name. last year it was "riverside invite" and this year just "riverside" or "riverside II"... sounds like you figured out a good improvement for next year ;)

our team is now me (lex), dana (dayton), and nick (stl)
birthday weekend shit show commence.

u mad bro?

Alright just a weeks away until the 2012 Riverside tourney. The courts are clean and ready for the showdown, the after party arrangments are set, and sponsors have come through. Thanks to Vince we will be using Podium to run the tourney, and as of now I have the teams and players entered as per the latest roster I have on file and the first match-ups are set. I know that there have been a few change up's lately, and to eliminate confusion or issues come tourney day please look over the roster and let me know of the changes made. Instead on posting them here hit me up and bikepolo.lafayette@gmail.com. Check the attached roster for current teams listings



So pumped! Caleb are we pulling all nighters at your crib again?


Krem, what you don't realize is that things have changed in Lafayette. We all live at Caleb's now... So that means tons-o-fun.

Alright, time to really get excited.. Here are the match-ups for the first Swisser.. The match-ups were done as per registrations 1st team vs last team, 2nd vs 2nd front last, so on for another 11 games. To view an official list of teams and players log on to the Podium link (http://hardcourtpodium.com/follow/riverside). Log on during the game to keep track of final game scores and match-ups. Now that everyone knows who they will be playing and can somewhat calculate their game times we expect everyone to be on the court in a reasonable time frame, or you may be disqualified. We are planning to have the first match @ 9:30 in the AM, so Col-eve-ton and Bespoke Merkins save the shenanigans for Sat night.. We are holding registrations Friday night at a location soon to be disclosed (Most likely the Sparrow 21+), as well as Sat morning 9:00am at the court. We have plenty enough time to fit our pre-planned 3 swiss rounds and a single elim, though if we run efficiently we may have a few quite pick-up games in between games to allow for players to rest on back to back games, OR even better!!! We get this shit done so we can PARTY!!! (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjsSFkHr6NgkdElmai14c05oREx...)


is there pick up tomorrow night?

I've got something to tell you. I've got news for you. This was fun.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Memorable. Great court, people and weekend.

That was the best court I've played on so far. I wish I could find something like that around here.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

oh my god bob, you're hilarious.

keeping polo sinful.

results? the podium bracket is empty?

Podium only offeres a double elimination format. Due to the time constraint and high team cap we made this a single elimination. I will we did the brakcet the good old fashion way. I will get a pic of it up on here tonight though.


Once that pic is up, I can enter the bracket scores in Podium, just for stats sake...

PS: Single Elim is supported - I added that feature very recently (i.e. last week). But this was the first tourney that used it, and there was a glitch which made it revert back to a Double Elim. Luckily, running a bracket is easy:)

unfortunatly when I was given the notebook and papers back after the tournament that had the bracket and statistics I didn't realize that it was all missing out of there. I am still working on hunting it down, whereas I would also like to get the tournament finalized by getting it all into Podium. If anyone else knows what happened to it give me a shout.


hahahaa, when we were cleaning up all the trash saturday night i found the piece of paper that bryan was using to track the single elim... it's pretty illegible but i got it somewhere in my polo bag.. i'll try and post it tomorrow along with all my photos.

btw, thanks again to bryan from indy from taking the weekend off just to run the music/brackets/podium! he did an incredible job and having a dedicated man at command-central is something most tournaments always seem to be missing.. bqwyatt for the win!!!

Ha go figure. Well hopefully we can make something out of it.


Congrats to Cardinal Guthrie and Kremin!!


i still gotta go through all my photos but i should have much more up within a few days...

The weather was inconsistent, the level of competition was fierce, and the after party got all kinds of weird. Its not Midwest polo without a shit load of chaos. Sadly we never got to nominate the tourney party animal. My vote goes to everyone who made it to the sparrow. To Jake for getting the table top dance party going, Dana for keeping it going by working the suspenders, Brian for getting us shirtless and flooding the bar with beer, and the list goes on. Those will be some interesting photos.. A lot of people pitched in and really helped pull this tournament together. Once we got the internet figured out, thanks to Bob, Podium worked out great. For those familiar faces it was awesome to see you all again, and to those new ones it was a damn pleasure meeting you. Congrads to the victorious Naked Grandmas and the 2nd place Milwaukee Elephants, great disply of polo. I deem this tournament a triumphant kick-off to what will be one hell of a season. See you all this summer and some in the fall at Star City 2012.

P.S- To those going to Battle of Midwest we have a few lost and found items that we will bring to Bloomington.


i left an umbrella at caleb's i think

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

If there was such a thing as too much fun, this weekend would have been it. Thanks again Lafayette for a super tight weekend


Awesome tournament, awesome courts, awesome polo players. Lafayette does the damn thing right. Here's to memories lasting longer than bruises. Thankyou.


Best chant of the weekend!

Any pics from Riverside up anywhere yet?

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Yeah Kyle Roland from Indy has some up on flickr.


Some good ones in there. Man, I miss that court already.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Here are some party pics on our FB page:


"like" us too why don't ya

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

West Lafayette thanks for such a fun weekend. I am pretty sad I missed the after party. All I know is I woke up Sunday in my bed in Indy, with a bottle of Vodka in a MKE koozie...

Thanks for a great tournament West Lafayette. And sorry we weren't able to stay to experience some of your boozy hospitality...I look forward to some partying with you all this summer.

Who made the nets? Looking to make those for NAs


We (Bloomington) did. Made them to fit the 6x3.5ft goals. Reclaimed tennis nets from an abandoned court that got demolished. Used a full wrap on bottom then a smaller section for the top shelf woven together with tubes. super easy and super free if you can find something like we did. 1 tennis net did 2 goals with a little left over.

I believe it was Rob from Indianapolis, right Indy guys? He's the same dude who makes those gnarly, 7mm thick brake boosters.

Welp, I was wrong.

Robbie is from Ft Wayne. And yeah he makes the boosters.


Oh duh. Goddamn, so much incorrectness. My bad.

Netting is good to know, but I'm really looking for the specs of the goals peferably in cad


If i had a working computer I could, but i'm fucking broke. I could draw a 2:1 scale draft, but then again so could you if you've got decent drafting tools. I think those are my favorite net I've played on so far, I really liked the added height. The only thing I'd change is the back stop of the goal, I'd bevel it in a way I haven't firgured out yet to kick the ball straight up into the netting. There were a few goals that bounced quick in and out off the vertical plane of that rectangular tubing and the defending team was confused and kept playing. @ the netting, hockey netting is what I'd use but it is NOT cheap, there is absolutely no way of a ball going through the side of the goal like there was and did with the small diameter thread large hole netting used at worlds, which i saw a few shots go through the side and they counted 'em. People are shooting hard enough to really consider the type of netting used. If I didn't have all this damn TIG pipe to weld up for school I'd try and build a set for NA's, but I won't have the time.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

but then again i overbuild everything.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

kremin i'll get the guy who did em (josh from ClutchFabrication) to draw something up for ya.

adam, yeah a few of them bounced out but that's cause we haven't made the ball deadeners yet (basically a bunch of intertwined old towels). they'll be good to go by the Battle.

Just stay away from box tubing and its not so bouncy. Ours are tubing and the ball stops pretty dead.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

we like the box tubing because it provides more surface area (friction) with the ground and doesn't move as much. plus it's heavier. i get what yr saying though about it being bouncy. that's why we're just adding the ball deadeners- best of both worlds!

Yeah that makes sense about the friction. Just thinking about it, the heavier the goal, the more it will bounce. Ours are stainless and only 36" tall. that could be why they don't bounce as much too. We play pretty rough so we would be on trouble with heavier goals. I think we might bite your net idea though. I just bought bulk fishing net and its not nearly as durable as those tennis nets.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

yeah just go the next town over at night and snip snip.

can kremin even spell cad?

gem city
diagonal text

photo dump!


ha ha squigees

Thanks for everyone coming out. I know i'm a week late on this, but who fucking cares. See most of you next weekend at the battle!!