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TheMagicTouch Bike Polo Weekender

Part of the fifth anniversary of Fixed-Day's as previously held in Berlin.
Friday, July 3, 2015 - Sunday, July 5, 2015
Host club: 
Amsterdam Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
1 x 20 x 40 meters

First weekend of July we'll be hosting "TheMagicTouch Bike Polo Weekender" like you might have enjoyed at Amsterdam Hardcourt Bike Polo​, but then XXL, in Rotterdam. A camping-flight to bike polo paradise.

16 Teams with games spread over two full day's of polo. Thursday afternoon we're open for arrivals, pick up games and Fixed-Day's activities, Friday & Saturday tournament during the day, with an on site party to end the tournament and celebrate the winners. Sunday there's pick-up games, a hangover brunch and, if you're still up for it, loads of activities as a bike market, Tour de France, various track-races, etc. etc.

The costs involved are no more than 10 euro's per player for entering the tournament, camping on site will be 10 euro's per night, including breakfast & lunch. Registration opens Friday May 1st at 21:00.

More information follows:
- www.fixed-days.com

We are still working on;
- volunteers (^) and the last minor permissions
- getting permission for more tents, so we'll be able to invite friends and family to join us for the long weekend :)
- court (planning to buy a new one, but tips are welcome)
- ...

Besides 16 teams playing a two day's tournament we have packed this Weekender with loads of bike related activities. There will be parties, a market, lot's of races, group ride's, and many other bike related events (e.g. Tour de France). All from one spot in Rotterdam.

More information will follow, but we've learned from previous tournaments and, as this is our first time outside Amsterdam, we would really like to have a core team of volunteers. Please put yourselves on the pre-registry list, ideally we're looking for 16 people, more would be awesome!



Oldegaarde 21

Signed up

Volunteers from 5 teams signed up already, thank you! If your whole team registered here you're all good and we look forward seeing you soon!

Please note that if your team-mates did not volunteer, you still have to sign up the team later tonight.

Register here: