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San Diego Friendly Tounament/Polo BBQ

Saturday, August 7, 2010 - Sunday, August 8, 2010
Host club: 
San Diego Bike Polo
Contact info: 
(619) 379-1239
Court size: 
1 definite court possibly 2, about 30 yards long 12 wide

We are throwing a polo weekend on August 7th and 8th.

A few polo guys are coming out to visit from Phoenix so we sent invitations to our LA and IE friends to join them and make it a party. Chula Vista – you better be there too! It won’t necessarily be a crazy, legitimate tournament since we don’t really have the facilities to throw one yet but there will be food, drinks, raffles, friends and LOTS of polo. We don’t have the details sorted out yet but Trevor is heading it up and working on getting things together. A lot of what happens will probably depend on how many people make it down to visit. We are hoping to play on our court on Saturday and the hockey rink on Sunday but that could change depending on availability.

Get ready for a weekend of polo-awesomeness and we’ll keep you updated on the plans.


South Park, San Diego, California
1800 30th St. 30th and Elm st
San Diego , CA
United States

Signed up

On other threads I have read some people can only make it for one day. I will be there. Let me know if you need anything.

Sick... try not to snap anyones mallet hahaha

lol..... boy i cant wait to see ya'll again.

depending on how crazy awesome polo is on saturday, i might just cancel my ladies ride on the 8th and stay for another day.

give blood. play polo.


yeah? no? what do ya think?

give blood. play polo.


That's awesome...I love it!

This poster rules.

Tell me Stone is providing beer for the tourney. It would officially be the best beer sponsor yet.

I wish they where! If SD could pull that off I would surprised!

^^^make it into spokecards!

Hell yeah hahaha

That poster is so awsome thanks again!

spoke cards would be awesome. who wants to run them?

give blood. play polo.

me and trevor will just black and white though..

So what time do you want to start on Saturday?

pick ups starting at noon and then tourney fun at 2?

give blood. play polo.

define tourny! (Throw in or find your team now)

^ I second that.
I didn't plan for a tourney and neither did the rest of phx. Looks like only 2 from phx are coming so... would be good to know soon.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

MontonavousJush told me yesterday it was not a tourny........

k, then pickups at noonish? i dunno what time you hippies roll out of bed

give blood. play polo.

yeah saturday at noon then sunday will be noon as well

Yeah...like Joey said, it will mostly just be a weekend of pick-up. If we have enough people and interest we can get a small throw-in tourney organized.

Hated by Many, Loved by Few™

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

You're Not Worthy™

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Hated By Many, Loved by Plenty.. sick how u said that DD.. I have that on one of my other Bike..

"We don't need no education"

I posted this on sdpb's facebook but i thought i'd put it here too.
Thanks for that awesome ass logo in the middle.


Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

All I wanna know is if I need a team or not...

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Trevor cleared things up for me...

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

make it a tourney! its funnner


eli we will decide on a throw in when everyone arrives. Sunday was the best polo day I have had in a while.
818 818 818

i will be there for both days. i found somewhere to stay. woot

give blood. play polo.

yep. wassup joey! that was good mans.
yall gotta have a bracket - the word tournament is in the title!
im messing around. its worth the drive cuz SDBP is good people.

@joey: 818 NIGGA!


Haha...I know, I didn't realize the word tournament would jack things up so much.

Glad you guys are coming...can't wait to make it up there for Labor Day!

With that poster you gotta call it the Double Bastard Double Elim.


Credo quia absurdum


before each game, everyone has to down an entire Arrogant Bastard. the fittest of the fit... or to see who is the biggest alcoholic. lol

give blood. play polo.

I like where this is going.

By the time the weekend gets here it could be the Stone Brewery Double Bastard Drinking Invite (also with bike polo).

i might actually have to give Stone a call, instead of just the email.

give blood. play polo.

Good luck! I tried to get them to help with our local tourny. They where not interested. They are supportive of local events!


Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Jinxy wrote:


before each game, everyone has to down an entire Arrogant Bastard. the fittest of the fit... or to see who is the biggest alcoholic. lol


Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Got American Flyer (Skinny Benny) as a sponsor as well as my LBS. I have a few things I am bringing as well. Gonna be one hell of a weekend! can't wait!
Do we have a head count yet? I asked Joker who's comin from the 818, and he is still getting numbers.
I know for a fact that Joey, Nate and I will be there. This Friday I will be double checking with the claremont kids who is comin.

give blood. play polo.

hey this is last minute but can anyone house 3-4 people from LA?



Yes...I don't know if we have any beds/couches open but if you guys are up for tenting Trevor's backyard is open and there's plenty of room for a couple tents.

starting road trip right meow

give blood. play polo.

So much fun guys...it sucks I wasn't actually able to make it to much of this, but it seems like everyone had a fairly good time. Thanks to all the help from everyone in SD who helped out along with Davey, Joey and Joker for figuring out a bracket and so so SO many thanks to Jinxy...we wouldn't have had half as much fun without her help.

Thanks to everyone for coming out...see you all again soon in LA or SF!

We had a great time this weekend.
Can't wait to come out again or maybe you come out to visit us in PHX? ;)
Great games, great times, great fun, great ppl!

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

I HAVE NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR SD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any pictures from this?

I never got a copy of the photos that Thomas Bikes took, but there are a ton on their Facebook page if you have an account. I can't link to it here at work but let me know and I'll post the link.

Could not find them. Send me a link when you get a chance please.

I'm on it...I'll post a link tonight when I get home from work.

See you guy in two weeks in LA?

Here's the Facebook link to the photos. I also shared it on our FB page.


Wierd... could not get to it. Maybe its just me.

Hey Nick, You still have that old Bianchi???

Hey Nick, You still have that old Bianchi???