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Save the Date Coed!!! [themed tournament]

ATX Save the Date Co-ed
Saturday, March 2, 2013 - Sunday, March 3, 2013
Host club: 
Austin Texas Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 courts, side x side, 50x100, tennis court surface, our usual spot

March 2-3, 2013
check out the blog for all details: atxsavethedate.blogspot.com

Come join us for a destination (fictional) wedding!
All the party without the nuptials!
Tired of the cold weather? Want to get a jump on the polo season? Come visit us! Guaranteed to have a good time no matter what!

What you can expect:
Bachelor/Bachelorette registration party
Color themed [black, white, and anything neon] wedding tournament day
Classic wedding reception dance party
Garden party/brunch themed Sunday
32 teams max, preference will be given to out of state teams [the further north the better!]
Co-ed teams only!!!! Come on down ladies and gents!
Sponsors galore for glorious prizes and tournament accoutrement
Food and drink provided by great sponsors and friends!
Registration can be found here: www.hardcourtbikepolo.org/wedding/
Emails to all participants were sent out Feb. 16.
Cost per PLAYER is $15

Housing will be sorted this week! Watch for an email to your team leader.

Full calendar of daily events to come! It's going to be a jam-packed, rip-roarin', honky-tonk good time!
Can't wait to see y'all!!!!


South Austin Rec Center
1100 Cumberland Rd
Austin, TX
United States

Signed up

In need of a team for this for sure.

tickets from chi are under $250, count me in.

if I can get a ride with Matt, and if you guys will have me I'd love to be your third.

Already picked up bob from Austin but you can still possible ride with us. Hit me up we can chat!

I'm in.


trying to come down with at least one team from boston.

eyes up
feet down

Can i be the official DJ? I'll play all the wedding/prom jams.

I'm dead serious by the way.

YES!!! They have to be the ULTIMATE wedding jams!!!!

Great to see some northern interest!

We're working on some fun side events/etc!

Registration form coming soon!

Pumped. Locking down travel situation soon.

Would also like to lock down team situation.
I like to party. And play srs polo. And srsly party. I need an excuse to go to Austin!

Are these dates set in stone?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

I want to buy tickets!!!!

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feet down

Yes they are. Get stoked. STRIPPERS!!

Oh the family has been begging to see me, and as they all live in Austin. Im down to get hitched! Probably will at least need a 3rd, if not a whole team.



coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

I will need a team for thisss!


Get rad

I will need a team for thisss!

updates coming this week everyone.
there will be a form to fill out and submit.
for the time being we are not registering through www.hardcourtbikepolo.org, however we plan to have all participants registered with that site for tournament statistics on your profiles.
we will also be using a tbd software for the tournament so your friends and anyone interested can follow along. potential live feed coverage too, so think about your costumes!!! represent the continuously supportive and creative community of cyclists we all are in!

more soon...

There is a good chance I will be driving down from the northeast. If you are interested in a ride share get at me

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so just realized that its co-ed teams only... you trying to say that gay marriage isn't kewl? i know its texas and all, BUT COME ON?!?

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hahaha. i think we just wanted to see the teams all have at least one male or at least one female on them.

But there are no gurlz up here!!!!

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find one along the way!!!!!
there are some texas ladies still available...i know that for sure.

chandel. wrote:

find one along the way!!!!!
there are some texas ladies still available...i know that for sure.

We're scooping up Shelly from NYC along the way! Supasiked

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Yay Shelly that is rad!

austin, i'm coming for you. watch out for the dirty wedding dress coming for you.

first lady

YESSSS! Britt you just need to change your place of origin back to chicago for the time being! so killing it.


Redacting my interest due to some stupid tournament in my city the next weekend. sad clown frown.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Medic.Mike wrote:

in my city the next weekend

Different town, different weekend. What problem is? :P

Airplanes are hard.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Medic.Mike wrote:

Airplanes are hard.

eyes up
feet down

LAME!!! work it out Medic

Only thing I'm trying to work out righ tnow is a trip to hawaii.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

If someone is interested in a teammate, let me know. I'd love to attend, just need to arrange travel

James we are driving from Louisville

Wanna go half in on a team?

when pigs fly.

Did you find a team yet?
Ladies are now allowed to play on 2 teams so hit up one of the ladies already playing!
They are:
Jasmine Jones ATX
Elise Fornell ATX
Kelly Strosser CHI
Kayla Story CHI
Britt Willey Schultz MKE
Jasmine Stevens Bloomington
Shelley Smith NYC
Kristina Kinsel ATX
Ann G. Linders ATX
Chandel Bodner ATX

So pumped! After 3 year of being asked to come down to austin and play, well its about time!

please go to: www.hardcourtbikepolo.org/wedding/

Thank you for your patience with this. We are excited for the details and will be releasing them all shortly!
Can't wait to see faces from abroad!

Looking for a team for this shindig...who's in?!

I also need a team. I'm going to be in town visiting friends and would love to play. Who wants to play with a Floridian? We're not as bad as we seem on TV.

Thiz lookz amazing.

when pigs fly.

Hey there, looking for a team. Need a FEMALE to be your third?


Polo Retired :: Photographer :: Adventure On!


Find a team yet?

we have started a blog to keep all the info in one place for y'all!
ATX Save the Date Blog

check that to stay up on what's the what without having to scroll through here.
we've got half a dozen teams signed up and we're waiting on the rest of you!!!!

going to be a great time!

Can't wait to wear shorts

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Tyler. wrote:

Can't wait to wear shorts

cutoffs only

or florescent lamee booty shorts are ok too

sorry that blog link doesn't work.
go here:
ATX Save the Date Blog

hey everyone!!! we did some recon on flights from some cities to and from austin for you!
flights on southwest airlines are still affordable!

check it out on our blog!
ATX Save the Date Blog

Ticket is Bought! now to find the best terrible suit I can.

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

Hello everyone!

We are finding that many ladies are saving their dough and bread and all their biscuits to head on up to Vancouver in May/other expenses/other commitments, so the successes of completing a co-ed team are slimmer than we anticipated!

We do have a solution of sorts:
The ladies that have currently signed up have been consulted and agree to play on TWO teams if it means that more people will be able to attend the event. This means that the team they are currently signed up on/the first team they register with will be their PRIMARY team, the team that they are helping to complete as coed will be their SECONDARY team. In this case, should the two teams that a single lady is a part of have to face each other she will play with her primary team and the secondary team can sub any other lady in for that game. It sounds more rigid than it will be I'm sure, but I do want the clarity there for all you sticklers [aka me].
This would also apply to any ladies that haven't signed up yet. If you plan to and would be into playing on two teams just let us know in the "notes" when registering and we can add you to the list. Or just sign up with two teams and let us know which is your primary team.

So, the ladies that are available and are confirmed registrants are:
Jasmine Jones ATX
Mo Grady ATX
Elise Fornell ATX
Kelly Strosser CHI
Kayla Story CHI
Britt Willey Schultz MKE
Jasmine Stevens Bloomington
Shelley Smith NYC
Kristina Kinsel ATX
Ann G. Linders ATX
Chandel Bodner ATX

Please take a look at the list and ask one of these fine ladies to join in your two-some if the only thing holding you back is that co-ed component.
Also note that this will adjust our registration fee from per team to PER PERSON so as not to punish anyone playing a double love life at the tourney!

We are coming back at you with a the details to our wedding extravaganza! Color theme, wedding schedule, cake, flower toss, speeches, and party times!

If you have any questions about this, or need help connecting with one of the ladies listed please email us at atxsavethedate@gmail.com

They're some lucky ladies-- double the polo, double the fun.

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OH! that reminds me, thanks Tyler, there will be TONS OF PICK UP for you gents too!
we are SO great at running a tournament that we will be done on saturday with plenty of time to play around after.
The 'reception' will be courtside so there is no need to leave! We will already be pretty from the entire days 'wedding ceremony' and we'll be doing it all right there. The lights stay on until about 10pm right now so we can stay amped!

Plenty of polo for EVERYONE!


eyes up
feet down

BYTHEBY wedding attire is heavily encouraged and you will be heavily shamed without it. We've been toying around with the idea of penalizing your team for not dressing up. NEON is the wedding color.


alright, who's looking to be my second team DOUBLE THE FUN!

Might be on one team already, but definitely down to play on another. Brrrrring it, dawgz.

more great things in the works for teams coming to play!

update on the double lady lovin:

there is only one team so far that needed to ask an already-registered lady to play, Maureen Grady has been scooped once and twice now, but the rest of the list is still good to go, so if that's keeping you back don't let it!

All teams will be getting an email on the 15th regarding payment and other info, so keep a look out and forward to your other two teammates please!

Can't wait to see everyone!!!

Driving all the way from NYC. Someone pick me!!! Mo' Polo' Less Problems!
and I'm good....DUH!

Emails were sent out to team contacts on Feb. 16.
Please check your inbox's for an email from atxsavethedate@gmail.com

we need payments to start coming through! and we want to make sure you have all the info!
we've also asked that those flying down let us know your flight details so we can pair you with housing better!

please and thanks!

^^^shelley, you can sub for me on my secondary team, promise you that!

Looking for a 3rd, Male or female whatever.


DEAL, send me an amazing team name!

Chase who is our third? Do you want me to register us

^^^ register soon you guys! we're going to have all the teams in the lineup for the start of saturday by this thursday!

$15 per PLAYER
paypal: jasminejjones@gmail.com

please GIFT this payment, and put team name and who it applies to if it's not obvious.

also, check out the blog. the poster is up and so is the schedule and our sponsors list has been fully updated!
might want to look at the food and drink side too!

couple o'days awayy

Yo Shelly I am your third! Look forward to some good polo and party time this weekend!

Sure, Did you already?

she did. you're in.

Registered team list posted anywhere?

sorry jasmine not yet!

everyone else!
if you're looking for the reg party the info is on the blog!
please check it there!


we are so stoked on everyone and everything that happened today!
just as planned, just as wanted. just as amazing!!!

TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY. double elim. show to the courts at 9am.

Good Job Austin! Look Forward To The Next Time!

so just a quick update [for now, y'all know my novel of crap is coming later]!
full standings will be coming, but the top looks like this:

1st: Manwich United: Rob ATX, Miguel ATX, Chandel ATX
2nd: Hot and Readys: Elise Fornell ATX, Fabian ATX, Nick Lembo ATX
3rd: Bukaki Brides: Adylle HOU, Diego HOU [new regional rep], David Torres SATX
4th: Hide Your Brides: Sprinks RVA, Jasmine Bloomington, IN, Travis Bloomington IN
5th: Hairy Anglers: Brian CHI, Britt CHI/MKE, Kayla CHI
5th: Something Awesome: Jasmine ATX, Israel ATX, Andrew ATX
7th: Jorts4Lyfe: Kelly CHI, Matt Bailey, Bob Rogers ATX
7th: Melted Canadian Chocolate Horse Burgers: Kristina ATX, Gray ATX, Dylan DFW

i'll do the rest later! gotta go schlep the wood up to storage now!

also check:

click tournaments>save the date coed atx>standings

the full list is there!

EVENT PHOTOS: http://smu.gs/12qeOvP

EVENT PHOTO BOOTH: http://smu.gs/Y6D3qr

FINAL GAME: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNdpkSDu2pLZ1PTM12tmgIt6tJs-MU8LZ

Polo Retired :: Photographer :: Adventure On!


check out the blog for all the updates!

here's the overall standings list:

1 Manwich United : Rob ATX, Miguel ATX, Chandel ATX
2 Hot and Readys: Elise ATX, Fabian ATX, Lembo ATX
3 Bukaki Brides: Adylle HOU, Diego HOU, David Torres SATX
4 Hide your brides: Jasmine S. BMG, Travis Davies BMG, Sprinks RVA
5 Hairy Anglers: Kayla CHI, Britt MKE/CHI, Brian CHI
5 Something awesome: Jasmine J ATX, Israel ATX, Andrew ATX
7 Horse burgers: Kristina ATX, Gray ATX, Dylan DFW
7 Jorts4lyfe: Kelly S CHI, Matt Bailey LOU, Bob Rogers ATX
9 Divorce rates: Annie ATX, Dan ATX, Artie ATX
9 Polostinians: Michelle HOU, Nathan HOU, Lindsey HOU
9 Pre-nup: Jess HOU, Gonzo HOU, Alekos HOU
9 Prima nocta: Louise LOU, Joe Zoo CVG, Chris Evans CVG
13 Bearded mussels: Kristina ATX, Zach ATX, Cedar PDX
13 Red neck shotguns: Jasmine J ATX, Kevin SMTX, Colin SMTX
13 Smitten kittens: Mo Grady ATX, Jody ATX, Travis GNV
13 Wasted youth: Jess HOU, David Beck SATX, Chuck SATX
17 Coitus interruptus: Mari Jo DFW, Damiri DFW, Brandon DFW
17 Poopsicle: Katie DFW, Ryan DFW, Austin DFW
17 Ringworm: Shelley NYC, Zac BOS, Tyler BOS
17 Southern scramble: Annie ATX, Shelley NYC, Chase ATX
DFL Polito guey: Michelle HOU, Shane HOU, Omar HOU

Our tournament had many other awards as well:

Shelley NYC, Zac BOS, Tyler BOS; traveling a combined total of 5658 miles to get to Austin!

The USHERS aka the most noted volunteers:
Tyler BOS
Louse LOU
Nathan HOU
Dylan DFW
NORAH ATX - specialty lady of the day! helped us so very very much in command center

The HANGOVER aka the partiers:
Joe Zoo
Michelle HOU
Cedar PDX
Miguel ATX

BEST DRESSED FEMALE of the weekend:
Elise Fornell, ATX

BEST DRESSED MALE of the weekend:
Alekos, HOU

BEST DRESSED TEAM of the weekend:
Joe Zoo CVG, Louise LOU, Chris Evans CVG

Just for being themselves and being amazing: Kayla Story of CHI, and Britt Willey-Schultz of MKE/CHI

This award is akin to the Female MVP award in most tournaments, our winning lady was voted for by guests of the event. Told to keep in mind that the Maid of Honor is one lady that plays hard, has fun, helps when and where needed, keeps a smile on her face, is the life of the party, dressed the part, acted the part, and was the part all weekend. It is with the greatest of honors that we awarded our own MAUREEN "MO" GRADY of ATX this title.

This award, in likeness to Male MVP, was awarded to the male that most stood out to the guests for representing the greatest of all traits in image, attitude, game play, and everything in between! Dressed the part, acted the part, was the part, and some would probably argue "and then some" , we are happy to announce that JOE "ZOO" ZUGEITER of Cincinnati, Ohio was crowd voted this title. Dressing to the NINES Joe did not disappoint, from his neon cumberbun and matching bow tie, to his garden party attire, he was the Best Man.

Tournament Standings:



3RD PLACE: BUKAKI BRIDES: Adylle HOU, Diego HOU, David Torres SATX


THAT IS ALL SHE WROTE! Thank you again to everyone that came and everyone that helped make this happen!

the provided disposable cameras are all in our possession now and we will be developing and sharing the photos with everyone! stay tuned!

Can't wait to see those pics. I'm sure there are a few great ones of Zac

eyes up
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fuuuuuuuuck i hope not