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Saturday, April 26, 2014 - Sunday, April 27, 2014
Host club: 
Fresno Bike Polo

SMACK IN DA MIDDLE III is here!! Mark your calendars, save the date , do whatever to get here. This year will not be a Qualifier; we're back to the tournament style so get here and be ready to SMASH MALLETS with players from all over the world! It will take place at Cary Park, same place we held the Qualifier at. (and, yes there will be 4' boards)

3vs3 Swiss Rounds on Saturday
Double Elimination Sunday

REGISTER HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TvFXJE9j9_Y3fO-hUTOa-XZenPbcqUVXoKDDPwt...

$15 per player
Breakfast and Lunch will be provided both days. Also, each player will be entered into a raffle for awesome prizes.

You got questions? Contact Tea at (559) 394-5285 or by email at smackindamiddle@gmail.com

See you on the Courts!



Cary Park Fresno, CA
United States

Signed up

not an issue for me but april 20th is easter sunday

I play for hugs

The dates might be changing to April 26-27th. We'll keep you guys posted as soon as it's figured out.


Thinking of making the trip down from Portland for this and was hoping to get more info. Will there be free housing? What is the sign up process looking like? Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks!


If you come down, would you have room for one plus bike? I'm trying to scheme my way back up to you folks for a visit. I will pitch on gas!

shotgun your bike!

I'm not against the idea, I'll have to keep you posted though.


we're not going to be able to provide free housing for everyone but i already got your team covered (3 people). Taras has an apartment that you guys can crash at free of charge. i'll get you his contact info as the date gets closer.


I could definitely be convinced to come don for this, does anyone want to form a team?? I doubt I could get 2 more from Colorado to join me.

If you're looking still, I'm down. This will be my first smack in the middle.

shotgun your bike!

we're working out little hearts out on the flyer and the registration link. As far as housing, we're working on getting rooms at a discounted price and/or free housing. get here and we'll take of ya.


How would you feel about a bench tourney on Saturday and 3-person teams on Sunday?

By bench, I'm talking 6-man teams, 30 minute games, qualifying rounds and 4-team single elim final.

I know my team was looking forward to coming down and competing in a competitive tournament that would be great practice for the qualifier, so I know we'd prefer a normal 3 v 3 tournament with a day of Swiss rounds and a double elimination day.


battle for CA already has a date. i personally think one bench a year in CA is enough

I play for hugs

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. We'll keep it a 3vs3 tourney this time. Swiss rounds on Saturday, double elimination on Sunday.

but maybe we should start planning something like that Joel for later in the year...i have the perfect spot! (Brewery sponsor has a slab of concrete that would be perfect!)



yeeee. Got the artwork done and dates are set. YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!?!?! Sponsors will be listed as we get closer to the date. Get your teams registered and ready. See you on the courts.


team list?


We're working on it. We have some teams signed up through the link above but want to transfer all the info onto Podium before we share it.


how many teams signed up so far? we getting excited down in LA!!!

I play for hugs

Sorry for not getting more info on here! We've been working our little butts off getting the permits, sponsors, prizes and courts built. pretty stoked on it all.
We have about 15 teams registered so far. That said, there are a lot that have said they're coming but not registered yet. I'm going to share the link to the list we have so far so you can see what you're up against.
Planning on a great tourney. 3vs3 on Sat., Double Elim on Sunday. We're putting up the four foot boards (you're welcome Joey) and getting the court smoothed out for all ya'll.
Get here! you know we'll take of you once you're here. Got breakfast and lunch covered for all participants, as well as a little afterparty on Saturday night.


how hot?

Maybe I'm making it sound worse than it is... It hit the 90s last year. Same the year before. We'll have water and shade for you guys


Here's the link for the registered teams. for those of you who have not yet registered, please do so we can get a better idea of what to expect.



Housing?! Motel options?!

There are a bunch of hotels near the park, all pretty cheap (less than $80 for 2 queen beds). If you're looking online, the cross streets of the park are Shaw Ave and Fresno Street.

We're working on getting a back yard or somewhere for people to camp out but it's not a for sure thing yet. More than likely, people will need to book a room.


Which one has the best pool?

I'm thinking the Best Western. Because I've stayed at some of the cheaper ones.

Looks like I'll be needing a team...

Quaz...hit up the guys from Portland. They need a 3rd.
contact TimTim at #: 503)914-9729 (five oh three nine1four nine7two9)


Black Star Bags will be bringing down a few PoloPacks to sell at the tournament. They will be for sale at a discounted price of $180. To check out pictures and find more info, head here: http://black-star-bags.myshopify.com/collections/bike-polo/products/polo...

Who's interested?


Sweet! These bags look awesome. Oh and if you can, bring a banner. I'll be putting sponsors up around the courts.


Couple of details on the tourney:
Registration will start at 9am-1030am. First game will start at 1030am (Polo Standard time=11am)> Do not show up any later than that or you will be forced to take a loss.
Breakfast will be provided both days: PdeQ, bagels, fruit, coffee, etc. to start your morning off.
Lunch on Saturday will be at 2pm(ish) provided by Casey Jones (carnitas) & Cochinito Contento (rice & beans), salads (potato and macaroni). We will have options for those of you who are vegetarians and/or vegan.
Lunch on Sunday will be at 1pm (ish) provided by Dusty Buns. In order to be fed throughout the weekend, you will have to wear the wrist band given to you at registration. Don't mean to be a stickler but we're only providing breakfast and lunch to registered players and volunteers.

Oh yeah, looks like the Polo Gods are going to be in our favor this year. Weatherman/woman said it's going to be in the 70's all weekend long. A rare occasion in Fresno but perfect polo weather. SEE YOU ON THE COURTS!!!



You mean its not going to be 110 degrees both days and 90 degrees at night. I don't think this is going to be fun anymore.

110° sounds nice.


this'll be my first polo visit to Fresno. looking forward to seeing how the town is different from a polo hosted event.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

Okay, due to injury our third is unable to come to this. so anyone still looking for a team get at me please. Johndenver! jillian rose! Quazdawg! five oh three nine1four nine7two9. or email me thru lobp please. we play fast and hard with lots of fore check passing and quick shots and onetime crosses.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

bummer to hear about your 3rd. Get here and we'll figure it out. There are a couple of people showing up as loose cannons. See you soon.


Sorry Tim Tim, have a team already. But another player from SC is looking... Check out Catastrophe on LoBP. She'll be coming up with us as a lose cannon too...

shotgun your bike!

timtim you can always tape a mallet to a cone and call it a goalie.

AM / PM Brackets on Saturday!!

I'd like to break up the registered teams into AM/PM brackets for Saturday.

Please register or update your registration by Thursday afternoon. I'm planning on getting it done on Thursday before polo time.

Let me know if you have a AM/PM preference.

Thank you!

Registration form:



Just to clarify:
YOU HAVE TO REGISTER YOUR TEAM BY 1030AM, even if you're in the PM bracket.


No podium?

Podium will be set up, no worries!


Me and my buddy Chris are looking for a 3rd.
And will there be pickup on Friday.

Yo Vegas! There are going to be a lot of loose cannons ready to play. Show up and we'll figure it all out.

As far as pickup, we just got permission to start building up the walls for the courts. That said, the more people that can help the faster we can get the pickup games going. We’ll be out there all day Friday so whatever time people show up is good. If you don’t feel like helping out (which is ok), there are other locations that you can play at not too far from the park.


Looks like we'll be done building the courts mid afternoon. Come through for pick-up! Cary Park is located on Fresno St. and Santa Ana. Call me if you have questions (559) 394-5285. See you soon


third aquired!, thanks for getting back to me those that did. see you all real soon! Prepare to have your face served up melted on a platter from face melting goals!

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

AM Teams

1 Dinobots
2 Oh my gato
4 Pacific Coast Hust
5 the control
8 Los Eastsiders
11 VPJ
14 Winter is Coming
17 Blue Steel
19 Ponkey Dunch
20 ?????

PM Teams

3 Prospectors
6 secret teeth
7 Davis Bike Polo
9 peDal jUnkies
10 Galactic Cannibalism
12 Minoins
13 no dad, what about you?
15 Today's Special
16 Beavers
18 Donkey Oats

Thanks Joel. there are 2 teams missing from the brackets (should be a total of 22 teams). what's up? do we need team names before adding them?
Also, there might be some teams that show up the day of. they'll be added on the day of, correct?


Redbeard, Jessi, and Pierre dropped and one team is on there twice. So there are twenty teams


Tea and Sarah need registration paid and done by 10:30a Saturday morning please!

Finally on Podium!



great people, great food, great polo...great fucking tournament! THANKS FRESYES!

I play for hugs