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Solo Polo in Santa Fe II

Sunday, June 9, 2013
Host club: 
Santa Fe
Contact info: 
jeffdellapenna@aol.com (505) 231-5039
Court size: 
140 ft x 60 ft outdoor roller-hockey rink, with 2-3 feet tall concrete walls, rounded corners, and a 6-foot fence on top of that. Surface is single-slab float-finish concrete with only a few minor cracks.

Solo Polo Santa Fe II
“Come with your friends…Polo with some new ones”
Sunday, June 9th, 2013 (Saturday June 8th: New Mexico State Championships/"NMBowl" and Pick-Up Games, 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.)
Host club: Polo Santa Fe
Contact info: jeffdellapenna@aol.com (Put “POLO” in the subject line)

You show.
We draw teams from the hat.
Everyone plays and has a great time.
Known as a “single-player” where only individual players (not teams) register. Special invite out to our friends in AZ, CA, CO, TX, NV, OR, WA and RIO.)
This little tourney is not about established teams kicking the PUCK out of rookie-clubs. Here, there will be no pressure and NO bitching.
It’s an opportunity to play and make new friends and maybe initiate some new people into this cool sport.
So plan on bringing your rookie-polo friends.

SATURDAY EVENING (June 8th): New Mexico State Championships/"NMBowl". Local Red or Green teams face-off for the Championship for all that is hot and spicy in the Land of Enchantment. And Pick-Up Games, 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.ish

Pub/Bar Crawl....starts at 7:30 at 2nd Street BrewPub in the RailYard.
We'll hit 3-5 spots on this bicycle tour. Lights and locks recommended.

SUNDAY (June 9th) – Court opens for Pick-Up Games at 7:30 a.m.
from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m.

BREAKFAST AT 8:00 A.M.: Bagels, Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, Fruit,
Bring your own coffee (and for good karma, bring some for the guys setting up.)

TEAMS: Chosen from a hat, from separate regional areas (example: 1 player from ABQ, 1 player from Clovis, 1 player from Santa Fe = TEAM A)

PRE-REGISTER: Save time the morning of…Post if you’re coming and we’ll put you in the HAT. Just check for your name before 9:00 a.m. at registration.


MATCHES: will be 10 minutes or first team to score 5.
Championship round - 15 minutes.
Ties will be settled with a 2-minute Sudden Death, and then, if need be, we’ll figure something else out. We’ll play as many games as we can.

12:30 - LUNCH PROVIDED: Sandwich stuff, Frito-Pies, Fruit. BYOB (The Park is Alcohol Free…so use your head.)

HOUSING: Lots of inexpensive hotels on Cerrillos Road, minutes from the court.

(Contributions accepted to help cover food costs.)

Please pass the word!!!


Herb Martinez Park, Street-Hockey Rink Santa Fe, NM
United States

Signed up

awesome concept. Never been to Santa Fe so i'm sure going to try to make it to this.


pedaljunkies wrote:

awesome concept. Never been to Santa Fe so i'm sure going to try to make it to this.


sounds like fun!

Fresno is soooo fucking Hot right now. You will be our special guest!

It should be fun...RIGHT?

In my experience Santa Fe/Abq has always put on a good, fun and casual tournament. I have a good time every time!

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Thanks DC. Looking forward to having you here! Thanks for your support.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Herb Martinez park is the shit! It is an outdoor street hockey rink. The ball is always in play.You can wrap the ball around the corners all sick eh! Its big and fast. The texture of the concrete neither too slick nor too grippy. It's worth the trip just to play at the facility! Everyone that's bout it bout it should come through!

Biscuits of fervor!

Matt...are you coming home for this?

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Gonna try to make it! I'm pretty excited!

Biscuits of fervor!

well, believe it or not, I got a ticket to ABQ for this weekend, so I think I'm going to be headed up your way to play!

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

Great Mark! This will be fun.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Thanks to DZR for coming in as our title sponsor and for doing our poster!

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Is this state tourney Ive been hearing about still happening?

First goal was a cross crandel

I hope so, ABQ is probably going to rally Saturday and Sunday at Herb Martinez, hoping to do New Mexico Bowl on Saturday.

All your shots are block by I.

Working on a Pub Crawl for Saturday Night.
Please bring a front and rear light for your bike, and a lock.
We'll hit 3 or 4 pubs/bars in town. All will have music.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Is this a ploy to get everyone drunk and hungover for Sunday? Then you can rally your team to victory?

Beware: Jeff will get you saucey!

We won't know the teams till Sunday morning. This will put us all on the same playing field! Shots of tequila at the Bike Art Santa Fe Gallery during the pub-crawl.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Trophy & medals

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Hey arriving at the sunport 12:30 Saturday. Is anyone available to pick me up and bring me to santa fe?

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

Working on it.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Thanks jeff you got my number and so does my brother

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

Olsen...Jake Hunner can pick you up. Thanks for coming!

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Wow...A GREAT time. Incredible Come-Back in the Final Game, with Olsen Aviles (L.A) leading teammates Lucky-Dave Gittings (ABQ) and Olsen's brother, Raphael Aviles (PoloSantaFe) to VICTORY!

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Hats-Off to Duncan (Boulder), Kristian (PoloSantaFe) and Stu (ABQ) for taking second place.
Also (Not in any order): Jake (FreeAgent), Ryan (ABQ) and John (Denver)
Matt (ABQ), Nic (Denver), and Bob (PoloSantaFe)
BobWire (ABQ), Andy (PoloSantaFe), and Seth (SaltLakeCity)
Robin (ABQ), Jeff (PoloSantaFe), and Joe (ABQ)
AND - - Wild Man - Mark Davis!

Thank you to everyone that played! See you at Solo Polo Santa Fe III

It should be fun...RIGHT?



It should be fun...RIGHT?

Santa Fe, thanks so much for an awesome tournament. I liked the drawn out seeding round and the quick single elim tourney. Different, and fun. And of course the food was a real highlight. Thanks Jeff!

Cheers to my awesome teammates Kristian and Stu. See you all again next time!