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SONS OF PAVEL - 4v4 No Goalie Tournament

Friday, July 10, 2015 - Sunday, July 12, 2015
Host club: 
Prague bike polo
Court size: 
Two 52x26m courts

4v4 on two courts means one thing:
MORE POLO, LESS WAITING for everybody, and more time to visit the beautiful city of Prague or chill with friends.
This should be the most innovative tournament of the year and display some great polo!

To accommodate for the extra player and enhance team play, we made some modifications to the rules:
These were tested in 2014 in the Monarchy League and we be further tested with the help of the Nuremberg Bike Polo club, so that they are perfectly tuned.

The tournament will end early on Sunday to give time for people coming from far away to get back home, or enjoy Prague a little more.

Registration opens Monday April 1st and closes on April 15th. On the 24 available spots, 8 are reserved from teams of players contained within the Monarchy League. The remaining 16 will be chosen on the basis of cuteness.
To register, please send a photo montage or collage (600x600px) of all 4 players when they were kids to 7SeveM7 at gmail. We will print them all and Pavel will himself pick the best ones soon after the deadline. It may involve a lot of drinking and debating on your cute little mugs. We hope you are all adorable! ;)

COST: 15 euros per player
We are working out on cheap housing solutions for everybody. We will also post a list of cheap flights and buses for you to come without ruining yourself. (London, I'm looking at you)


Czech Republic

Signed up

nice...I play 4v4 on 56.38 x 25.9 meter courts. even on a larger court than you will be playing 4v4 (without a one of the players being in goal) is too many players. especially since you have no rule against all 4 defenders stacking and clumping up their defensive end. you have a blue line rule for offense but not for defense. I'ts also unclear whether players violating the crease as defenders can block shots. you have an anti-shooting rule for offensive players in the crease but no anti-blocking rule for defensive players in the crease. are you allowing defenders to stack in the crease?

I have been playing 4v4 exclusively for about a year and I have been working on a ruleset with a few alterations myself. may I ask...why no goalie?

I like what you're doing and I'm not intending to rain on your parade...food for thought. we tried no goalie and it leads to defensive players hanging back as goalies outside of the crease as if they're still goalies. it negated the spirit of the no goalie idea so we modified our gameplay to allow the players "out" to commit up court without fear of the easy open goal.

4v4 gameplay proposal:

at the joust you start with a goalie in and that goalie cannot leave the crease until someone on their team dabs or someone on either team scores (goalies rotate numerically after a goal). this makes it true 3v3 out on the court (3 defensive players covering three offensive players).

when a teammate dabs that team's goalie must vacate the goal and entire crease IMMEDIATELY. even if your teammate dabs while you are in the middle of defending a breakaway...YOU CANNOT STAY IN GOAL! you can charge them and cover them outside of the crease but you cannot be in the crease. no one may enter the crease except for the ball handler on the opposing team and the dabbed player once they have tapped in (unless it's bench and the dabbed player subs out and the sub in becomes goalie). the goal will be left unprotected after every dab but only for as long as it takes the dabber to tap in and hustle to goal or for as long as the sub takes to tap in and hustle to goal. stay on your bikes people!

goalie rotation after scored goals will be chronological numerically...in other words whatever numbered player is in goal when a goal is scored must leave and the next highest numbered player takes their place in goal during the dead ball...think volleyball or batting rotation.

playing by these rules means when one player dabs it still won't equal a power play because the goalie enters play and becomes the 3rd defensive/offensive player. this makes it true 3v3 instead of 3v2 plus goalie. this should progress the game to 1v1 coverage at all times everywhere on the court.

this style of game takes power away from screening (which allows the defense to commit up court despite interference), eliminates stacking (only the defending goalie and offensive ball handler can be in the crease), encourages 1v1 coverage via full court press (knowing you can't stack should lead to evolution of better defense everywhere else) and all 4 players have to play all positions. additionally, long shots on open goals are less of a threat so the defense should be even less afraid to full court press.

these rules also stop a common occurrence...one player being stuck in goal for whole games because no one else will get in. this happens far too often and discourages people from coming out. the rotation ensures that everyone will be in goal at some point and hopefully somewhat equally. a player may strategically dab so as to enter goal for a breather or because they are weaker out or stronger in...they just risk a shot on open goal during the change out.

equipment required...a black/white reversible mesh tank top. the club will provide numbers 1-4.

I like it, but it isn't complicated enough. I think everyone should be required to play on a geared bicycle- every time you dab, when you go off you need to roll a 20 sided dice (as quickly as possible), which will determine what gear you need to be in for your next shift. There should also be hidden 'mission cards' throughout the court. Each player may find these (no dabbing when picking them up!) to find secondary goals to be completed throughout the course of the game (ie, 360 hop, break a spoke on an opposing players bike with a shot, wrist shot goal, etc) and completing the secondary missions will result in points to be added to your teams score at the end of the game.

if a crease rule and dabbing=goalie rule are too complicated for you then you've got bigger things to worry about than 4v4 bike polo.

Jason, Thanks for the input!
You are wrong on one thing, there is a rule for how the crease plays with defensive players: they are just invisible, so any block would most likely result in an awarded goal.
In Prague we are strong believers in the passing game and the whole point of 4v4 no goalie is to spread the game and create more dynamic plays. 3 players rotations are now possible without the sledge hammer of open goal counter attacks over your head when a pass is intercepted. Of course players are going to play goalie right outside of the crease, but that's exactly what we want: make the goalie role even more active than it is at the moment. The trick is to find the proper size of the crease, hence the further testing with other clubs.

I am open to further suggestions/criticism.

PS: Didn't we meet at the first Wingman?

those "invisible" players can't block shots...better.

the "open goal" counter attack seems even more likely without a goalie. that is the whole reason we play 4v4 with permagoalies. are you going to shrunk the goals? I play on a full size hockey court and I can hit 3/4 court shots at will (it's easy after you play on them for awhile).

we've increased the width of the goal by a 700 wheel in order to force goalies into having to "make" saves rather than just camping out and relying on wheel covers.

we designed out crease to be a full bicycle length 360• around the goal. the scoring mouth of the crease is inviolable but the back half is fairplay. ideally it would be two different colors. inviolable=red and open=blue.

I look forward to feedback as you play more 4v4. the game as it stands currently is flawed so I applaud your spirit of creativity. I think any if us that came from organized sports understand the need to move to a 3v3 small goal no goalies game or a 4v4 large goal with permagoalies game.

never been to a wingman.