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2013 South Central Championship Qualifier Denver

Denver Bike polo South Central cycle polo hardcourt colorado
Saturday, June 22, 2013 - Sunday, June 23, 2013
Host club: 
Contact info: 
(720) 441-Polo
Court size: 

South Center Qualifier: Denver, CO
Cout surface 9 out of 10
Location 10 out of 10
Amenities 10 out of 10
Guts and Glory 10 out of 10

More info to fallow

Housing minimal


FootHIlls Community Park
3455 Ringsby Ct
Denver, CO
United States

Signed up

REGISTRATION will BE in two weeks. Mark your callenders

suh-weeet. I've never been to Denvah

Is there a cap on teams?

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love that poster!

I believe 36 teams is the cap on teams

I heard 36 teams is your Mom's cap too.


Well she is rather spry.

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Couldn't compete in the SW regional, bad timing. If any team with 2 in region wants a third let me know.
Been playing a couple of years, best in goal and breakaway.

Do you even Polo, Bro?

I'm excited. Get your teams, get your tickets.

Coming up from Albuquerque. Need two teamates from the region. Hollar at me 505-573-6001.

Biscuits of fervor!

Registration starts in 24 hours! Have your parents fill out our permission slips, so you wont get left out

South Central, if you have a team of two and wanna pick up a SW player go with the enemy you know (me) not the enemy you don't (those other guys who keep posting on here) - although Bernauer is pretty good too. Hi Matt.

Nick, saw you as a lonely single at hardcourt.org, doesn't have to be.

All your shots are block by I.

Happy to come up and help with the tourney. Let me know if I can help!
(505) 231-5039

It should be fun...RIGHT?

In-region and looking for a solid team. Holla!

Also, what's up with that housing lyfe?

Anyone need a third from Boston? Air fare is cheap-ish right now. I don't know anyone from your region, but saw a tournament happening when I have a free weekend [paramedic with a rotating schedule.]

Pick me up and I will bring Quazi...


Can you play for shits and giggles?! I mean without the intend to go to NA if you do?!

Man more out of regioners than in, wheres my South Central folks at?

Get rad

Little Rock, Mexico, the Austin players on the fence, and all of the others!: GET YOUR TICKETS AND COME!

as I understand it, a team needs 1 in region player, and the other two players can be from other regions (but cannot be from the same region as each other).
I hope Chandel can clear this up so that some of the other players can form teams quickly.


"Any team with all, or two-thirds, of its players from a single region must play in that region. A team composed of players from three different regions may choose to play in any of the three regions, but can only play in one regional."

So you can also have a completely out-of-region team as long everyone is from different regions.

But it is open for others who are qualified already or dont want to go to NA right?!

out of curiosity: are we going to be playing on [lovingly] handmade courts in the parking lot of this bus depot/industrial strip mall?

i would wager tents/umbrellas/hats are strongly encouraged? yes?

also, what is the housing front looking like?


Johnny and I are looking for a third. holleur.

I'm looking for two in region to play since I couldn't make it to South West (school issues).
Pretty good with goal and picks, play finesse up front when I'm out.
Hit me up if you're interested or want to know more; 702-858-8997.

Do you even Polo, Bro?

Hey, I'm sorry to say that I already teamed up with Bob from ABQ. We are looking for a third that is in-region or from any other region besides SW ( because apparently we are allowed to play as long as every single player is from a different region, or at least 2 players are in- region). So if that is appealing to anyone (you didn't qualify in your region or whatever (besides SW), contact Bob or I.

So many parentheses, tho.

Id like to nominate Tracks for a fucking dance party night friday.. If anyone else is interested.

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that place is literally the most gay spot in town and would probably be awesome.

YES! I flew solo last time I was in Denver, sick dance floor(s). We need to make that fucking happen.

***gahh triple post lag, computer fail, crap.

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YES! I flew solo last tme I was in Denver, sick dance floor(s). We need to make that fucking happen.

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YES! I flew solo last time I was in Denver, sick dance floor(s). We need to make that fucking happen.

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Another Free Agent for hire. Looking to join a team if anyone needs a strong third.
I am a power foward, but can play all over the court and a pretty good goalie.
Contact me if you want to know anything else. 505-918-4483
Denver is a short drive from Albuquerque.


Hey there,

Erin Connolly and I are looking for a third, you interested?

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Yes. Definitely interested and committed to play. Hell yeah!

Sad Panda: Sasha seriously needs a team to take her in Please :)

Already have a ticket, please don't leave me on the side lines :):):)

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So, I'm guessing we're going to have to find our own housing? .......

brandon did suggest some of the cheap hotels nearby the courts. no word on which one is official. there aren't that many players nearby the courts anyways, so definitely consider the cheap hotel. or email brandon through his profile

Im working on some cheap group rate for a hotel. Stand by. If we only have 20-30 outside players we may be able to accommodate you all

Hey can we request to be in the AM grouping for Saturday? We have a player that can't be there in the afternoon.

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What happens if we don't get 20 teams?

12 teams?! seriously? why are so few teams registering for this?

true round robin!

Blame NAH.

We're playing at the best damn court in the USA in Boulder's foothills? eff yeah!!!
for those not in the know: word is that the court location has been moved. Don't lock down your hotels until an official announcement has come. ;)

and how exactly do we get 'in the know' for those of us who want to make housing arrangements 10 days before the tourney?


ok, so, I was hoping someone would announce it.
The word is that the court location is being moved to boulder's foothills court because it is a beautiful spot but I can't say for sure, I was just excited at the prospect and think it probably should go down that way. I'm in no way organizing the tournament so wait for the official word, sorry that the information is coming from me and not someone official. :P

Oh ya?

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what is the court location situation?? in need of housing for me and my brother, mr pat grady the live-stream king, please and thanks. oh by the way, we arrive the week leading up to the tourney. two quiet and self sufficient folks, he will be doing a lot of telecommute work, i will just be exploring and getting acquainted to the elevation. talk to me folks. thannnnnnnnnks! xoxo

Anyone still looking for a third? I just found out I'm gonna be in the area that weekend and would love to play. I've been playing a couple of years but newish to tournaments.

Bob from ABQ and I (Houston) are!!
Email me at mtoledo12 @ g m a i l.com


We have made the decision to change the venue for the tournament. It will now be held in Boulder, Colorado , 25 minutes north-west of Denver. The reason for doing this is simple; we did not reach the number of teams to warrant building two courts. This has also brought down the cost by 36% to $125 per team . You might ask what you are getting for this cost. Two courts, One big one small. One will be for practice, one will be for games, one court is large, one court is small. The surface is perfect. Real bath rooms, water fountains . Also a new t-shirt. so you can remember this day for ever. Also you will be at the base of the rocky mountains.

I would like to thank you all for your cooperation. I know this took while, however it will be worth it in the long run.


Foothills Community Park
Boulder, CO 80304

Court Dimensions
4 foot dasher boards

Cost Per team.

Brandon Carter

Yikes, its a week before the tournament and I have already bought a plane ticket. :/

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Me too, were gonna need a ride.....

Get rad

Brandon wrote:

This has also brought down the cost by 36% to $125 per team

Holy moly! It was ~$195 per team before?!

More info-
I would like to make sure we have contact info for each team. Please fill out this form. Its easy?
Its also to make sure you get a t shirt.


Also, $125 per team is the priciest tourney I've been to so far. Is that the price to make shirts, or provide meals, for renting the courts, or what is the money going towards? Just wondering. The price is not stopping me from going, but I'm sure others are curious as well!

meeshellios wrote:

what is the money going towards?!

the chart below doesn't show where the costs are going to in tournaments, just the total sum of what each one raised.

My theory is there's a cash prize. :D

Its the way math worked out. I have made this chart.


"Court costs are fixed by the city or costs of materials. To reduce the costs per team you need more teams."- MP

Getting From Denver International Airport to Denver or bolder is about the same price. I recommend you take the bus.


What kind of food/drink will be available at the courts both days?

https://www.facebook.com/events/477320995683235/ Lets start talking shit

Registration closes tuesday 8Pm MST.

NEW PRICE: $90 per team
Cout fee: City of Boulder Charges 15 an hour. We need the court all day. For two days its $300 Bucks

Court insurance: The city makes us get a policy.If you fall and hurt your self, you can go to the ER. your covered for up to $10,000, heaven forbid. IF you would like to look at the policy let me know. or know of a cheepr place, we have untill monday.

Goal Inserts: Free, not as good as polo nets, but this will do
Tarps to block sun.

NA FEE 10 a head
Podium On your smart phones

Breakfast. Goronal, and yogurt, bring your own bowl.

OLD price:
Polo spefic goals
Gigantic Swamp Cooler, Like from the sidelines of foot ball games, cause its gunna be fucking hot.
T shrits
Some food
Beer permit. yep, open container
Podium on a 30'' tv easy to to see

Because I love Bike Polo, I will be providing some other things, that i am paying for my self.

I will pay for things from my own pocket. I love polo, i love you. feel free to have a good time.


This is a video of the court

I spy some farnsworths. Court looks sick!

Where's the trashtalking?!
Who will take 1st place? My bet is on Texas. Y'all gon' get sk3wld ^_~

????????TEXAS?...too vague...be more specific...you mean HOUSTON?

Finally got to play at the boulder tourney court last weekend-not too big not too small and literally right next to the foothills. Pretty purty! Also brandon got us the hookup bfast is not just any old yogurt and granola but the fancy locally made stuff. Nom nom


what do you imply? lol

i asked a dumb question and couldn't delete it, haha


THEN POLO REG PARTY 9:30PM AT Outback Saloon 3141 28th St, Boulder, CO 80301

THIS WEEKEND STREAMING WITH Pat Grady on bikepolo.tv

Podium link?


Also featuring live video by Pat Grady!

I had an AWESOME time in boulder (and denver)!!!!! THANKS BRANDON!
huge thanks to brandon for housing my bro and me the week before the tourney and nick for housing us the weekend of. big thanks to nick and sam for playing with me.CO-Tex!! we certainly looked good out there! shout out to the durango studs for being so....studdly. lee, thanks for not completely losing your teeth- hope you're on the mend already. thanks to everyone who helped my brother with the liive stream camera and commentary, and thanks for telling the "polo-verse" to tune in. congrats to all of texas for reppin' strong and hard. props to atx!!! cant wait to see you all again. more karaoke!!!
also...sunday night... fucking priceless.