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Ya'll Bout to Drink So Much Moonshine You'll think You're Helen Keller SouthEastern Regional Qualifier For the NAHBPC

Saturday, June 15, 2013 - Sunday, June 16, 2013
Host club: 
Athens GA Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 

South Eastern Qualifier dates have been confirmed.

The weekend of June 15-16 will be a two day, double-elimination tournament with a maximum of 48 teams.

Registration will open May 15. It will be first come, first served. You know the drill.

According to the new rules, players may only compete in one regional qualifier this year. If you play here, you cannot have played in any other qualifier. Period.
Also, two of your players must be from the SE region in order for you to play in this tournament. Period.
I believe there's some weird rule about three different regional players getting to pick which region but if you're gonna jump through hoops read the rules carefully.

The top five teams from this tournament will be qualified for North Americans. Yes. Just five. I know it's crap but them's the rules kids.

Housing will be available, but not guaranteed. We are talking to hotels and trying to get some group rates but if it were me, and I were you, I would start looking now. Summer is the off-season in Athens so it will most likely be pretty cheap to find a rental or a hotel. If you have a supertightbro in Athens, hit em up now and lock down a spot cause with 150 potential kids, there isn't going to be a free floor for everyone.

The courts are TBA. Not because we are keeping it a secret but because we just don't know yet.

Please don't email me with stupid questions. I have things to do.


some tight spot Athens, GA
United States

Signed up

<-- hoop jumper

NEED A TEAM. seriously. I know there are two lonely southerners looking to be competitive!
i have references!

agile for my size.

I have better references

You guys should just team up, as long as you promise to move to southsides sometime soon it should be ok.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

While I am nowhere near finalizing my team's lineup for this, I am hard pressed to not consider the man/myth/legend behind my favorite polo blog!

Ps. I've been slowly writing submissions for your blog. One of them may be a love letter. Maybe.

Strike hard. Strike first.

jayjay wrote:

While I am nowhere near finalizing my team's lineup for this, I am hard pressed to not consider the man/myth/legend behind my favorite polo blog!

To clarify, Horse is more like the man behind the man behind the blog. Take that statement anyway you want it.

Damn Horse wish we could make a team :(

I need a team too!

Shelley lets team up sometime soon though!!!!

agile for my size.

registration link (opening up may 15th) is here: http://hardcourtbikepolo.org/polo/main/tournament/125.html

singles get your names on the list!

Def coming if the dates don't change. In need of a really, really good third from anywhere besides the Eastside Region.

Dutchmaster (SW-San Diego) and I (ES-DC) want to come. :D

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

guys look at this new map of the east side and southeast region i drew (red is east side, blue is southeast)

You missed Burlington in Eastside. Good thing that we're not on a cartography team.

Burlington is a Northside club.

Fully aware. It was a reference to the Eastside Qualifier scandal.

Makes sense after the fact. Hadn't read that thread yet I guess.

You do know Tennessee is apart of the SE right? Or do they not count in your regional map?

Let's Murderlize Them



nice. What are you talking about!? I thought it hilarious! I LAUGHED!! D:<

Let's Murderlize Them

had to miss eastsides, would have interest in this as an out of region third.


And the award for longest tournament title goes to SE for the long-name-here-SE regional qualifier 2013. Congratulations. Sounds fun.


Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Obligated to play Midwest.
Mad jealous, want to know what Helen Keller felt like, if only for a night.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

I think the name of this tournament might be offensive.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

well if you have any deaf and blind friends, do me a favor and don't tell them.

I thought it was a reference to being so drunk I confused my gender.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Any word on courts?

Still repping AMS NL, and not SD SW, crazy region bs, anyway need to secure my days of and tickets somewhere next weeks, got some gatorboyz lined up :)

Registration starts tomorrow at nooooooon!

You may want to go ahead and create your team and have it ready, you can do that now. Spread the word!

apparently registration opened at like 4am. when i set up the tournament page it told me 12:00CST. sorry if this affects anybody.


Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Fuck me, that was a quick fill up.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

So there was a glitch with hardcourtbikepolo.org that opened up registration earlier than it told us. As of right now, only 32 teams are allowed to register. We are working to open it up to 48 teams. So if you did not make registration in time, please sign up anyway and get yourself on the "Waiting List" so you will have a spot if we open it up to 48 teams. Truly sorry about this. I think our region deserves 48 teams anyway!


48 would be awesome! Wondering if there is any more info on this-am on one of the teams currently waitlisted. Just trying to figure out what my month is gonna look like.
Also, if my team gets in I will most likely be driving from Chicago so anybody in cities on the way is welcome to a ride.

kiss my dick

Any hospitable southerners looking for a "midwestern" third?

Any word on the courts? Tennis courts? Hockey? Custom build? Approximate dimensions, please!

location of the courts:
East Athens Community Center
400 McKinley Dr
Athens, GA 30601

that's all i know.

registration fee is $60/team. you can send it via PayPal to lovemachinelewis atgmaildotcom or you can pay via hardcourtbikepolo.org

so uhhh, we get to use that pool i see on google maps riiiiight?


And have Saturday be water polo.

This Dutchie booked his tickets last week and is looking for a ride from ATL airport to Athens on friday. Will hit ATL at 7pmish... would be sweet.

Second, im staying the monday after to visit Uni GA, will crash during the tournament with the Mobile kids so im looking for housing sun-mon. How to get to ATL monday afternoon will be another journey :D


bump.... please??!

I have a 7am flight out of Atlanta monday morning, and I plan on getting a cheap hotel near the airport for sunday night that you're welcome to split it with me, and possibly others.

Thanks! But as mentioned im staying in Athens for some "work" on Monday.

You flying in friday and you got some transport to Athens perhaps?!

if you are flying in from atl there is a mega bus that goes direct and is cheap, i'd be happy to pick you up at the megabus stop here.

also, there is a shuttle that runs from the airport to athens several times a day its about 35 bucks.

How the hell am I supposed to spread the "good word" of bike polo to people and here it is that I can't even play in my own regions "Regional Championship"?


No! I want to see you again, find a way! Cant have a tournament without you!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

I know man! I want to see all my buds but my team is not in because of not enough "wood and lights" for more than 32 teams. Really sad that SE regionals has to be limited that. And all I wanted to do was ball out and have fun with some friends while getting away from work for a weekend.


Didn't you know? If you wanted to play in this tournament you had to wake up at 4 am a month ago.
I think it's funny that everybody could wake up in the middle of the night to register for a polo tournament but when it comes to actually playing polo, nobody could be bothered to start a little early to accompany some more teams.
Now I get why the southeast only has 5 slots.
Have fun you chumps.

kiss my dick


Results? Podium shit the bed near the end...

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

(1) Team Ginyu Force
(2) The Fact Checkers
(3) tsktskshhh
(4) Lemme slip a'ball in
(5) Ribbits

Congrats all. I enjoyed meeting/seeing all of you again. Hope everyone trip home was safe. See you all later!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Full SEQ 2013 Results:

1*- Team Ginyu Force
2*- The Fact Checkers
3*- Tsktskshh
4*- Lemme slip a ball in?
5*- Ribbits
6- Broken Bones
7- Stop, Don't Stop
7- Ye Olde Old Field Brigade
9- Barefoot Power Tools
9- The Gerdians
9- Regulators
9- Wombo Combo
13- Midnight Sushi
13- Olli and the Mobtowners
13- Pagan Rituals
13- W.I.F.F
17- Alpha Pussy
17- MIA
17- Star Spangled Hammered
17- Back Door Boys
17- The White Hatians
17- Minoriteam
17- Limp Dick Mafia
25- Endo the World
26- Ashevillains
27- China Cat Sunflower
28- Bash Bros.
29- Han Polo
30- Kraken Balls
31- Let's Get Physical
32- Greased Lightening

* denotes qualification for NAHBPC 2013

NC holding down the bottom there. Not complaining, I enjoyed drinking all the moonshine Sunday!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Final Game 1 - http://youtu.be/T3fs5gVnkfE
Final Game 2 - http://youtu.be/1UlN0tztdzw