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Saturday, May 1, 2010
Host club: 
Victoria Bike Polo
Contact info: 

It's Bike Prom, so we're throwing a tournament. It's going to be a one day affair, with teams will be made the morning of. The format is round robin, with points tallied at the end, and a final between the top teams. There are two steps to coming:

1) Send us an email using the contact form, giving your name, your level of play (ABC), and whether or not you will need housing.
2) Be at the tennis courts 10am sharp. No cap on the number of teams, we will use the Fernwood Community Center court just down the road if we have overflow.

The tournament is going to cost five clams, and will include all the stuff that you love coming to Victoria for, like BBQ and coffee and maybe some beer if we can swing it. Capital City Cycles is once again throwing down with some prizes, and while it will be more relaxed than our also fairly relaxed Winter Mixer, y'all should expect some sweet polo action, as teams compete for the welded bike part trophies that Ryan so lovingly fashions. There will be pickup Friday night and Sunday during the day.

As mentioned, this tournament coincides with the Bike Prom, which is the biggest party of the year. Tickets for that are ten dollars, and they will be reserved for you if you're coming over. That ticket will get you into an art show and party on Friday night, the big party on Saturday night, and also a pancake breakfast that will coincide with the pickup on Sunday.

It's going to be a sweet weekend people! Book the time off, tell your friends, it's the best weekend of the year to come and see our fair city.


Vic High Tennis Courts Victoria, BC

Signed up

Quick note from the world of marketing- if your products or events have an expiration date and you name them all the same (or similarly), then people will look right over your "new" product thinking it's the old one.

Spring Mixer? What, there aren't enough possible clever names for tournaments (and I love you Victoria, you're clever and sexy) that you had to name it the same as the wicked tourney not 5 months gone? How many people are looking at heading thinking you're still reveling in your 4th place finish at the last tourney and still want to talk about it? (Nice games, by the way)

Crocus Bloom Pre & Post Prom Polo?
Spring Fever?
That's a Nice Looking Bike But It'd Look Better On My Floor?


PS I love you Henry.

we don't give a fuck about marketing emerson, this isn't duncan this is VICTORIA. which means that we're not trying to make this the biggest tournament of the year, it's just an excuse to hang out on the saturday before a good party, and get the rest of cascadia to come and hang out too. if you were north of the horse latitudes maybe you could have come to the meeting when we decided we didn't care and forced us to...

Duncan = cares about marketing. Apparently they can't help it. That's why they rebranded it as "Cowichan."

I am going to be the belle of the ball, oh you'll see.


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

its actually called spring and a miss or you've always been the one i wanted
also on deck, flowers and balls gangbang polo party
in the hole, fast times at vic high tennis courts, featuring polo!

Original tournament naming, on the LBP anyway, seems like a good idea. But the Victoria event was only intended on being a small social gathering of the closest polo friends. Advertising on LBP was for those a little out of the local email listing. Emerson knows all this because he's on the listing, he's only stirring shit because he's stuck on some island where "bike polo" sounds like a chicken dish. Are you going to be back in time to join us?

I threw out a list of suggested tournament names; I guess “Polo Ex-Lovers and Enemies Spring Get-together” didn't make the cut.

I'm signing up next....level c player looking to improve his game......eager, willing to learn how this game "bike polo" is played....

....... __o
.... ( )/( ) \o

Still more players here than Parksville, though.

Coach Fred is a ringer! Don't believe this C stuff, he's bringin' the orange slices!

Haha, there's more players just about anyway else compared to Parksville.

I was comparing myself to the experienced east van and victoria crew as a c player reference. I've got a lesson or two still at the Grandview courts I need to take in before I can refer to myself any higher.

And I'm bringing the orange slices and then some baby!. I was going to bring some 2" diamater hdpe yellow gas pipe for mallets and I may even have some of the highly sought after thin wall hdpe pipe...... gotta show up in Vic though to find out. What's the boards situation like in Vic these days? Do you have enough to take care of the courts? If not I may be able to help out. Fernwood could use some more boards...

....... __o
.... ( )/( ) \o

boards are always good, fred, you know this. especially at fernwood. send an email to the listserve and we can talk.