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SF Survivor and Bench Weekend

Saturday, April 6, 2013 - Sunday, April 7, 2013
Contact info: 

San Fran Survivor - Bench Weekend

4/3 Update: The weekend is pretty full of polo and parties. You do not need a team. Bring your bike and bedroll and you are set. Oh yeah $10 per person.

SF does it right. So talk it over with your crew and come on down. We have some fun prizes and will have some good eats. We need to have a good estimate on bodies, so please let us know you are coming: sign up or email me. Sign up on LOBP or contact me. bikemanben @ gmail

Housing: Again, let us know you are coming, bikemanben @ gmail, and we can find you a couch or floor or tent spot.

Thu: 6 pm to 10 pm Regular pick up at JoCo

FRI: Pickup at JoCo
Poker Party at Treat Street
Sign up $10 entry Fee

Sat: Registration 10am--vital that we get everyone registered.
Recovery pickup till 11am -- Potluck BBQ Lunch
11am - 5pm Survivor--We will start at 11on the dot.
8pm - 12pm Party at Treat Street
Bench Draft
Home Brew
Giant Jenga, Foosball, maybe knife fights

Sun: 10am - 5ish Bench Tourney
12-1 -- Potluck BBQ Lunch

Here is the Survivor run down

SATURDAY -- Survivor Tourney

Every team is random.
Once you play, you sit until everyone else has played.
Every player on the team must score to get the win.
For every win, you are given a win
For every five points, you are given a win.
After 4-6 hours, the person with the most wins and points is declared the Survivor Winner.

The top 4-8 Survivor leaders are captains for the Bench Draft.

Trading closes at Midnight.

SUNDAY -- Bench Tourney

Enough Said

If you have ever been to SF for a tourney, you know we do it right. We fill find you a place to stay, beer to drink and a place to get stupid. There will also be a ridiculous amount of polo.


Youngblood Coleman Park San Francisco, CA
United States

Signed up

You mean "bench format". Bench Minor is the name of an annual tourney that will be hosted in LA in 2013.

just sayin'

Survivor the first day

Bench Format the second.


There are a couple of dirty thirty ladies, a roaring forty and a nifty fifty all having birthdays relatively near this time, so you know....a massive party will definitely ensue.

Is this a sure thing?
Because If I buy plane tickets and it is cancled, it does not matter I will still have tickets to SF and will have a rippin time!


Dates are legit. Fits in very well between all the other tourneys.


save your self the time and energy and just declare Brian the winner


You should come out here and make him work for it.

EVERYONE on a team has to score at least one

Teams are completely random.

There is no guarantee for any top slayers.


Brian's not invited, but shhh don't tell him that...

I am actually really interested as to how this tourney will go. I appreciate the chaos-factor involved. And for any familiar with Discordian Literature, "Hail, Eris!"... we should also play Dice on the sideline.

Lefty Bullshit!


shotgun your bike!

Good looking out Ruckus! This is gonna be another SF FUN FILLED Weekend!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Good looking out Ruckus! This is gonna be another SF FUN FILLED Weekend!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

I fucking love San Fransisco. Can't wait. Thanks for a format that allows my small town dwelling self a chance to play in The city.


anything up around the may long weekend? i'll be around SF may 15-21 for the tour of california

We have Polo almost every day lately. But May 16th-20th should have Polo every day. 21st at Shotwell 7-10PM.

Lefty Bullshit!

I have to be in Oakland for Bici Bici the next weekend. Seriously contemplating a week long stay in the bay area.

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

Looking for housing for myself and possible 3 maybe 2 others

Can't wait, seems like a blast!

Where is the tourney happening exactly? Youngblood Park? or other?

Lefty Bullshit!

Im back from South America and may stop by!!

We are all so glad you are a survivor.


Capitol Bike Polo will have 5 or 6 coming for the weekend ;)

Hey guys. I will be landing in SF around 4pm on Thursday and head directly to the court. Anybody there on JoCo on Thursday for the pickups?

Thursdays are regular Polo days in SF. Sometimes we start at 6:pm. But traditionally, 7:30 until 10:pm.
The location is 21st and Shotwell in the Mission District. See ya there...

Lefty Bullshit!

Well Whackers, the time has come.

Registration begins at 10am and polo starts at 11. $10 minimum

T Shirts are in. Tourney Shirts are $12. Club shirts are also $12.

Needs for today

Beverages for enjoyment

For the pot luck. Bring something to grill.

Some fruit or veggies would be nice

Can someone grab paper towels?

BALLS, BALLS, BALLS. Bring your balls.

See you in a bit.


The Survivor format was so much fun! I highly suggest that we repeat this! Wow. and thanks to all the folks who showed up today!!!

Lefty Bullshit!

Great job Ben. Thanks for organizing!

My only suggestion in keeping with the survivor format, is to have the bench minor final be whichever team gets the whole team to score a goal wins. Not sure if this would actually work, but it would be fun to try.

Great work spearheading "organizing" effort Bikeman Ruckus. Thanks. Loved the 2 "tourneys" / one weekend thing; Saturday to get to know everyone a bit and Sunday to work it on the same team all day.

yours truly,