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2014 SW Qualifier - Folsom, California!

Saturday, May 24, 2014 - Sunday, May 25, 2014
Host club: 
Davis Hardcourt Polo

Registration has begun!!! Get in there before those out of region teams take our spots!

Southwest Qualifier
May 24 / May 25
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
32 Teams
2 Courts

Swiss Saturday / Double Elimination Sunday
Top 4 teams advance to NA's

We'll have two courts (with lights) reserved with the city. Costs will be $120/team which will include court rental, event insurance, city of Folsom attendant and alcohol permit. The plan so far is for everybody to provide their own food. More information upcoming for hotels/places to stay, parking, nearby food and registration.


Ernie Sheldon Youth Sports Park
362 Natoma Station Drive
Folsom, CA
United States

Signed up

Dates firm?

Yeah, the dates are finalized. They were open with the parks department and they were happy to have us that weekend! That being said John H wants players not to make any firm plans until after they have a confirmed spot (after registration).

Click race or...? Cause last year there was not enough to fill 24v if I'm not mistaken

I would personally like the tournament only go to 32 teams if we have more than 24 in region teams. Otherwise there is no point of having those slots if they only benefit out of region teams.

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

I hear you, but one major benefit is in cost reduction. The more teams we have the less it will cost each team. Last year we were able to get to 24 teams so I'm hoping this year with some of the new cities (in northern California alone we have a new scene in San Jose, Humbolt and plenty of new ladies) we will be able to make it to 32 in region.

It cost 40 bucks per person. registration is standardized this year.

But glad to hear you think we'll make it 32 in region only. Can't wait to play some these new cities.

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

Hey so will we still be able to play in the tournament if we are playing in another qualifier?

You can only play in one qualifier.


What the dick is happening in that drawing? Please don't sell me a shirt with that on it.
Jk a little bit. Thanks for doing work y'all!


Has Tea influenced you much?

4 more years!

Party at DeadDogs! start porta Potty fund Now! haha
I'll be there...Hollarrr

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

question, only 4 team will make NA's?

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

southwest got 3 spots into NAs this year

I play for hugs

Right, 3 spots not including The Beavers. Assuming they play in our region we'll have 4 (whichever qualifier they play in gets an extra spot).

Registration has started! http://podiumbikepolo.com/register/swq2014

The Beavers have already signed up!

I see a bunch of teams awaiting confirmation is this because all 3 players must be on podium in order to make it to the roster?

Phone clearly shit itself can only edit these multiposts. Can a mod please delete

You got it. Once you have 3 players and they are in region I will be confirming the registration!

If anyone is looking for a third! I'm your gal! ...I have housing space and back yard for camping!

Hey Tony! Why does my team get two Codys? Is it his two black helmets? Maybe it's just semantics? Or is it syntax? DAMN YOU CODY! *breaks bottle on court and rides away

Hey Brandon! Your team gets two Codys?? You know that's too many Codys for a team. That's just unfair. But I'm only seeing one on your team (Cody, Jillian & you). Is this still a problem?

I think Cody was saying this was caused by registering for podium and then also getting charged for the reg fee for the SWQ (after Brandon had already paid for the team). Probably something for Cody to take up with Vince and John...

shotgun your bike!

Register your teams!!! In a few weeks I'll need half of the money to reserve the courts!

In order to register a full team everyone has to be on podium? Cause I don't really want to get a bank acc. Just to play bike polo

This is a question for Vince, but I believe he said there could be alternatives for those without bank accounts/credit cards. I'd definitely talk to him to get it worked out though.


Almost everyone has a profile on there already, and if you don't let me know and I'll add it. Only the person registering needs an account.

There isn't just to clarify, funny part is I was told to perhaps get a single use/prepaid debit card, wasn't the whole point of using a card to 'check' someones identity?

Podium wrote:

Podium's registration system will enable you to pay for Tourneys and NAH membership! To enable this, Podium will verify your identity by making a small charge to your credit card. Once you've done this, you'll be able to register for any tourney with a single click (or two). Feel free to pay more if Podium has made your life better!

Thank you for once again reiterating that you need a debit/credit card to sign up for podium.

check identity = dish out dough

shotgun your bike!

I understand the system, I just wanted to register for podium not the tournament. Probably why people are having issues registering since only one person is registered in podium?

Make sure your fill out your account info on Podium too. If you show up as a "?" then I can't tell if you're in region or not.

Register register register... I need to make the deposit (1/2 of payment) soon. If I don't have the money I won't be able to do it!

I agree with Josh. Visa and Mastercard are not sponsoring Polo. Players should have other ways to register for tournaments. Also, can you really no longer play Polo without paying Podium too? Seems odd...

Lefty Bullshit!

This is shaping up to be a great 7 team tournament!

For those without bank accounts:

or if you only go outside to play polo:

I like podium except for the the fact that they stored my credit card information without making it clear that they were doing so. I thought the initial $2.00 was just to register but they keep your card on file to pay for future tournaments. I suppose the solution would be one of the card options I posted above.

Yeah I can totally understand the apprehensions due to bank accounts. I also totally understand the need to streamline the process of registering/organizing tournaments. Thanks for those options Brandon!

Hmm... 7 is a little bold. We only have 6 registered right now. 2/3 of us are making it to NAs!! I received the official permit cost structure / form today. We're looking at a total costs of $30/hr per court for 12 hours a day. That's $1440 total. We have to pay for a city attendant because the event is (hopefully) so large. That's $15/hr or $360 total. Alcohol permits are $10/day or $20 total. Total cost is: $1820. Insurance will be $240.

On April 25th I need the insurance paid for and 1/2 the total. That means we'll need $1150 in three weeks. If we're getting $90/team that means we need 13 teams to be registered to cover costs. So we still need 7 more teams to reserve these courts!

Thank you Podium for making polo tourneys so much more convenient to sign up for, follow, participate in, and record. I am thankful for the wonderful tool you have given our community, all for such a small price! Looking forward to future updates!

Thanks for the kind words!

yes I highly doubt that Vince is going to steal your 50 bucks you have in your bank account just sign up and quit being a pussy

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Chupale, puto!

After speaking with John H about our low registration numbers it looks like we may need to make this tournament 1 court and 16 team max. Unless there's a sudden influx of registrations in the next week... but I haven't heard much interest from clubs and we're a month out. So if you've been on the fence about registering or plan on registering soon get on it!

How does this affect courts,etc? I'm assuming registration won't be enough...?

shotgun your bike!

Registration for 16 teams would be enough to reserve one court for two days with lights and alcohol permit. I would have enough to pay for half on April 25th as it stands now. Hoping it doesn't come to this... I would love to have a big, awesome tournament!

i know that players are still having hangups on the whole credit card/podium/"donation" thing being forced upon them. if this wasnt apart of the resignation process, there would be more teams registered by now. its not about the money, its the process. having said that, i did register a team but i need to get my teammates on board and on podium.

I play for hugs

Send me an email tournaments@nahardcourt.com, and I can add your teammates for you.

right now i have a for sure 2 player team, once we lock down a third i will email you. but for now i hope my single registration is ok to reserve an in-region spot.

I play for hugs

Yeah I can definitely understand the hesitation. Personally (especially as an organizer) I can see the huge benefits that we'll get from an automatized process. But I do get it (also with the increased cost). That being said this will most likely be the tournament with the highest level of competition in our region for the year. I had a blast last year and I'm hoping this year will be just as good. We'll have an alcohol permit so people can enjoy themselves. The city of Folsom is on board so hopefully we'll get some local support / people watching. The refs will be getting paid. It should be a great tournament no matter how many teams end up showing up!

I think Fresno throwing a tournament a month before may have some causes for lower attendance.

It takes all of two minutes to sign up for podium. And it seems easier than the previous forum, hardcourtbikepolo.org.

Second that, podium is also more user friendly.

shotgun your bike!

podium is far simpler than hardcourt for this type of thing, no doubt

I play for hugs

Actually, we've been hearing that people are stoked that our tournament is right before the Qualifier. Gives teams a chance to practice in a tournament setting with the best in our region before heading up to Folsom.

I agree with Joey; Podium is easy and $2 is not too much to ask. Pretty cool that they keep stats and such...even though not all my stuff is up to date.



see everyone there!

anyone need a third?

Jai and I from Davis are looking for a third! We are under podium as the bearbacks if you're interested.

I spoke with the City of Folsom Parks & Rec... and they were kind enough to let me deposit 1/4 of the cost to rent two courts. At the moment this is how it stands:

We're reserving one court and we can have 16 teams MAX.

If 23 teams register and pay we will get 2 courts and have 32 teams max. The deadline for this is May 10th @ 11:59pm.

I will only confirm the first 16 teams that have 3 players! So if you register as the 17 team and only 22 teams register then you will not be playing in the tournament. However, if 23 teams register then we'll have enough money to get two courts and everybody will get to play.

got a full team of three - just need to get confirmed as one of the 16 teams and have olsen (LA) and rob (SD) added to "TBD"

I play for hugs

Polovanni wrote:

got a full team of three - just need to get confirmed as one of the 16 teams and have olsen (LA) and rob (SD) added to "TBD"

You mean DutchMaster (AMS).


Could you update my name as well?! Its weird because im on podium alright....

thanks John H!!!

when you get a chance, please change team name from TBD to Pacific Coast Hustle

I play for hugs


thanks John!

I play for hugs

The full 16 teams are all registered. From now on I won't confirm any other teams unless we get to 23 by Saturday night at 11:59pm!! Gather your polo buddies and let's get to 23 teams!

There are 4 teams that have 2 players. That means we only need 13 more players to get to 23 teams!

I am having a hell of a time updating my registration. I was previously registered as a team of 3 (Mel, Dejah, me) and we lost Mel, but we now have Mike Maverick. Podium will not let me update. ???

Figured it out. Thanks to those who helped. Can't wait to meet you all on the court in Folsom

We're really close to making it to 23 teams! Please please talk to your friends and get them to register! The SW region should have 2 courts!!! It has to be done today by midnight!

There are a bunch of players in our region that haven't signed up yet! Fresno, SF, San Jose, Santa Cruz, LA, SD, Humboldt, Arizona, Las Vegas!

If the tournament is only one court which court is Being reserved, the smaller or bigger one?

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

I know im captain hindsight, but planning a tourney and budget two courts only when 23 teams enter is a bit odd. Look at MXQ 16 teams and two courts... pretty rad.

Well if you all gave more money then we could get two courts ;-) As far as the location, during the vote there were only two locations proposed. The financial implications of choosing Folsom was established ahead of time and almost everybody voted to be there.

And Olsen, I haven't decided yet. I'll take a look at the dimensions and see which is more in tune with the NAH requirement. Let me know if you have a preference though!

Fair enough.... that was one of the reasons for me to vote Tempe, knowing that getting 23 teams for SW is not that easy.

Yeah whatever you think is good. I dont know exact measurements but I'd lean towards the smaller one given how big hockey rinks are.

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

Alright! The deadline came and went...

And NAH has agreed to front us the extra money we need to rent two courts! That's with the agreement that we'll pay them back... so if we don't make it to 23 teams Davis will do some fundraising afterwards to get that money back to pay the NAH. I'm hoping once we're in the last two weeks a few more teams will signup and we'll get it going!


so if im reading this right, SWQ is going to be 2 courts no matter what and is no longer limited to 16 teams but can be any amount of teams with an absolute cap at 32 teams and no registration deadline?

I play for hugs

24 teams without lights, 32 with lights.

Otherwise yes

If Davis ends up having to pay back NAH, host an event and I'm sure some SC folks can train up for a polo vacation. Maybe some SJ folks too!

shotgun your bike!

I think that's a great idea & highly likely

It is opened to 32 teams total (we do have lights)

Who wants a new polo bike?

I have a 54cm Velolucuma frame just hanging out at my sshop. I rode it for 5 months. In great shape. If you are interested in me buying I can bring it to the tourney.



Frame only



Yes I do!

Yes I do!

The following two hotels will serve as housing for the tournament. Book your room soon to get the lowest rates!

Motel 6 Sacramento - Rancho Cordova East #1318
starting rate $49/night
8 miles from courts, 10 min drive

Comfort Inn
4 miles from courts - Ride is along the American River Bike Trail & a street with a bike lane!
starting rate $79/night

"you ruined my business!"

shotgun your bike!

brandon is ruining small business one shitty motel room at a time. lets go 2 for 2 this weekend!

I play for hugs

raising the bar, though don't give him too much credit, that hotel room reeked of shit and cigarettes before we even had the majority of california bike polo players packed in. i wish i could have seen ryhno throw his bike off the second story though...
next time...

shotgun your bike!

Here's a link for the map for parking/food/groceries/gas/bike shop near the courts!


Thank you in advance Davis, Sac, all players and volunteers for what is sure to be an awesome weekend.

Holy fuckin hell. 100 degrees all weekend. Umm, just wondering from an organizational stand point if there is anything we can do to keep from playing in the middle of the day. How late do we have the courts at night are there lights?

Heres 1 idea take or leave. Saturdays bracket broken up into 2 very different time slots. morning starts at 7 am runs tills 11 or 12 evening starts at 5 pm runs till 9 or 10.

Maybe sunday the bracket is broken up too. Start early, have a mid day pause and resume again at 5 pm.

Good or bad idea?

From a location standpoint we can do as late as 9pm. Otherwise the locals get restless. As far as starting time we can go as early as we want but it could be tricky for those that are travelling. So my concerns would be getting everybody there to start promptly and the second would be finishing a minimum of 4 swiss rounds in 4 hours. 1 hour per swiss round of 10 teams in a session would be 5 games/hr but spread between two courts. As long as things are moved efficiently it should be possible. I can ask John H his opinion and get a feel from the city of Folsom when I meet with them this week

We should probably just cancel and try again next year. Am I right? Global warming has reached its peak this year and EVERYTHING will be better by Spring 2015.

...yeah agreed. it was over 100 in fresno last year...this is something us californias deal with. no big deal - just stay hydrated. eff it.

I play for hugs


I play for hugs


I play for hugs




Anyone still looking for a third? I may be driving another player up and would love to get some court time.


I take that back, Rodrigo can't get the time off from work. I'm not aware of any teams looking for a third... but I know SF has a LOT of players not making the trip. Get on them!

Which Hotel is everyone staying at?


I know a few of us are at the comfort inn.

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

We're still in need of 1 more ref. Know anybody that's travelling to the tournament but not playing? Interested in reffing? Let me know!

Hey Folks,

a couple of details about the SW Qualifier this weekend: our alcohol permit is for 3pm-9pm, Sat and Sun. Please refrain from consuming such beverages until that time. Also, be conscientious about any smoking. A city representative from Folsom will be in attendance at the qualifier. The city is super excited about our event and we want to continue building a good relationship with them.

Thanks everyone for hosting! Super excited about all the hard work. Still, i was wondering if there was going to be pizza. I hear city officials are easily persuaded by such cheesy delights. Maybe we can have him look the other way while I shotgun beers in the bushes. Or,… i can just wait til 3pm… j/k Really i just wanted to say thanks!

If y'all know me and my hustle, I'm bringing the guerilla craft services for your enjoyment. It will be on the downest low, so when yr thirsty get at me, when yr hungry, wheelie good food will be there. Peace out

Here are the groups:


Make sure you know when you are playing

Ok! So everything has (sort of!) been figured out. We'll have two separate groups in the morning and everybody plays in the evening. The general plan is as follows:

Group 1 - 10AM - 1PM (4 rounds)
Group 2 - 1PM - 4PM (4 rounds)
Everyone - 5:30PM - 8:30PM (2 rounds)

Check out which group you're in here: https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/swq2014

Please show up an hour before your round begins (9am & 12pm respectively) to register. I'll do my best to shuffle games if we need to if you're running behind. But if I'm unable to you'll lose a goal every 2 minutes you're not on the court (or you'll be 5-0ed after 10 minutes).

Also please remember to bring food and water! It's going to be really hot out and we don't want somebody getting heat exhaustion. Sun screen would probably be a plus too! Also hug or high five your refs! And your organizers! Can't wait to see you all!!

3rd round starts at 6pm!!! get your asses here!

Registration begins at 9am. Games start at 10am sharp!

Get here!!! Games starting soon!

Congratulations to the 4 teams that made it through to NAs.
The Beavers
The Control
Treat Street
The Taint Sabers

To claim your spot, you must register here, before Sat June 21st. https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/register/nahbpc2014

If you don't, your region may lose its spot to another team.

If you know you can't make it, please let the next team on the list know, so they can sign up before the 21st.

Also, the teams that didn't make it, be ready, just in case another team, or region can't take its spot.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to thank ALL of the teams that played this weekend. We were able to run a tight ship and keep everything moving because of you. We even finished early!

I also wanted to thank our two dedicated refs, Jillian and Abe. For obvious reasons, the tournament wouldn't have happened with out you. Because nobody else volunteered, the two of them stepped up to ref all weekend long. Being a referee is a difficult job under normal circumstances... but having to be out in the elements for 10 hours straight is hell. They did a superhuman job though.

I'd also like to thank John H specifically for putting up with all of my questions! I can't imagine it was fun to help organize 3 tournaments all in one weekend!

Congratulations to the teams that are moving on to NAs!!! Kick some ass and get the SW some more spots for next year! Let me know if you need anything at all