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Tanked Givin' 6

Tanked Givin' 6
Saturday, October 6, 2012 - Sunday, October 7, 2012
Contact info: 
Court size: 
One hockey court, full boards

The one, the only Tanked Givin' is back for another year! Come celebrate thanksgiving in style with the Winnipeg Urban Polo Association!

Saturday will be a regular 3x3 tournament format, with a round robin in the morning and play-offs in the afternoon. The winners will be crowned, the trophy will be awarded, and confetti will fall from the sky.

Entry fee will be $30 per team.

Sunday will be a late-starting morning with bench-minor games composed of random teams. Depending on interest level, we'll either have a small tournament or a couple exhibition games.

As always, there will be games of pick-up on Friday and Monday evenings.

We haven't really been on the ball with organizing this year, so prizes will be minimal and food will not be provided. If you are out of town, we can provide a billet. Please contact WUPAss at tankedgivin@gmail.com, or email Greg at groggyboy@gmail.com.

All participants are encouraged to check out our sister event on Saturday night, the Tanked Givin' 6 Alleycat Bicycle Race and Party.


River Osborne Community Centre
Osborne St
Winnipeg, MB

Signed up

this is a great tourney i am definitely in.. the allycat rules & gets 50+ riders. free agent here aswell.

Already stoked, all these suckas trying to qualify and they're losing sight of what polo is all about!
YES WINNIPEG, I wanna be in you!!!

1 Word,

I'm with you. The NAH Tour is stressing everyone out again. Fun tourneys are the best. Also playing a minimum of 9 or 10 games each is the best.



Dang! I would totally go to this if I wasn't going to be in Ottowa the previous weekend. Best tourney poster ever, btw!

Midwest is best!!

wait. what's happening in Ottawa?

this will be year three.

wouldnt miss it :)

i really wanna make it to this! i bet i can convince some como folk to make the journey with me!

my other ride is a loveboard

Do it Aimee!

i would like this also.

Stoked. For. This.

Aimee, I might be down to make the journey if we can get a full carfull!

ya'll should consider it!

lovely poster

we have a pretty expensive graphic designer.

looking for two people to be on a team...anyone? i can play net, def & atk.

i can pedal

It's been a long time coming, but registration is open. Announce your teams here, on our facebook page, or via email to tankedgivin@gmail.com!

Check out the facebook event here.

Let the games begin!

i was advised to post an actual request to build a team for this event. my name is maybe, from winnipeg, i'm a rookie and i would like to build a team. tanked.

I think Thunder Bay finally has everything figured out. We'll have two teams.

A great weekend with lots of polo, racing, entertainment, beer, party, trophies ... and maybe snow is about to come.
Undecided ppl are highly recommended to come out to the peg, it's worth the travel, you'll see!!!

If you ever had the chance to party with WUPASS you know what the talk is about.