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Taupo TAPOUT 2

Saturday, November 24, 2012 - Sunday, November 25, 2012
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2nd installment to the successful "Taupo Tapout".

This year tournament is by invitation. Limited to the clubs and people that came last year. We have opened new spots for the new Polo clubs that have started up in NZ since the last tournament. All Club captains should have their invites already. Entries close 31st Oct 2012.


Waiariki Polytech
Kaimanawa Street
New Zealand

Signed up

Will this be no refs again?
I am hoping so

I'll put it up for the vote. I got some negative feedback last year saying it needed Ref's.


The only negative feedback I heard was from Rob Booth who will not be playing this year as far as I know. I thought it worked so well I didn't use refs in our last Sydney tournament and we had a cleaner level of play than I had seen in years (Sydney had tended to get really rough in tournaments).

I guess one thing to consider is that there are no experienced refs in NZ and people will need to get some practice in before AHBPC 2013. This would be the only reason I would use refs in Taupo. Last year worked perfectly without them.

Either way, it will be an awesome tournament. Can't wait!