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The 2nd Annual Canadian Tuxedo Invitational: Jorts and Skorts

Jorts and Skorts!
Saturday, March 30, 2013 - Sunday, March 31, 2013
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 60' x 100' outdoor courts on a parking lot

The Gainesville Bicycle Polo Club is proud to present the 2nd Annual Canadian Tuxedo Invitational, Jorts and Skorts.

This two day invitational will feature two full size courts and will be split between exhibition games and a randomized team tournament.

We like playing polo, we like to play casual pick up games and we also like getting totally psyched for competitive tournament play. For the Canadian Tuxedo Invitational we want to do both, so the invitational will have two components. First we want to host exhibition games, we want grudge matches, we want dream match ups, we want teams where everyone as the same name, we want Bob Delgado versus the world. The rest of the invitational will be a beer pull tournament. There will be three of a lot of beers you stick your hand in the cooler whatever you pull out that's your team for tournament.

We are also going to have shoot out tie breakers, maybe allow wrist shots and we'll probably make up some more silly rules too. Travis really wants penalty shots.

Registration is $10 a person (the liability insurance ended being WAY more expensive than we thought). You can pay day of or send $10 via paypal to TravisAdam@gmail.com.

In denim we trust.


United States

Signed up

Speaking on behalf of all Canadians, this is a true honour.


Thank you Nick, and thank you every Canadian for all the amazing contributions you have given the world.

Im gonna WIN!!!!!

will there be an official "registration"

Proud member of the Bike Dad Alliance of America.


As we get closer, yes. We're still waiting to see what the cost will be for insurance and what not, but consider yourself registered.

Alright dudes and dudettes here is the deal, we got to pay a sort of hefty insurance policy for the shenanigans planned this weekend so we got set a $10 per player registration fee. You didn't think something this good was going to be free did you? If you are only going to be playing for one day we'll let you only pay $5. You can send money via paypal if you like by sending the money to TravisAdam@gmail.com, or just pay when get here. One beer included with registration.

where's the demin shirt? dude needs a 3 piece.

Freedom Blocks all day!

That's not going to help you with wrist shots!

Charleston is ready to come and party hard. Ride the lightning!!!!!

Hell yeah!

For all you out of towners if you want a couch, or floor or yard to camp in please email canadiantuxedohousing@gmail.com. We should be able to accommodate everybody as long as you aint too picky.

jas wodie says he is lookin for a team

two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

Hey everybody, so we are going to have a pretty sick set up for the courts. We are building two 60' x 120' courts in the parking lot of a large warehouse (formerly the indoor fleamarket about to be threadpit headquarters). We are going to have people come in the back entrance. Here is a map with directions coming off Waldo road. The cement is rough though so if your a skidder make sure to bring an extra tire.

If anyone needs directions or just someone to listen you can call me 352-258-3368.