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The Battle for California Bench Minor

Friday, October 12, 2012 - Saturday, October 13, 2012
Host club: 
Capitol Bike Polo
Contact info: 
justinsimarro@gmail.com / (916) 871-9007
Court size: 
Tennis court

Some info may change

The Battle for California Bench Minor

City Based Teams

6-9 players per team

$10 donation per player or $60 cap per team

Single's are welcome!

Players from out of state are welcome!


Friday Oct. 12th from 5pm - 10pm we will have pick up games at Southside Park's tennis courts.

Saturday Oct. 13th we will have a single or double elimination bench minor, depending on how many teams we have will determine a single or a double.


Prizes from our sponsors! (Knog, Fixcraft, Chrome, Edible Pedal, Creamy Mallets and more)

The Battle for California Annual Trophy! (Hand crafted by our very own Sammy Nickles)


Southside Park
W & 6th
Sacramento, CA
United States

Signed up


Seriously? Right before the Westside Invite?


We are not far! You come here, then we go there. Since they are in our own cities it's as if we just traveled for one tournament : )

Sound logic for those whose universe consists of Sacramento and LA.

One thing to consider is an elimination tourneys of 4 or 8 teams are evenly balanced and easiest to manage. Fair random seeds are possible. With 3 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 9 (etc...) teams, there needs to be some type of seeding before you get to the final four. In other words, it's unbalanced and requires a little creativity.

Speaking for myself, I'm not leaving SF in September and making no commitments until October 1. First child expected around Labor Day. I'm really hoping I can do some of the fall tourneys as a loose cannon or whatever.

Awesome to see so many events! More polo is better polo. It may take a while before we have anything like a regular statewide series. Until then, Marco!

not to mention the 6+ hour drive aaaaaannnndddd it starts on friday at 5pm?

oh nvm, pick up starts at 5.... one day tourny? Meh..

Wait until you see this mean ass trophy Sam is making for the city winner to take back and claim California. I know you want some of that action Josh! HARDEN THE FUCK UP!!!


"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Hell yeah!! Sick poster by the way!

"We don't need no education"

Yeeeeeahhh, I want to play!! Sign me up as a free agent (from Lexington, but who will be relocating to Davis/Sac at the end of September... however that works :D ).

Crab shots.

jamelin ? count it

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Hah! What gave it away?? :)

(Switch the I for a Y and you've got it spelled right)

Crab shots.

It works like you are welcome to play with Davis if you would like to, and Davis would like that.

Hmmm..... how about I would love to, and count me in as a definite? Stoked!!

Crab shots.

Sign me up!

I'm in!!!

You gonna play for SF or SC?

As long as pick up lasts til sunrise and I don't have to fly to Europe in the morning, i'm in .................................actually scrub all those conditions and COUNT IT .

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Machine!!!!!! Yeeeeeeaaah! Full speed ahead to 4am adventures!

Crab shots.

leaving Europe in 2 hours, Party ON!!! has been extended til sunrise since Sacramento in case anyone didn't grt the memo. Tally Ho, Jamelyn

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Vegas should be driving out to the town that took our tournament virginity.
....you don't even call anymore!


And how often do you call your cousin?

I told Tsunami to call you guys! Great to hear you guys are coming out! See ya'll here!

the poster turned out amazing! we need a roll call---Sac...check, Vegas...check, Fresno/Visalia...check, Davis...check, SF...check, Santa Cruz/SLO...?, Ukiah...?, LA...? C'MON! we need you guys here, it's the Battle for California. call our reps, Tsunami or Shine. 6 weeks away, hope to see YOU ALL HERE!

UBP will try to make it as 3 peeps, but there should be some bodies there to jump on some team.

Ronnie, Holly, Devin in the house!

San Diego check....

We're trying to muster at least 6 for this here in SD. This sounds like a blast.

hell ya SDBP! it's gonna be a great one...

Hey dust I have a team already but if you guys put one together do you have room in the van for a socal brother?

brought to you by the good people at morningstar

YES! let's get a socal team up here! DOITDUS!

Woo Hoo! SDBP! Cant wait for this.

RBPC (Random Bastard Polo Children) shall be attending The Battle for California to make it shake without a quake.
C Murder, Joey Halverson , Brick , Susan Dabbles , Ace , Creamy , Brandon(SC), Brian Dillman(The Beaver Boys) and Machine.
See you at the joust.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Nice, Anyone else want to announce their full team? Thanks Machine And Ukiah Polo. We are trying to find out who is sleeping where...

Capitol Bike Polo

who's all going to sleep on the freeway this time? hahah!


Anyone in Sac that has a couch or a floor space I can crash on email me at brickpolo@gmail

brought to you by the good people at morningstar

3 more weeks!!!

We've got spots for folks, lodging will be sorted based on your level of rowdiness. Levels of rowdiness to be determined at the stroke of midnight...

Capitol Bike Polo

Heigh! Lookin' for a team... Anyone need a pissed-off Lefty who will play with a furious vengeance?

Lefty Bullshit!

YO, WHAT UP Y'ALL! I will be there and I'm currently a free agent...Some one pick me up!!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

we'll see ya here! 2.5 more weeks...

Scano and xian >when you are both posting about needing a team ..........it's time to form a team. Sf has at least 4 bench minor teams that can be mustered. Do it lads

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE


Its On!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!


Friday October 12th................registration and pick up
Saturday October 13th...........10am start time for the BATTLE. once the BATTLE ends, pick up ALL NIGHT!!!

Thing with Vegas have change.
I am positively coming.
I might need a team
also does anyone have a place in mind to rest my head and wheels at night.


extrasketchy wrote:

Thing with Vegas have change.
I am positively coming.
I might need a team
also does anyone have a place in mind to rest my head and wheels at night.

we expect loose cannons...hopefully a couple socal players and 2 or 3 of our friends from Ukiah Bike Polo. come up, we have room for visitors.

They changed again,
We will need to pick up two players
And we should have arrangements made for housing.


Vegas, How many people do you have?

So far, we have 4 people...

I have "room" for you guys. I got room for 2 If you need a soft place to sleep i have a couch and an inflatable matress ... if you bring a sleeping bag and pillow i have room for more on the floor space. lol. Hope that works. Its a 1 bedroom apt so it will be cozy

Sounds good to me, we should be getting in tonight around 8 or 9pm I hope. We'll see you there



Give 'em hell Coach.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Ok, so I can't really justify coming up unless I have a team. Any one got room for one more???? As my name suggests, I'm pretty awesome

Vegas will take you...

Only if we can make it rain and wear giant dollar bill chains around our necks...


DAM , THIS WAS AN AWESOME EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you missed this one dammm you.... it was my first bench minor, super fun ,crazy intense games.... the krew had a blast... your polo club's hospitality rocks!!! mad love shine, nickles,,ninja 2 TALL TOM! atumbomb. and the rest that made our visit cool!
4...... peDal jUnkies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU FOR THE POLO................... smash mallets with ya soon!!!!!!!!!!


would not have been the same without PEDALJUNKIES. thank you guys!

Damn those Random Bastard Polo Children!!!


Capitol Bike Polo thank you for raising the bar for the new Bench Minor format in California. We were honoured and delighted to participate in the first Battle for California alongside y'all.
Gr8 to see so many new faces on the scene and the quality of play of the 1 to 2 year veterans improving in leaps and bounds.
Having 6 teams show up for such an immense time is in itself priceless. Ya all know that next year there will be 10 or more.
Thanks to Fresno , Davis ,Vegas , Vicellia , Sf, Santa Cruz , Sac , Oaktown etc for a fantastic weekend. Lets do it again sooner.
Luv y'all . AnD thanx RBPC.

PS Herd the Cats and Harden the Fuck up . Next year will be massiver

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Thank you everyone for making it out to the First Annual Battle for California!

See you at the next Midnight Friendly!!!

A blasty blast this event was kickin! I really enjoyed the bench minor format of play and it was dope meeting you all. Make sure your ready to party come December for the CRANK GAMBLE in Las Vegas!!

Vegas had an excellent time. Not to mention the other club members that didn't make it out are super jealous.
Thanks Sac for hosting and letting us knuckle heads into your neighborhoods. See all of you in LA(Pomona)


brian dillman hasnt lost a bench format tounrament all year.