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the Battle for Middle West: Midwest Conference Championship

Saturday, April 7, 2012 - Sunday, April 8, 2012
Host club: 
Bloomington Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
135x80ft - the A court from MW9

A midwestern state versus state bench minor tournament.

The format will be (world cup style) group play. Two groups of four, you'll play round robin against the other three teams in your group. Top two from each group will play the top two teams from the other group, while the bottom teams will similarly play each other. *see diagram posted below*

Matches will be two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.

Teams of nine. One captain/coach (playing), eight players, and additionally one non-playing statistician. Feel free to declare/bring alternates but only 9 active players are allowed on the roster. It is up to the sole discretion of the captain to determine who is on the team. That captain can choose to have tryouts, a vote, a drinking contest, whatever, so long as you bring nine players from your state and one stats nerd. Though it is not a requirement, i hope the captains strive to include players from all the cities in your state that play polo. For example, i know chicago could easily fill their team with nine of their own but there's two other polo-playing cities that i'm sure would love to be included. Again, it's not mandatory, but if at all possible please try.

Uniforms are mandatory. They can be whatever you want, so long as everyone on your team is wearing the same color. To prevent disagreements over who wears what color we're going to randomly draw states and you'll choose your colors in that order. (so if Ohio goes first they can pick any color in the universe, if Kentucky goes second they can pick any color but Ohio's, et cetera)

Housing. We will most likely be able to house players only. We'll try to obtain a hotel discount for those wanting that option. It should be fairly warm so if you're down with backyard camping please let us know.

No prizes, only glory.


RCA Park
1400 W. RCA Park Dr.
Bloomington, IN
United States

Signed up

send your questions requests and hate mail to wardenofthewoods@gmail.com

...and as far as the draw for group play and color selection goes, we've actually already done it. we took a cue from the MKE bruiser drawing and made a video (though it's crappier). travis (sideshow bob) is editing it down and we'll post it here soon.

Just curious, what made you decide to make the teams state-based rather than city (or two city) based? I understand that some of the smaller clubs would have trouble fielding teams, but why not just pair them up with another (maybe older/better) club and let them make one team? I think states like Wisconsin with two cities that could have easily fielded two different but still great teams are going to have difficulty narrowing it down to one team.

I'm not sure that wisconsin could actually field two teams. Both cities struggle to 6 people out each week.

Variety, fun, and a history of state based rivalries. This all grew from a row of Michigan/Indiana shit-talking.

Pairing cities like you're talking about is kinda the point of using states versus cities. For instance MO will be a combination of STL and COMO. Same for KY- LEX and LOU will have to work together. In indiana we have four clubs but they're all smaller and younger. This forces us to work together and find the best players. Ohio will have to do the same thing... Will Wisconsin have difficulty narrowing it down? Maybe, but that's the reality of the format. Let's have fun with it now and complain afterwards.

Fuck yes.

We made that pissing contest into a much bigger pissing contest.

I can piss father than you can!

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

that and i dont know about only one team coming from KY...

keeping polo sinful.

MAn after not being at polo due to being swamped with school, I feel so out of the loop, but I WILL be in for this

can someone at least make a trophy for this thing?

I could make something, I'll have access to the metal shop this semester. I could make a cup, but only if it is put up to be won again and not just tossed on somebody's mantle.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

while you're at it the local kids keep destroying out plastic goals. Wanna hook up something a little sturdier?

sure, that kind of frame is pretty simple to make but i am not sure when i'd have time to do it. like the Lex goals? my personal favorite. You might have to come pick 'em up though, i'm sans car. how many would you need? four? six? depending on what kind of pipe/tubing you want would influence the cost, basic carbon steel with a OD of 1.5" to 2" ish would be ideal I think. If you drop the wall thickness it would also drop the the price, you should need anything like 1/4" wall, and they would weigh a ton. Probably .188" wall or the next step down which i think is .065" wall would be ok i think. When i'm bored at work I'll try and remember to call Alro Metal Supply in Jackson, MI to get a quote on the material, and i'll dig up that design that Pat from Lex posted up here for his design of the Lex goals to get a idea how many feet of steel you would need per goal. shoot me an email if you want to talk about it more.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

sweet, so this year i will win it with ohio and then next year with kentucky.

are you selecting the captains or are you leaving that up to the states to decide in their own way?

ah yeah i should've included this in the original post. basically the captains are the primary organizer for each state. every one of em is well respected and will make decisions that are best for their team/state (including designating a different captain if they feel someone else is more qualified/motivated). this way we were able to move forward with the tourney and the teams could work it out amongst themselves.

michigan - adam say
illinois - ben shultz
kentucky - the cardinal
minnesota - sven
wisconsin - capt jake
ohio - peter brown
missouri - ben simon
indiana - me

Frodo Schultz, whether by my life or death I can protect you, you have my sword.

Is michigan really in the midwest?

Shouldn't lucky be the coach for illinois and missouri?

for realzzz it is

fuck yeah.

the Battle for Middle West drawing from Travis Davies on Vimeo.

minnesnowta ha ha ha. made my day.

sup missouri. i'll be inside you again soon. so pick me up and i'll give you a solid b+ showing and plenty of hugs.

whats the reffing situation for this?

I'd prefer a topless chick on roller blades, but that's just me.



we need two reliable volunteers.

i've put some feelers out, but as you can imagine it's difficult. all the midwestern players with enough experience and gall to ref will most likely be playing in the event. i see it working out one of three ways...

(1) we import a referee from out of region. maybe lomax or pete is willing to make the trip, or some west coaster has money to burn and wants to rile up the midwest for a weekend.

(2) we select a few refs from the players that aren't actively playing. for example use someone from illinois when michigan plays indiana, or someone from missouri when ohio plays kentucky.... but this option is open to (potential) conflict of interest. this could be mitigated by selecting players/refs from the other group.

(3) lucky comes out of retirement (stays in retirement?) to wear the zebra stripes. washington never wanted to be president- which is why he made such a good one ;)

Lomax is the biggest stickler for the rules that I know. I'm for that. someone just has to keep his bike and mallet locked up til its over though.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

x2. i already have been burying his heart 6 feet under by conversating with him about how he can't play in it, but he can come watch. it actually would be legit for him to come.

when pigs fly.

By the way, Iowa has a couple of clubs and they became part of the Midwest recently. I know 9 teams will make your life a lil harder Zach but maybe send an invite? Wouldn't mind seeing some new faces.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

I'd love to include every state in the union but logistically it's just not possible. BM in chicago only had six teams and it still took two full days. Plus the format is perfectly balanced to play and place 8 teams...if it were 9 we'd have to come up with a totally different (and less effective) format.

...and not offense to Iowa, but Kansas and Manitoba already have dibs if anyone bows out.

and i'm not heartless i really do wanna meet the iowa players. there'll be hundreds of tourneys next year, i hope we cross paths soon!

We've had them up to Minneapolis, they are nice guys. Can't wait to see what a year has done to their enthusiasm and skills.

note: missouri selected white (with a tbd accent color) and ohio chose brown flannel. yup, brown flannel.

that orange isnt blaze enough....

michigan will have red jerseys with white lettering and maybe some white trim. in case you've never seen a detroit red wings jersey.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Brown flannel..... my head is going to fall off from how much it is twisting back in forth in dissapointment, yet kind of stoked about it. we are going to look like a team of lumberjacks. the beards in ohio, this side of the equinox, pair nicely with that fabric choice.

when pigs fly.

I say Chicago gets light blue, Minn gets Purple, just makes sense!

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

Drunk at 5pm Tucker!?

Good job.


If you can dream it, you can do it!

lol brown. i knew it.

Due to the large number of interested players for this, how do people feel about making this eight teams of twelve instead of nine. That way we don't have a large number of interested players left out like we did with BM2. And it will make it easier for GMs to include more players from younger clubs within their state. What say you?

it is hard enough to get all 9 players decent playing time in this format. if i had organized it it would have been 8 players max maybe even 7 from each city.
i mean you could open it up to 12 players on a team but the chances of the 4th line playing much if at all would be low. the purple team at BM2 didnt even play all their players in the final couple games and they had 9 all stars on that team.

this. i thought 9 was being accommodating!

i actually prefer 6 player teams with 2x20 halves (bench micro?), but we're all still playing around with the new format and i think 9/2x25 is reasonable for a state team (as opposed to city).

If you could set up a secondary court on the tennis courts, depending on how much extra effort this would be for you guys, it would be pretty cool to let players who don't make the main event to host a self-organized and self-regulated minor leagues tournament over there. Even make it draft based so players could come even if their city doesn't allow for 2 whole teams.

You'd make a lot of people happy and increase spectators. But I know it means more work to house people and take care of people and shit. Think about it at least.

maybe i didn't include this in the initial post, but we already planned on setting up a second court for pickup and team practice. we're using all the good boards for the oversized A court, so the bonus court was just gonna be 1 ft boards on a 120x60 semi-fenced tennis surface.

if people not playing in the main event want to organize some sort of impromptu bench event of their own- that's fine by me! i figured it would just be for pickup (as it will not be a tournament quality court by any degree) but i want as many people to come and enjoy themselves as possible, so if that's something people are interested in email me and lets make it happen.


If there were 12 people on a team, people would hardly break a sweat due to their limited playing time.

In the future, we should have longer games and shorter benches.

/my tiny opinion

some people gotta keep the bench warm....

Whether I'm on the MO team or not, I'll be in attendance for moral support...which will consist of drinking and screaming. I encourage all states to bring moral support that knows how to party.

Could whoever is in charge of rules for this thing please contact me?

Looks like South Central in ATX is now the same dates.... wawawawa

yeah i was just informed of that at the lockin. really sucks cause myself and others were planning on playing south-central this year.

i'm sure they have their reasons, but we did make our date know plenty ahead of time... just sayin'.

But only 10 out-of-region teams can register for South Centrals, correct?

I'd rather compete in region.

I say move it. I really wanted to go to Austin too


from experience don't budge on your dates. You will never win trust me. No offense to ATx but there courts are shit anyway.


kremin speaks the truth. im not lying when i say they are on par with our courts ... minus the sliding/crumbling athletic surface but just as many cracks gaps and general not niceness. the polar opposite of the oasis you all have at RCA.

keeping polo sinful.

i'm not going to austin and i don't care either way. i say fuck everything and just cancel it. i'm hungover and mad at the world.

talk shit and burn bridges

sounds like they might move the dates again for south centrals, Good call Krem


I surveyed the captains and they overwhelming voted to keep the date as is.

April 7-8th, Bloomington, Indiana.

(sidenote: pickup/court construction on friday the 6th)

i changed my mind, even thought south centrals changed the date i'm going to austin now during this weekend just to avoid the douche baggery.

talk shit and burn bridges

Team Wisconsin: Capt. Jake, Brian, Kremin, Burge,Guthrie, Pierre, Jonny, Matt Robertson, Lodi.

you can just hand us the trophy now boys....

Team Missouri: squeaky brakes.

You're fucked.

What about Birdie? Are there going to be any ladies in this tourney?!

Midwest is best!!

I heard a rumor there was one on a team... Not Missouri.

Bike polo is the rollerblading of 2012

I'm betting Meg Lee made the MPLS team

Wouldn't you like to know!

idk! today is kentuckys tryouts so maybe they will have some ladies...non of the ladies got on in cincinnati and were the only ones in ohio...

what are the rules on residency requirements?

http://www.facebook.com/pdelamare2 -- dude lives in Washington.

I guess Vince is on the Missouri team, ya'll.

for real though. i would love to play against a Wisconsin team that includes pierre, but the state rules are there for a reason.

last summer nick kruse lived and worked in massachusetts, but still was enrolled at mizzou and would have been included on a missouri state team. is this situation similar, or something else? just curious to have that explained...

He still has a lease here in madison, he is just doing a three month internship in DC that is finishing up in april

Pierre is doing an internship in DC. He still hails from Wisconsin.

Then we get dillman, he's just living in mke.

He hails from Minnesota motherfucker!!

Id rather space dock

oh god, I should not have googled that.


C'mon, Aren. Don't embarrass yourself/us.

what you don't like yokes?

Good to see the favored team, Milwaukee, is breaking the rules to retain their grip. Means they're scurred.

i disagree that we are breaking any rules.

Pierre is all good.

i disagree that milwaukee is a state

it is a state of mind....

Kentucky roster just posted: not a single player from Louisville (I'm not counting Matt B), and even fewer reasons why. There also appears to be quite a bit of fallout judging from the Facebook comments. Our state feels a lot more divided now. How are you other states fairing out there?

Chicago will be hosting Decatur and Dekalb next weekend for tryouts, and we've never had all of Illinois polo in one place before. So it seems like, for us anyway, this will actually create some ties that weren't previously there. We're going to be as open and objective about the tryouts as we can.

We let the polo Gods make the picks. We sacrificed a rusted old Huffy, a 30 blaster of PBR, and a virgin lumberjack and the Gods let their will be known.

Bike Polo Ronin

I'd like to petition the courts that "Lexington, KY" be the designation for "KY" on any and all literature regarding The Battle for Middle West from this point on.

talk shit and burn bridges

i forgot to post the Indiana team. we did our "state combine" in the bitter cold a couple weeks ago... players from all four polo playing cities in indiana!


"players from all four polo playing cities in indiana"

I'm confused by your logic... you mean you actually included players from other cities in your state for your state wide team?

Chris, see what they did there? I think they actually were going for state versus state. Oh well, maybe next time.

talk shit and burn bridges

3 Blmgtn, 3 Lafayette, 2 FTW, 1 Indy. Not a bad spread.

9 Lexington, 0 Louisville ... that's a bad spread.

keeping polo sinful.

Louisville- "We don't take polo seriously", the guys who get so drunk at all maybe 5-10 tournaments they have been to they cant even get on there bikes.

I held tryouts and everyone started at a 0 and you got a score on different areas in polo. The top numbers made the team. I am really sorry that I picked the best polo players.

Kentucky has 2 cities that play polo, Louisville started playing several years after Lexington did. So Lexington naturally has experienced, better players.

Sorry again guys, I guess now you cant come to the tournament and get really drunk and not play like you do at the tournaments you have been to in the past




lobp has a like button now

Wow, you've really shown your true colors Chris. Enjoy it. Next time Jared decides to kick your ass I suppose we (Louisville) will stand back and let it happen like all your friends in Lexington... given we're not too drunk and can even stand up, which is highly likely.

talk shit and burn bridges

That was a joke of course. I would never stand idle while one drunken idiot beat the shit out of another drunken idiot. That said, Louisville players are the ones with the drinking problem? Fucking jocks.

talk shit and burn bridges

sigh. i was really trying to stay out of this Chris, because i've known you way longer than just polo.

the only reason this got to be an issue was that the obvious intent of this tourney was to promote unity, blah blah blah, amongst states. the other states made an effort to include others from their state, even if they werent the best. that being said, if you didnt think we made the cut, then so be it. its fucking bike polo.

oh that, and the fact that jared made the team after not playing for a year and punching you in the face. that was a little confusing.

keeping polo sinful.

sigh. i was really trying to stay out of this Chris, because i've known you way longer than just polo.

the only reason this got to be an issue was that the obvious intent of this tourney was to promote unity, blah blah blah, amongst states. the other states made an effort to include others from their state, even if they werent the best. that being said, if you didnt think we made the cut, then so be it. its fucking bike polo.

oh that, and the fact that jared made the team after not playing for a year and punching you in the face. that was a little confusing.

keeping polo sinful.

sigh. i was really trying to stay out of this Chris, because i've known you way longer than just polo.

the only reason this got to be an issue was that the obvious intent of this tourney was to promote unity, blah blah blah, amongst states. the other states made an effort to include others from their state, even if they werent the best. that being said, if you didnt think we made the cut, then so be it. its fucking bike polo.

oh that, and the fact that jared made the team after not playing for a year and punching you in the face. that was a little confusing.

keeping polo sinful.

sigh. i was really trying to stay out of this Chris, because i've known you way longer than just polo.

the only reason this got to be an issue was that the obvious intent of this tourney was to promote unity, blah blah blah, amongst states. the other states made an effort to include others from their state, even if they werent the best. that being said, if you didnt think we made the cut, then so be it. its fucking bike polo.

oh that, and the fact that jared made the team after not playing for a year and punching you in the face. that was a little confusing.

keeping polo sinful.

Yeah, I agree with the Jared comment for sure... and a lot of Lex folks have questioned it as well. Since Jared has been back there have been no issues, but I don't necessarily feel that he has proven or even had the time to prove that he's changed (positive attitude on and off the court being one of the tryout criteria). That being said, Chris also stated that if Jared, or anyone for that matter, decides to show their ass, then they will be immediately kicked off the team.

What. No mooning allowed?! ; )

Midwest is best!!

this isn't going to be a reason for us not to play with you guys Chris, at least not for me. some people might not want to visit, but damn, our courts are terrible and it would be a shame to be children about this and not play in Lex ever again.

keeping polo sinful.

polo drama's the best kind of drama!

this is hilarious keep it coming guys maybe next year there will be a captain from Louisville

@ Travis from Bloomington did you guys pick the best polo players in the state?


Serious question for Louisville folks: do you feel that you had players that were better than those Chris decided to pick for the team? Even if the answer is no to this first question, do you think that Louisville still deserved to have players on the team? If I were a captain, I would be trying to put together the best team rather than the one that best represents the state, but that's just me.

In all honesty, I wasn't even there so I'm obviously not the right person to answer that. That said, there were people there from both Louisville and Lexington that agree Chris' choices are slighted.

I'm all for captain being captain and his choices stand, akin to a referee's deciscion on the pitch is final, but when it's poorly done I'm going to call bullshit on the bullshitter.

talk shit and burn bridges

I didn't pick the team! I just made it. But Indiana's skill levels are all pretty similar so we opted to have at least all cities rep'ed. I ain't hatin' btw. This is between y'all Hatfield's and McCoy's

got to stay true to my TRU colors ;)


I know this sounds bad as a captain but... i am wondering if i missed where the official bench minor rules are posted, particularly regarding subbing. following the ones posted on hardcourtbikepolo?

The ruleset is currently being updated and will include rules specific to the bench format. I'll be getting it to the captains as soon as it's finished. For now if you have any specific questions just shoot me an email.

I did a "bullshit" job a according to Jimmy who was not there

I'm over it


Cardinal wrote:

I'm over it


keeping polo sinful.


talk shit and burn bridges

Minnesota has a team!

Mr. Do (MPLS), Wade (MPLS), Sven (MPLS), Meg Lee (MPLS), Jeff (MPLS), Ebbin (MPLS), Aren (MPLS), Aaron (Mankato), Nick D/me (MPLS)

Our team was put together by committee. For states who held tryouts, I'd be interested in hearing how they were run.

not sure who the committee was ?

and you know this man.

Sven & I picked 3 more players, then those 5 picked the remaining 4.

Michigan's roster will be posted as soon as it is finalized, we had some conflicting events for some players that unfortunately cannot make it. When the slots are filled then I will post it.

And if anybody is wondering there were no try-outs, I picked players. But seeing how Michigan only has two clubs it really was pretty clear who should be on the team. I did travel to Grand Rapids two weeks in a row to scout. Everything was weighed (skill, experience, attitude on and off the court mainly) and I made my picks.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

2 from Cincinatti, 2 from Dayton, 3 from Columbus, and 2 from Cleveland. I am happy with how it turned out and I think Ohio's best players will be representing. I'm glad to be on the team. Sucks about Kentucky but at the end of the day, it's the captain's call. I'm glad that Peter opted for the system he did. With 4 polo clubs, it was easier to give each city 2 spots and let them hold their own tryouts.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Names or GTFO.

Dana, Elton(Dayton)
Alan, Mike T.(Cincinatti)
Peter, David, Matt T.(Columbus)
Lou, Me(Cleveland)


If you can dream it, you can do it!

no chris, quinn, or lee???

you know you can bring a couple alternates, right?

i'm wearing brown flannel anyways.

Already made plans to go elsewhere for the weekend. See everyone @ Riverside.

when pigs fly.

Missouri is going to party in STL on Friday night, the 6th of April, and ride bicycles until late into the night and the 9 people who stay up the latest will earn their spot in the tournament on Saturday morning.

that's exactly what i'd expect from you guys!


alright guys, it's getting close. if you haven't already decided your team roster, do it soon.

if you need housing email me at wardenofthewoods@gmail.com and let me know exactly how many people you're bringing, if you're willing to camp, and any other preferences. If you can afford a hotel please try to get one! we'll do our best to find accommodations but you'll most likely end up sleeping on a floor (most in bloomington are wooden, by the way, so bring air mattresses if ya got em).

we're also asking for $20/player. this covers the cost of renting the park, a few new boards, and food for both days. it would be easiest if each captain could collect the money from their team then paypal it to us, but if for some reason that's not possible let me know. also, if there's anyone experiencing financial hardship, please don't hesitate to send me a personal message and we can work something out. while it takes money to put these tournaments on, no one should ever be excluded because of inability to pay.

Keepin' it classy Bloomington. You guys are tops, cya in a few weeks.

maybe the $20 bucks will scare people off and i'll land a position since i just found out i don't have to work that weekend. (i'll be a goon)-i would be one of the worst goons in bike hockey. lol....maybe should get back to drinking or school work.

IOWA, maybe one day, an invitation would be nice. even the LA Clippers get a shot.

Just because I have a beard does not mean that I do not crush a lot.

/edit Sheesh I'm an idiot. Posted in the wrong thread.

You guys should put on a friendliess so we can come see what Iowa is all about. I'd love to come up and play.


This town is pretty lame, I really just bitch because I have nothing better to do and it is more out of anger of my hometown and the Type A americans that live around here.

Just because I have a beard does not mean that I do not crush a lot.

I-80 truck stop tourney!!!

Silverback, come to the bench match, bring your bikes, meet us. I'd be glad to have you here. We're trying to have a separate court set up for practice/pickup. I've never met you but what better time than when all the states around you are all in one little Indiana city?

Oh man two weeks!


Hows about that rule set? finished yet?

can i get a head count on who is excited ?

gem city
diagonal text

So excited! This is going to be such a fun weekend.

To anyone curious the event is going to be fully broadcast on UStream. details / links will come in the next few days.

--Anyone who is actually interested in how this will work may continue to read.--

VIDEO(1): We are using nice camera (JVC GZ-HD3) mounted to a tripod at center court on top of 1 tier of scaffolding. The camera's video stream will go straight into Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder on a computer, which will compress the audio and video and send it straight out to uStream (this will allow us to take full advantage of all bandwidth possible). There will always be a camera operator to swivel back and fourth, and zoom when needed (just like a basketball game).

AUDIO(3): There will be a gun mic (30deg. FOV microphone) on top of the camera to catch the best audio from the court that we can. Also there will be 2 COMMENTATORS Microphones running. These three microphones will send into a small mixer which will then go into the computer.

^^COMMENTATORS is CAPS because we don't actually have any dedicated commentators for this event, it is All Open!!! So I encourage and ask those of you who are slightly more entertaining then the rest, while you're not on the court next weekend, join us up in the scaffolding and give us your two cents of whats going down on the court.

if you're interested in commentating shoot tyler or myself an email. while we want to make this an entertaining show for the people at home, we can't exactly have 20 people climbing up on the media scaffolding... let us know when you think you'll be available to help and we'll schedule you a slot!

So what's the word on this Ustream biznass? Hotlink me those gigabits!


it's on

Seriously, if you haven't sent in your teams registration money, do it! Our Parks Dept is really pushing us for the $$$ up front.

Paypal it to me @ travofcville@yahoo.com

Captains, please round it up tonight. Paypal transfer to our bank account takes 3 days.

Here is the schedule of events for the weekend. Print it off, or save it on your space phone or something. Have it all weekend.


schedule AND ruleset posted here...


thanks again to all my rules committee boys who helped get version 2.0 done in time for this event!!!

...when you check out the sunday schedule make sure to note what the last match of the day is ;)

Will there be a rules discussion before games start?

You guys added a lot of new rules. I'm not sure how many of them will be called, and would like to know beforehand what I'll get in trouble for.

Like a scoop pass, if I send a lob down court to my teammate will I get a penalty? It seems to me like I would since the ball goes above my handlebar.

not much was added, it's more about codifying things and giving them a name.

you can scoop pass without swinging yr mallet wildly in the air. above the handlebars is the "rule of thumb" to gauge whether or not it's dangerous. if you're scooping and no one is around you and yr mallet happens to go a little above the bars- no big deal, ref's have discretion for a reason. but if you're throwing a ball in heavy traffic and yr mallet is flailing above yr head- yeah that's dangerous and you'll get called.

rules discussion: how about friday night at the Atlas? we'll all be hanging out there anyway so that seems like a better time to discuss things as opposed to 8am saturday right before matches start...

Already you've made it clear that I read that line the wrong way. I thought the reference to above the bars was concerning the ball not the mallet. This makes more sense. I like the high sticking rules and bike on bike changes. For a little while there I thought we were all gonna get penalties for lifting the ball.

No bike on bike.

Also, if you didn't come to MWBPC9 here in Bloomington last year, you may want to watch a video I made showing how to navigate the little neighborhood the park is in.


Well, after a few pull-outs and injuries I have eight fieldable players.

Big Matt-AA
'lil Jim-AA

I was trying to get a close to balanced squad in terms of cities or origin but that went out the window. Matt-GR cut his hand open something fierce, and now I'm pulling double shifts on the first and third lines, and my standard two teammates bailed. See you guys on Friday for a beer.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

see everyone all weekend for a shitload of beers

We're bringing seven or eight extra players. If you need one of them to put on a jersey and be movie extras let us know.

Thanks for the offer, but I bet it's just a ploy to gank some of our soon to be prized jerseys. We don't need extra players anyways, we'll do more with less.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

4.1.3 Knocking the ball into the net with any part of the body or bike is not a shot

does this mean you can't strike the ball into your own wheel and turn your wheel to bounce it into a goal?

if you or someone shoots it into your wheel and your wheel moves to direct it, its good.

if the ball is just open and rolling and you "Rad Ball Style" shoot it into the goal, no goal.

ok thanks

don't forget about the previous two sections, though. they cover this question:

4.1.1 A shot is when momentum is added to the ball or the direction of the ball is changed by the narrow, circular surface of the mallet head.
4.1.2 Momentum added to the ball as a result of “kicking” it with the wheel by quickly
turning the handlebars is not a shot.

so what that means is the momentum has to come from the 'business end' of your mallet. if you tap it toward your wheel with your stick and then bang it in with the wheel, that's 4.1.2 and no goal. if it started as a valid shot off your mallet and deflects off of your wheel and is redirected into the net, it's a goal. but you can't "pinball flip" it or anything like that, it has to be a neutral deflection.

Distinct kicking motion? Send the clip to Toronto.

EDIT: I think the bigger issue is whether these rules forbid a deflection off the body. says “Incidental deflections NOT falling under §§4.1.2-4.1.4 which enter the net are valid goals.”

4.1.3 says “Knocking the ball into the net with any part of the body or bike is not a shot.”

So then an "incidental deflection" that does fall under 4.1.3 is not a goal. The only question is whether "knocking" is to be interpreted to mean "adding momentum."

Generally, I think 3.2.5 and section 4 need to be given a little polish to better deal with own goals and deflections.

yes! but replace Toronto with New York. i'll happily review video and adjudicate on all "kicking motion" questions. just one of the many services i am willing to provide to the polo community!

seriously though (although i was actually serious up there), there are definitely going to be some close calls here, but the rule is the rule because it makes sense. when it's close, judgement calls are going to need to be made by goal judges and referees. it's probably going to get called wrong at least once, and without multiple angles of high-def slow-motion video review, there will be cases where we will just never know if the call on the court was right or wrong. this isn't the only rule for which there's a possibility of a wrong call being made. it's a fast game, and we're all humans, and sometimes we're going to fuck up, but the rule is written as it should be, and the refs and goal judges will call them as they see them, end of story.

EDIT: yes "knocking" is meant to be interpreted as adding momentum. "knocking" is a verb that you do, as the player. deflecting is the thing the ball does, as the ball. one of those is a goal and the other isn't. basically, you have to score with your stick. you can't score by knocking (adding momentum to) the ball into the net. if it, in the course of doing its business behaving as a ball behaves, bounces off of your body or your bike or your wheel and goes into the net, then it's a goal. but you can't help it with anything except the business end of your stick.

did that help?

10-4. To be clear, I totally support this effort to refine the rule set, and I think the people involved have done an excellent job.

The wheel-kick is discouraged because if your wheel become a legitimate scoring device, then you're inviting people to play the ball aggressively when it's close to your wheel which is going to lead to unsafe plays.

I'm so excited to eat at Wee Willie's again, I love Bloomington!

ugh, really? try the Runcible Spoon instead [412 e. 6th st]. lots of really good breakfast foods..

How dare you, sir!

We shall settle this with a duel, chicken fried steaks at dawn.

Here's the forecast for Sat/Sun. Looks like some real good polo weather!

just in case you weren't excited enough



I have such a raging clue right now.


i'm so excited. i think i just peed my pants, but not a lot. My bike is starting to talk to me, again. maybe the meds were doing something after all. "Adam, when are we going to play polo?". me thinking- WHAT THE FUCK, YOU ARE A BIKE. YOU CAN'T TALK. "I can hear your thoughts, Adam. It would be better to just go play polo now." me - ok, ok. let go play polo, just don't hurt me of fry my brain with your fancy bike lasers. Anybody bringing a power drill? I might have to drill all this out of my head before I play.

See you guys tomorrow.

"You said we are going to play polo, Adam."


Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Start with the eyes.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

good luck guys and gals, Fort Wayne polo, go kick some tang!!!!

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"Go back to polo!" said the voice, "Go back to polo!"
Shut up voice in my head. "You suck at it anyways, dumbass."
Shut up other voice in my head! Why can't you just listen like all the others do?
And no, no more pretzels.

what's up with you weirdo ann arbor guys? go do some math equations

If you are coming into town this afternoon, we will be at RCA Park building the courts until dinner time I'm betting. If you have any questions feel free to call your housing host and/or myself at 812-219-9613

And for Bob,

We like to battle! We like, we like to battle!

Ohio you are staying at Bruce's house. I'm sure you're already packin the Venga Boys...so use it.

Chicago's got somethin' to tell Bob, yes we've got news for him. Just wait.

Bruce's house better be a mansion with my own personal suite. Or shits gonna get homo, (no homo) bro.

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is there pickup tonight?

the court will be done around 5:30 so just come to the park already!

The vengabus is coming and everybody's running.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

We Are Live at the courts and the tournament is underway!!

If there are technical difficulties, the cameraman does have view of the ustream chat box, so please post anything there if the stream is fucked up / etc.

Good luck to everyone, Go WI!


text travis, tyler brown, or i if there's any problems...

We're back on ustream now for the rest of the day til we finish the tournament!

any round robin standings?

lack of updates/standings/brackets is unacceptable. it takes one person with a smart phone and 5 minutes to inform the poloverse.

Not sure if this is the final game,
Missouri -3
Half time

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Thanks for the ustream. That was a damn good show.

1st WI
2nd MO
3rd MN
4th IL

Got every game from today (sunday) recorded on ustream except for 1? (and i forget which insignificant match it was. If you want to see the best footage from the tournament over all, watch the earlier (not the first place game) WI vs MO match, some really fun shit happened that game and it was a sweet match. If you want to be entertained watch KV vs MI there was a fair bit of entertaining commentary during that game.

way to go for starting to stream this, future of polo events...

Tyler, you killed it this weekend. Thank you so much!


now repeating on bikepolo.tv if you missed anything


This was an amazing weekend. Not just in fun times and good friends, but i really feel like we took polo to the next level. Every state organized a bit differently, but every state came together, solidified their style, and put on some of the best polo i've ever seen!

Wisconsin you killed it. Proved, yet again, why yr the best in the world and have to walk around with a target on yr back. Jonny thanks again for the amazing steaks on saturday night! Kremin dillman guthrie jake you guys are fuggin fun as hell, say safe on yr trip out east this weekend!

Missouri what can i say- you guys epitomize team spirit! STL/COMO united was quite a site too behold. Too bad charlie fucked his wrist up or this whole weekend could've turned out differently. jake ben lee anchovie nick fran rose hill kruse... seriously y'all fucking rule i love having you around! jake that barking was priceless!

Big ups to Minnesota for showing up early and helping construct the court, playing amazingly, and helping me chill out sunday night.. plus i think Ally and Alex gave you guys a new team cheer! I am however pissed that y'all lied to my face about the trophy. Ebbin/Aryn your poker faces sucked, but when the whole team said you didn't have it i believed you. Guess i won't make that mistake again.

Illinois, we're coming for you! owned you for 30 minutes, just not the last 10. matt that game was fun as hell, glad you brought the hurt!

BIG THANKS MY INDIANA FAMILY! without stas robbie and drew this thing wouldn't of happened. bryan for helping hold the team together, tyler for bringing midwest polo into the television age, jeremy jas andrea betsy for all the food, crow jack and erik for yr construction skills.. travis and evan for being there way before this event was even an idea- and i know you'll be there even after everyone is gone. i love you all.

i could go on and on but i just too tired at the moment. I'll get those team photos up asap.

First off, helluva tourney. Well hosted and well played by the host club.

Regarding the theft of the trophy: this was a ONE man act. A man who, in many respects, resembles Dr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde. In fact, I picture him like a werewolf the morning after a full moon; he awakens naked in the woods dirty sweaty & bloody, straddling the trophy. "What have I done" he thinks.."What the fuck do I do now?"

Not all of us were aware of what happened in time to do any lying. Personally, I am not happy that this was brought upon me & my team. (I would like to be pre-informed of pranks that involve my reputation and risk the safety of my belongings in the future, as possible targets of retaliation).

Rest assured, this will be handled internally. I did not lie to you, Zach, or Capt Jake and am not happy to be labeled as such. And I mostly feel bad for whomever put the hard work in to build the gorgeous trophy.

But I'm not gonna let this stupidity ruin the fact that MN came together as a team and beat IL in a rematch game to house 3rd fucking place! Taste the hotdish, chi-town!

Hot. Dish.

a minnesota werewolf!?!? at least he only has to take it 1 state over! and robbie from ft wayne, in made it. dude is tight with metal work

a minnesota werewolf!?!? at least he only has to take it 1 state over! and robbie from ft wayne, in made it. dude is tight with metal work

we'll only burn his house down, dont worry mr. do.

thanks Dustin. nick d cleared everything up for me... i'm actually kinda happy it was just one guy and not yr whole club. no love lost between us... wisconsin on the other hand feels a bit differently.

by the way your guys sunday night celebration was awesome!!! you guys really came together as a team and exemplified everything this tourney was about.

I'm a little envious and looking forward to the day when well-organized bench tourneys happen in California. The court looked amazing.

Well done!

Make it happen. It's easy, I'm willing to help.

so what really happened to the trophy?

u mad bro?

Jeff from MPLS took it. Ive already tried to contact robbie boardz for a dick of the week nomination.

I just got done tallying all the stat cards. Turns out each team had one person who put in double digit goals.
Ohio - Quinn 10
Minn - Nick D 12
Illinois - Brian 13
Wisc - Jonny 17
Mich - Adam 17
Ind - Travis 17
Mo - Kruse 17
And the top scorer of the weekend by a whole 1 point - Nick McLean of Lex with 18 goals.

Zachary's going to make a spreadsheet with all the information in the coming days and we will release the full stats.


Keep your standards low, and morale high.

we did not keep stats for 2 games. we had more important things to do like win. just saying add like 6-8 more goals for jonny, and kremin and pierre may have also had double digit totals.

yeah same for our team. we didnt have stats for at least two games.

I had 23 goals for the tourney.

stats were spotty at best.

plus i don't think there's a stat sheet for Wisconsin from the final match, so you're probably right.

Thank You Bloomington!

Great job putting this on Bloomington, it looked like a true club effort.

I'm just starting to feel human again after this amazing weekend. Once again the court was awesome, and so was the weather this time. Much better than the face full of snow on my way to school today.

Thanks to Travis and Jasmine for putting up the whole Michigan team and showing us all a damn good time. Jasmine the meals at the Spoon were awesome, it was really nice to just sit back with a beer and a great burger after a hard day of playing in such a welcoming place. Travis thanks for giving up your own bed for a bunch of hacks from the mitten, and keeping us honest on the court too.

To all the teams, everyone looked great. Next year I hope to have a bench that can have a little more poison and chemistry.

See most of you for spring break pt.II in Lexington at the end of the month.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.


sorry again to everyone for the lack of lights, things ending too late on saturday and too early on sunday. gonna talk with the parks dept about future possibilities.

at least we still had our all-star game... in the form of streetball!

Thank you Bloomington. Had a blast. Who is G. Fong? He shoots 3's all day!. B-Ball made my weekend. Thanks!

Raise your hand if you had a good time. Raise both hands if you had a great time

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i am raising two bare feet.

Hey Bloomington! Awesome job this weekend way to start a new tradition and make sure everyone had a kick ass time. Also did any one find a silver bell sweep helmet cleaning up?


I got the stat sheets from Zach and are entering them slowly but surely. They will appear in this google docs folder when done.

MN and IL are done. Every team will have all 5 games entered along with totals for the tournament. Look at the bottom of the page for the different worksheets in the speadsheet.

/edit Indiana added to the folder
Kentucky added
Missouri added
Michigan added


still wanting to do this again in the fall (currently looking for hosts) and willl probably be tweaking the format for future events (we all learned a lot this first time around). more to come, but for now if you have any ideas or opinions or especially if you wanna host this in the fall hit me up - polovelobloomington@gmail.com

club based rather than state based...?

The Midwest region as it stands now has way too many clubs. I could see us splitting up into separate divisions and doing club v. club tournaments, but this state based thing was a lot of fun, and I think it would be cool if that continued along with club v. club play.

Bike Polo Ronin

There is a good solution that is being discussed currently. It guarantees the same sort of inclusion, and arguably even more competitiveness. Stay tuned for more news come May.

What are you, guy? The "stay tuned", build the hype, movie-trailer-voice-over dude? All like, "I know something you don't know, and it's awesome. BYE!" Mr. Alluring Problem Solver, solving all the problems and being all alluring.






Thank God you chimed in with this post full of informative information, putting my anxiety on ease and filling my world with rays of sunshine.

Sorry! I have no solutions. I'll stay quiet. I'm just excited. Hopefully you can be too?

edit: I had just read this prior to posting, I'm impressionable apparently:

Haha I'm just messing around dude. I'm not really a dick! I think!

I was definitely laughing at the "biggest news in big team polo". haha just trying to get you stoked, breh.

this idea of divisons entices me. Im going to nerd out tonight and draw up proposed division lines and eligibilty rules. maybe....

i totally forgot about these "lost and found" gloves in my basement- apologies for not posting this earlier!!

if they're yours let me know and i can bring them to Ladies Army this weekend.