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The Frozen Louis II: WINTERSLAM

Saturday, February 14, 2015 - Sunday, February 15, 2015
Contact info: 
Dave- turnmusician@gmail.com
Court size: 
Indoor, painted concrete

This Louis Rield day weekend, February 14th-15th, Winnipeg Bike Polo is hosting it's second annual INDOOR BIKE POLO TOURNAMENT. This means LEG DROPS, BROTHER.

We'll be playing at the Duncan Sportsplex Arena in Winnipeg's exchange district. Warm reprieve from the harsh elements, painted concrete, full hockey boards, questionable music and CHEAP BEER UPSTAIRS.

Housing available for all out of town teams. (Contact Dave - turnmusician@gmail.com)

Huge prizes, from great sponsors like Milwaukee Bicycle Co. and Velo-Lecuma (hint: it's not a set of handlebars) lots of food, rad parties (read: kegs, pickle ball and knuckle tats).
$60 per team.

More details to be announced - so whatcha gonna do when Louiemania destroys you?


Duncan Sportsplex
55 Duncan
Winnipeg, MB

Signed up



Hmmm... it's not THAT far from Madison

Andrea: Not sure. Soon. Who are you playing with?
Tony: It's absolutely not that far. Completely worth it. Do y'all get that Monday off work for presidents day?


It will be lots of fun. Minimum 4 lefties too.

The court is a tad slippery. We're all used to it, and it's definitely playable, but I would suggest running a bigger tire up front, or at least dropping the psi a bit.

you guys thought about the toronto solution? (aka pouring coke all over the floor and then mopping up after)

mop with coke, just pour coke in a mop bucket and mop away.

We just found out that the Paint is being removed this week! Surface will be smooth concrete!

Hey Andrea! You can register now! just click HERE: http://goo.gl/forms/bX4vrc6KF7

The court is being sanded down WITH DIAMONDS right now. as we speak. no jokes.

Also to ad: Chilli cookoff Saturday.