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The Frozen Louis Indoor Bike Polo Tournament

It's a picture of Louis Riel.  Riding a polo bike.  Being chased by the law.
Saturday, February 15, 2014 - Sunday, February 16, 2014
Contact info: 
groggyboy AT gmail DOT com
Court size: 
160' x 60' with painted concrete floor and 5' boards. There are also bleachers and a bar overlooking the court.

Why Frozen Louis, you ask? Well, the weekend just so happens to be a holiday celebrating a Manitoban folk hero by the name of Louis Riel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_riel

When it gets this cold outside, even your spit will freeze.

Registration is $50 per team. You'll have to split that up unevenly amongst yourselves. Register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZB-C57A68y108tjCyMIIMHgvzSv_4Vq2QI5CZ1N...

Swiss rounds on Saturday from 10am to 8pm.
Double elimination bracket Sunday 10-8.

Registration party, sweet Saturday Night party and after party. A couple meals will be served per day. All included in the entry fee.

p.s. - also happens to be the week of the International Winter Cycling Congress (http://wintercyclingcongresswinnipeg.org/). Plus Friday is Winnipeg's Winter Bike to Work Day (http://winterbiketoworkday.org/) and Saturday is Ice Bike 2014 (http://www.prairiethunder.cc/), an annual outdoor cyclocross-style race on the river. Lots to do when you come visit sunny Winnipeg!


55 Duncan

Signed up

going to see what work will pay for if i go to the conference. if they cover my flight, i'm there fo sho. PS the conference is not on the weekend, it's the wednesday and thursday prior.

Dope. I'm sure we can find you a comfy bed for a few extra nights if that helps bring you out.

Looking forward to it. We will also have plenty of Winnipeg players so incomplete teams are welcome as well!

This is going to be the best tournament ever! :)

(say it in your head like a wrestling match guy)

Magura/Tizzard/Harper are the Bate Masters! It's official! We will polo suplex you with our polo skillz! We will subtly criticize you, leaving you feeling terrible about yourself and your life choices!


Can't wait to come visit all you buds in Winnipeg!

Some recent video of our venue...

Registration is OPEN! Let the clicky-race begin!

All you lurkers out there who have a team, and not yet officially registered, please do so! It'll give us a better understanding for our budgeting, accommodations and party venues.


Yea, and then you can announce the teams and we can start shit talking/wagering.

I am sorry I can't make this. Keep it Riel in my absence.

Oi! Winnipeg, I got two Saskatoon boys looking for a third. Get at me!


Woah, pizza boyz is a sponsor! That is the best news I have had all week.

Yes! Pizza for all!
Which means we need to know numbers.
Which means: All you lazy jerks who are coming but haven't registered yet, you need to register.

Otherwise you won't get free pizza.

Registered a team i hope ya all got it down at Wupass headquarters. Iron Lung... Jay M. + Ian S. + David G. = Win! :)

Got it. You managed to get both the first and second spots.

The Greatest!

That was lots of fun. Someone post the results on here!

Top three as follows;
1. The Passless Chaps (Dave/Zach/JB - Wpg)
2. 10k (Aren/Kato/Ramone - MPLS)
3. 3 Guys 4 Balls (Eryn/Fabian/Luc Toronto/Wpg)

MVP / Best trucker mustache and mullet combo: Mark Harper (Who promptly knocked the announcer out, and then leg dropped his shiny new messenger bag).

Best crash goes to Zach; who attempted to throw a bone crushing open court hit on Aren... but instead hit the brakes a touch to hard and threw himself head first over the bars- a la 'the bullet' from arrested development fame. He only missed Aren by like a foot.

Thanks to all the sponsors and everything else. The prizes were great; I love my new Magic Toque- pink balls all the way.

Also; shout out to Natural Cycle and Fantasy Boutique- The "chain and crank" lube package, being perhaps the most appropriate prize I've seen at a polo tourney.