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The Last Stand IV: Apocalypse Later

Saturday, July 27, 2013 - Sunday, July 28, 2013
Contact info: 
Court size: 
You know the court, it is the awesome one on the waterfront.


Friday, July 26th
5:00-8:30pm – Registration and pickup games at the polo court.
Rain location: Olde Northender, 23 North St
8:30-LATE – Dive Bar Hangout SECRET LOCATION

Saturday, July 27th
9:00-9:30am – Registration and team check in at the polo court
10:00am-6:00pm+ – Swiss Rounds
6:00pm - LATE -- Eat/Beachparty/Swim/ARTSTUFF/DIVEBAR

Sunday, July 28th
10:00am-4:00pm – DOUBLE ELIM
--– Awards ----
Court is lit, play pickup!

$75/team. Will include food. Dollar beers.

If you've never been to Burlington, we've got one of the most awesome polo court locations, right downtown in the big waterfront park, right on the main bike path. We've been in a long drawn out process with Parks & Rec and were supposed to lose our court 4 years ago. Things are no longer tied up in red tape, so this will actually be the last "Last Stand" (for real!) Don't miss your chance to experience what many have called "the biggest little tournament on the East Coast."

People seemed to have such an awesome time last year, we ended up with 20 teams from all over the place. We are really stoked to host this again and spread the VT mellow polo vibe. Camping is available <1 mile from the court, on the lake, ON the bikepath. It is encouraged for you to book early! We will not be able to house many people this year, except likely other backyard camping. There is also a Burlington Hostel. But please camp!!! It's a great area. Burlington Northbeach Campground

***Limited to 16 team this year, full double elim. Returning teams and players who have been in previous "Last Stands" will have priority. Slots are not filled until they are PAID.


Please note team name!



Waterfront Inline Hockey Rink
Lake Street
Burlington, VT
United States

Signed up

so excited to come back to Burlington!!! knock on wood for no freak hurricane coming across the lake this year? :)

-my stomach is a pickle-

that was actually pretty fun... I remember swapping back and forth between Podium and the weather Radar all morning.

so freakin excited. also, your dates are right in the breakdown

edit: right dates, still excited

Yep, thanks... ghost in the machine. July 27-28th.

sign me up


You need to change the name of this tourney you liars!

Apocalypse Whenever? Apocalypse Eventually?
But seriously, sucks about court situation. Send it off with a bang. D-Nola knows what's up.

i'd like to try to go. dont know if we can make it. but i would really like to.


The name is sort of a joke at this point, but according to Parks & Rec the destruction is on the calendar...
For anybody who is interested in our local updates, here is a bit of info on the Waterfront Access North (WAN) development that will eventually displace the current rink:

• The existing rink will be open through the summer, with WAN Phase 1 construction anticipated to begin in late summer/early fall
• Phase 1 WAN construction should not impact the existing rink
• Phase 2 WAN construction will impact the existing rink; the temporary rink will be launched during this phase to accommodate users

We don't have much info yet on phase 2 timelines, or the new temporary rink (and eventual new permanent rink). I would like to thank everybody who has come out to support this tournament the past few years, the additional visibility it brings to bike polo in Burlington and our continued use of this space has been a big help with the folks at Parks & Rec and the whole community here.

the means will be there


Black Ribbon from Bangor is excited to be heading over to the other Queen City.

I didn't plan for this because I thought the court would be gone. Damn.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

so that means you're planning on it now, right?

my team would like to re-up for a third tour. please sign us up.

...gonna see that friggin lake monster this time man I swear

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

Let me back in!

MTL will be there.

zach and i will be back, third tbd

Boooo! not going to be able to make these dates....my dads getting married, for the 4th time...oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but super bummed

I technically live here again, but I've also defected the country. Canna getta get weird team??

Also, Perry says 'hi,' from a random encounter in Ohio...

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /


(...no slip n slide, there's wet rocks by the lake, buds.)

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

Pippa and I are in, still looking for a 3rd. Team: Wild Knights


registration? I want to give you money Liam.

eyes up
feet down

take my money


FYI. I'm handing registration off to Colin (added his email above to the event info). Meeting with the rest of the BTV Polo crew today to link up a bunch of other plans... I'll still be around this year, but will be letting the rest of the crew step up since I've got a bunch going on this month and can't commit as much time to the tourney as I have in the past.

More info soon. All is good in the hood, probably better actually now that more people are getting involved!

Me, Robbie, and TBD are in...



You will be sent PayPal link!

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

Please reserve your campsite!

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

anyone still looking to form a team or looking for a 3rd, let me know!

Tyler Sage and I are looking for a third. Anyone interested?


Yea for sure interested if i didnt already message you on facebook try me there my name is " Dereck Gingras "

theres 21 teams registered and 16 spots.........

can we getta team list?


/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

There's 15 'registered' teams now, there were duplicates and joker posts.

Spots unpaid will lose out to a paid teams! We do not have many returning teams due to changes, short term notice, and proximity in time and date to the Valley tourney :(

Journey Boys (ott)
Mumford/Blackburn/TBD (nyc)
Grizzled Black Mantis (phi)
Knees UP (bos/nyc)
Black Ribbon (bangor)
Nick Wald and Two Other Guys (bos)
9.1.1. (mtl)
Valley Politics (mtl/ott) *pending
The Rules (nyc)

UNPAID: Spot Not Held!

Dream Team 1994 (vt/bos)
Snort Snarf Toast (?vt?) ------ Claim this???
The Means (duh)
Otto-Matics (w. ma)
Wild Knights (vt)
Ride of The Valkyries (mtl)

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

Team Wild Knights? (Pippa and Zack)
I thought they moved to Boston...why are they still being labeled as VT? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


no... but they moved here... there... i mean... they got a job here... but they still live there... i mean here... but drive here and play when it's cold... but like right outside of here... but not there... but it was a month after the school semester's last year so it's legit... i mean ago a month... i mean a month a year ago... just... stop asking questions already... we voted... with a lot of consideration and PDFs... so... it was real... vindication.

Shelley_Lucille wrote:

Team Wild Knights? (Pippa and Zack)
I thought they moved to Boston...why are they still being labeled as VT? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

They must have a bullet train linkup to make it to Weds eve polo...

If it's any consolation, all three members of of TSC are separately playing on NAH correct, in-region teams for LS4!?!?

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

Some people are just loc'd out wherever they go

totally paid and totally stoked! see y'all soon

What ruleset, if any, is going to be used at this?

shane00001 wrote:

What ruleset, if any, is going to be used at this?

Burlington rules, as is tradition

Any infraction of the rules will involve the large vat of butterscotch pudding, as is tradition.

shane00001 wrote:

What ruleset, if any, is going to be used at this?

Most importantly, no checking into the curb, and the curb is a dab. Be safe, score cool goals, don't be jerks.

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

I will have a copy of the present NAH ruleset for your review.

Faceoffs were voted down, as much as I wanted to use those to increase the gentlemanly aspect of the tourney.

The official ref, timekeeper and ultimate decision maker is a 13 y/o member we adopted from Lancaster and what he says goes. SO BE COOL MAN

/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /

Tha Carter IV

For posterity:
1) The Means (Chris Roberts, Alexis Mills, Nick Vaughan)
2) Grizzled Black Mantis (Rob Biddle/Cris GT/Brian DE)
3) Jizz Popsicles (Nate mumford/ Zach Blackburn/Shane Morgan)

shane00001 wrote:

For posterity:
1) The Means (Chris Roberts, Alexis Mills, Nick Vaughan)
2) Grizzled MANTIS BLACK(Rob Biddle/Cris GT/Brian DE)
3) Jizz Popsicles (Nate mumford/ Zach Blackburn/Shane Morgan)
4) Dream Team '94 (Gus/Jake, Addison, Zach)

thanks to my team, liam and colin, congrats ta'nem Means. sweep your shit!