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The Masters

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Combined team age must be 90+. 16 teams, 5 swiss rounds, double elimination. Flyer and more details to come.

Registration info:
On February 1st please visit Indy Bike Polo and use the tournament page to send your $20 ($60 a team) to our Paypal. Send this as a gift and include the following information:
Player Name:
Team Name:
Age as of June 1st, 2013:
Shirt Size:

Grand National Bikes
Circle City Acers
Shake Dog Salon
Bicycle Exchange Indy
Urban Velo
Modifide Bike Polo
Oury Grips

1. Grandpa's Medicine: Nick, Neal, Poose - Indianapolis
2. Organic Butt Salad: Keith, Creech, Travis - Indianapolis
3. Evan Likes Trains: Cromer, Kyle, TBA - Indianapolis
4. Barely Legal Ballers: Brad, Matt, Jerod - Pitt / Lou / Chi
5. Beautease and the Beast: Sarah, Dana, Colleen: Col / Day / Como
6. Saggy Sexy Parts: Greg, Greg, Lomax - Pitt / Chi
7. Handsome Boy Polo Club: Gene, Nate , Shane - Decatur
8. Sweet Deez Nuts: Michael, Jimmy, Drew - Lou
9. Larry Bird and Co: Big John, Peter, Jeremy - Ohio!
10. Hoverounds: Matt, Adam, Matt - Ann Arbor
11. The OG Lemond Party: Tara, Jenny, Big Schuurm - Grand Rapids
12. Too Young Too Care: Charles, Chris, Matt - Charlottesville
13. The Arnold Palmers: Lee, Travis, Zach - Day / Bloomington
14. Rustbelt: Bob, Lou, Ryan - CLE
15. ViagRAW: Rob, Chris, Joe - Indianapolis
16. STL: Patrick, Dave, Phil - STL
17. Mideast: Alias, Tucker, Thanh - DC / Philly / MKE
18. Bawls Deep Brawlers: Justin, Wes, Burt - Grand Rapids

One day, two courts, four or five Swiss rounds, then double elimination. We will be holding registration between 830 and 930 Saturday morning. We don't have a 'party' planned, but there is a good bar down the street from the courts, and lots of bars a short ride away. Bring a bike lock for any night ventures.

Normal Sunday pickup at noon for anyone wanting to hang out. We will probably cook out.

I will update this as needed, check back.


Arsenal Park
46th and Haverford Avenue
Indianapolis, IN
United States

Signed up

I gotta get some fake ID's.


Awesome Idea

Thanks, we think it will be a pretty fun tournament.

I agree it's a great idea. How did you come up with the 90+ age? 100+ might have flushed out more "Masters".

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Originally the idea was a tournament of anyone turning 30 this year and up, but we didn't think we get the numbers. Cromer came up with the 90+ combined age so the older crowd can still have something, but if you get creative, some of younger crowd can be involved as well.

Ha! We came up with a similar tournament idea here in Manchester (the original one), but mainly because our team is pushing 110 years combined... I'll give you a clue, the 'mature' guy is in the middle. Maybe you can give us a goal start for every team that is +10 years over the 90 year threshold... ;-)

Would love to be there for this, but it's dependent on where and when the Worlds will be - anyone??

Neil - Cross Hares, Manchester UK

We should have some more info on this tournament in the next few weeks. Right now expect $60 a team which includes a t shirt and tournament food. We will also be able to do some housing as well.

Neil, I know YOU picked that uniform!

l'autre_Paul wrote:

Neil, I know YOU picked that uniform!


Thinking of dumping my two homies for 2 x 19 year olds...

Neil - Cross Hares, Manchester UK

Chan is looking a bit long in the tooth, heh. 19 year olds? Good acceleration, not so good brakes (and you'd be showing your age). Make this a 2 v 2 with a 90+ age minimum and then you'll see some high stakes dressing. But the game time would need to be a lot shorter.

Since I turn 30 this year, I can get on board with this. It's the only way I'm going to be called a master.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

here's a 30yr old who's never been to Indiana and is interested in a team.

Start figuring out combos, I'm assuming there will be some teams that look like this: 36, 24, 32 and some like 29, 31, 30.

28 yrs old, looking for a team for this for sure !!

29 years old, also looking for a team!


This is the worst kind of ageism

what better kinds of ageism are there?

I turn 31 two days before the tournament. I'm down to get weird.

Mr Valentine and I are looking for a 39+ player, thanks.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

just get jason....hes almost there right?


the...story wrote:

just get jason....hes almost there right?


I'll have been 39 for three weeks by this date. Can I just park a recumbant on a kickstand in front of the goal and nap thru our games?


I only clicked on this thread to see what you were going to say.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

HA this is awesome! Dibs on Paul and Ian

35 and can't wait to wear my gold jacket!

Wait... 35? I was way off...

What, you thought I was older?

I gotta find me a couple of 15 yr olds for this.

grandpa wrote:

I gotta find me a couple of 15 yr olds for this.


Awesome! I think GR can throw a team or two together if it's not Northsides weekend!

My ID says 26, but my body says 40...

I'm bringing Bruce and an embryo.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Finally a tourney we don't have to worry about the Guardians or Beaver Boys winning!

i don't think i've played in a tournament where we weren't a masters team....

Come find my fat ass at the Lock In this weekend for a free promotional comic book for this tournament. You won't be disappointed. Made by Indy's own Killer Keith.

Any chance you could email me a copy of the comic? I would love to see it

I will see what I can do.

A week after my 60th birthday!

Looking for a team to jump on! Just hit 34 last month!

How about You, Me(26), and Cleveland Jon? I need to play in this!


I'll be 31 then. Just sayin'

You, me and Tim A? Eh?

If Jon says no, I'd take sloppy seconds! I'd rather play on an all Cleveland team though.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Bobbarino! Interested in maybe playing with Russo and I?

edit: lomax is playing with us

Aw man. That woulda been good. I'm playing on a Cleveland team. See yinz there!

If you can dream it, you can do it!

young as fuck looking for old people to play with


Play with me and Greg, we'll get fake IDs and Groucho masks.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

you'll be at Bench Minor anyway, why do you think we planned this event on this date?

thats what my ad on craigslist says, exact wording.

gem city
diagonal text

Kremin, pick me up 48 year old lefty. That is if you want age and skills? Ask Dillman.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Bollocks Cant make this Bench Minor 4 is happening the same weekend.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Machine, I assumed this would be the issue. I thought about saying something at the Lock In, but I was drunk, and you were too. Next year....

By next year, he should be able to play with a couple of 15 year olds :)

Want to do this. Also want to play the Bench Minor, and figure I have a little better than zero % chance of getting picked.

Plus: old, good, well-equipped, Hoosier by birth
Minus: mouthy and sometimes hot headed, accustomed to playing in 65 degree weather

i would like to play. i am 32:) looking for a team....

columbus bike polo

Right on! I'm going to try and get some of our guys to log on this site and start posting for teams.

Registration opens next Friday the 1st.

27, looking for a team.

Tournament registration has been updated at the top of the page. Get ready for next Friday.

Can you tell us out-of-towners what else there is to see and do in and around Indianapolis? Is it a place to stick around or should we try and play some polo in other near cities either side of the tournament?

Neil - Cross Hares, Manchester UK

Indianapolis has tons of fun things to do. If your looking to make a trip out of it Chicago is only 3 hours away as well.

Closest to regular polo from Indy are Bloomington and Louisville. We will have pick up and more food on Sunday. As far as attractions do a google search, as I'm not sure what you are into. Tons of bars within a few miles of the court, downtown is 5 miles away as well.

I read that the Mid West Qualifier is the week before in Columbus (seems pretty close) - is that an event that non-US resident teams can enter?

Neil - Cross Hares, Manchester UK

I don't think so.

midwests is for residents of the midwest states....we are hosting it here in columbus. ohio/// hope that helps

Midwest Region, not midwest states. Pretty sure Manitoba is still lumped with you folks.

mrkawasaki wrote:

I read that the Mid West Qualifier is the week before in Columbus (seems pretty close) - is that an event that non-US resident teams can enter?

Midwestivus will be up and running in Columbus. No geographic restrictions, but geared to be low-key, one day fun tourney on sweet courts. Plenty of pick-up for the long weekend.

me, colleen(como) dana (dayton) count it! we are old and over 90. yaayyaya

me, colleen(como) dana (dayton) count it! we are old and over 90. yaayyaya

Alright ladies, send us your official stuff next Friday! Looking forward to an awesome tournament.

Ann Arbor is bringing a team, I will be the youngest one on the squad at 27.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

I heard that via Grand Rapids FB.

one beard and two beauties for the mutha fuckin win.

do we get bonus points for being well over 90 ?

gem city
diagonal text

Perhaps. Ideas are still brewing.

Played a pick-up game with a couple of Decatur boys in lafayette. Team age: 143

I need two team mates whose ages add up to more than 30. Seriously! Moses is dead and Methusela no longer returns my calls.

I account for most of the 30 years you're looking for, you'd have to find at least a 3 year old that plays polo though.

I will play with you John!

If I can get a ride there, I'm 28 years old. Hit me up!

Peter says he's in. If we can't find a 3 yr old in Columbus by reg. time, we'll pick somebody up.

If you still need a third I'll play. or anyone else looking for a team. I'm 36.

I'll be 31 and I need two more for masters. Hit me up.

if we can find someone 32 or older I'm down.

I'm 29, and I might come to this. I wish registration wasn't 4 months before the tournament... I love you, but that's brutal.

*edit: fact checking

Sorry man, but we are trying to be organized since we are throwing two tournaments this summer.

No apologies necessary. Any other year, I would have been stoked to see such organization... but this year, my shit's all retarded, so I'm not able to capitalize on it. I hope to make it out there for at least one of them.

Trillfest August 10th and 11th, 32 teams.


Please use the following information when sending your registration via paypal:

Registration info:
On February 1st please visit http://indybikepolo.org and use the tournament page to send your $20 ($60 a team) to our Paypal. Send this as a gift and include the following information:
Player Name:
Team Name:
Age as of June 1st, 2013:
Shirt Size:

Someone pick me up.
I'm 27, but I read at a 33-year-old level.

This is a long shot but is anyone *ahem* mature enough to pick up a 22 year old?

I'm very good at eating stale hard candy, forgiving flatulence, and pretending that this is the first time I've heard your WWII story.

Nico is the perfect pick-up for an older gentleman with good taste looking for FWB

I concur that Nico would fit right in between two older gentlemen. He can handle any position, and he doesn't mind changing it up for a better fit. If you are old enough to take on the responsibility of this 22 year old party animal, I can hesitantly say that he probably won't get you arrested. Jump on this young stud and take a ride on the wild side!

haha, that reads like a rent-boy craigslist ad...

Registration has changed a tad, one person from your team will register everyone. Make sure you have their birthday and shirt size. We will email you with a link for payment.


Go register.

Just registered because you said to, and it's before 8, am I kosher?

It's cool.

Let's see the list!

Current teams are listed in the 'info' area at the top of this thread. Commence shit talking. Brah.

So I'm a little late to the party, but If someone might need a 26 year old I'll play with whomever.

Hey Ill be 32 if anyone wants to create a team

I'm looking for a team, would love to play and am only a slight age penalty.


Tucky (Philly) and I are looking for a third. Must be 28 by the tourney.

email me if interested (alias.s.tagami@gmail.com)

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I would love to play, but i'll be only 25

All sixteen spots have been filled.

will there be a waiting list?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

If you have a full team please register as if there are spots open at indybikepolo.org.

Email sent. The website just says registration is closed. I hope an email will suffice to put us on the wait list.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

We will add you to the list.


In the event of awesome, get more awesome. Alias, Tucker, and Thanh: you are in as the 17th team. WE NEED ONE MORE TEAM and will be holding two more spots for the waiting list. WWW.INDYBIKEPOLO.ORG to register.

Right on to Grand Rapids for sending another team, all 18 spots are filled.

Hey Naptown Indianapolis born and bred but been playing in Jacksonville FL for the last 2 years. Need to find a team for this. I am 31.5 when this tournament takes place and im a svelt 220 at 6 foot 5. I have decent goalie skills hardcore defense and a decent accurate slapshot and some tricky slips. Somebody pick me up for this let me know asap so I can scoop a plane ticket and such.

Play to the whistle

This tournament is already filled up. Please email indybikepolo@gmail.com with your information to be placed on the waiting list.


this looks tempting, Looks like its filled up though!

Matt Messenger
since 1998

Just wanted to say thanks again for paying so promptly. Your dollars are building the second court and its coming along nicely. The pallet walls are up and tomorrow morning we are installing the sheets of plywood. Corners and gates and its finished.

Again, thank you.

Also, following in the footsteps of The Wingman 2 and Riverside 3, we will be using a hash tag in conjunction with podium and Instagram. #TheMastersPolo will be updated with court completion pics and whatever else.

Take it sleazy.

Can't wait

neat format. Famed Portland messenger and founder of Team WRECK, Rkelly suggested this a while back requiring players over 35 yrs.

But according to wikipedia "In 2013, Guan Tianlang became the youngest player ever to compete in the Masters, at age 14 years"

so did they change the age requirements or what?

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

I'm pretty sure age doesn't matter in the actual golf event. I used to be a pretty big into disc golf and the first age protected division is called Masters, for those who are over 40. With polo being more if a young man's game, we felt like 90+ combined, or a 30 year average made sense.

Can the OP be updated with some details?

1) How many courts?
2) What time first matches are on Sat
3) RR and DE in one day? Or is this a typo, and the tournament is over both days of the weekend?
4) Any Saturday night party action?
5) Where da gold at?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

It's updated above, I meant to do that, thanks for the reminder.

I will be sending out an email to the captains in the next week or so.

We don't have a party planned, but expect to go out as we are going to do our best to house everyone within a few blocks / miles of our courts.

There is also a hostel around the corner from the courts. Here is the URL: http://www.indyhostel.us/mb/

Please feel free to ask any questions.

I have to bow out from this event because of health reasons, please forward all captaincy emails for Saggy Sexy Parts to Jonathon Lomax.

Thank You

Snagging that spot, hope you're alright Greg. I'll do you proud.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Might need a replacement third player over 28. Last minute need--email me if you are interested (alias.s.tagami@gmail.com)

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Bump. Still looking for a third who can commit.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

ok, so I will be 27 and 11 months if you have the other month covered then I would love to hop on a team for this. I know this is some serious number crunching, but hopefully we can make it work.

Hey, thanks for the emails. We filled our third spot, and will be coming up with a new clever name.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Housing email just send to team captains. Please get back to me, we want everyone to be taken care of.

Lets Go Red Wings!

Yoooo, helmets are mandatory, so bring one. Also, could have some potentially shitty weather too.

Move it to Sunday if the shit hits the fan?

If we have to, yes. But we are planning on starting at 10am Saturday morning and will go until we have to stop. More than likely it will be spotty storms.

I'm down to get wet.

Lt. Dan style cursing gods in the heavy rain. Just put the phone in a plastic baggy, and it's on.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Urban Editor wrote:

I'm down to get wet.

Lt. Dan style cursing gods in the heavy rain. Just put the phone in a plastic baggy, and it's on.

Damn skippy.

Lancaster is all disc brake, so we'll play in a hurricane.

agile for my size.

We're also waterproof.

Crusher in Chief

It's all the hair..... and mustache wax. Dual purpose and what not.

I have a built in humidifier in the form of a mullet. RAWK.

Actually, Lancaster applies liberal amounts of mink oil to each other before a match. But it doesn't work if it's cold, so for maximum absorption, they have to apply friction. Lots. Usually in the 20 minutes preceding a match they're in a kiddie pool writhing around together like tangled snakes. When they are done they disengage and the sound is similar to ripping velcro apart. Now they're fully lubricated and ready to play.

I mean... it keeps the water out.

It's a lot of work if you ask me. I don't mind getting wet, so the plastic bag over the phone does just fine.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

who's looking to hang out for some pickup in indi on sunday?

We play at noon.

Podium??? For this? Want keep track of the Amish folk from Lanco.

Podium is for the English. Their agenda is: toil, churn, bake, buggy, pipe, sleep. Maybe a barn raising or two.

If the Wingman II was a snowfest, this will be a rainfest! YAY!

I wish I had discs now...


High-Res photo's up!

1st: Greg, Lomax, Rob
2nd: Tom, Thanh, Alias
3rd: Jerod, Matt, James

Tournament MVP went to the nicest guy ever: Mr. Greg Russo.

Although they probably won't see this, but thanks to our wives, fiancé, and girlfriends for doing so much. See you all soon.

If anyone ended up with a [Boon] head/Northern Standard shaft/ yellow grip mallet after the Masters, please let me know! I just built it and I guess it didn't make it home with me. I hate abandoning my kids...

Pics my fiancé took:

What a great time! Lancaster United had a blast and speaking for myself (and I'm sure the other 2 Ms of 3M), it was awesome to meet all of you cats.

Here are some more pictures to add to the pile:


Crusher in Chief

Podium doesn't have player names? Any chance of that getting added?