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Throw in, Throw Down in Melbourne, Australia

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
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A throw in tourney for all the bike freaks in Melbourne, OZ. Word.


Fishmarket Arena
Footscray Rd. For more info on location, see www.bikepolo.com.au
Melbourne 3068

Signed up

what about throw up?

That's for afterwards when we've drunk so much beer, and we lose our bikes somewhere.

DANGGRABBIT! ill be at big day out that day...

If your mum gave you 2 dollars to buy three ice creams, how many ice creams could you buy before you get shot in the back with a harpoon?

Just letting you all know there will be a crew from Frankston BP club coming along. You;ll know us cos we will be the ones with no idea!!! We are beginners but learning fast!


Hey Bowie!

Can't wait to meet you guys. I had hoped to come down with Damon and company to play with you all last week, but a nasty hip injury has conspired to keep me off the polo bike.

Looking forward to having you all at the tourney!

Congratulations to Anthony for putting on such a great tournament... the Bench format was great. Thanks NYC and East Van for the idea :)

Full results + photos coming.

In short.

3 teams of 7,

3 periods of 20 min per game.

3 games.

Lots of interesting new dymanics, including a bunch of people off course who are seriously invested in the outcome of the current situation on court.