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Thunder Bay Bike Polo Open

Saturday, August 20, 2011 - Sunday, August 21, 2011
Host club: 
Thunder Bay Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
1 court: regulation hockey rink, asphalt surface

Just a short eight hour drive from almost anywhere else, beautiful Thunder Bay invites you to our inaugural polo Open. Please use the form below to sign up:


Registration will be $20 per person. Submit housing requests using to the contact below.



Frank Charry Park
901 Pacific Avenue
Thunder Bay, ON

Signed up

I've alerted the Minneapolis horde of this tourney. We're hoping to send some people along!

yes!!! come!!

whats the format going to be like? mke is interested.

Swiss rounds and double elimination, 10 minutes or first to 5. Unless very few teams come, then round robin and double elimination, but with 15 minute games. Sudden death overtimes for the finals.
Pickup and alleycat will also probably happen

Winnipeg = In

really? i want to play with you guys more... wheres the best place to hunt down flights?

also, don't make a different poster. That one is just right.

I concur.

Winnipeg could probably bring a few teams. I would maybe add time, address and cost to the poster. but the graphic should stay. definitely.

No way, North Bay! Love the poster. Wish I could fly out for it.

Don't fly to North Bay, there's no tournament there. Come to the Thunder Bay tournament

So stoked to drive up the North Shore.

can you recommend a place to pitch a tent? I have wolf repellent.

If you want somewhere scenic, definately Kakabeka Falls or Sleeping Giant provincial park. Or find a nice patch of crown land. Or my backyard.
Stoked to play with the Minne crew!

hawkwardrob wrote:

scenic, Sleeping Giant provincial park.

whoa that sounds awesome! i wanna come just to check that out..

it's an alright peninsula, i guess
photo: matt burns

taken at hillcrest park?

i do believe, sir


was there a alleycat for this one a few of us are messengers. would love that in ThunderBay!

most definately there will be a race of that style

got some elbow problems won't be in this one hopefully next year. Have fun all.

We're bringing a couple dogs. Unless they get seized at the border.

Anyone have a yard in which we can pop a tent? That'd be sweet. Thanks.

How many teams are playing? Is it capped? I'm still trying to round up one more team from mpls if reg is still open.

Cold there yet? Do I need my Tuque?

No cap, bring all your friends.
You're welcome to my yard, and I'll put the word out for a yard thats bikeable to the venue (I live far).
Toque season starts about October

Can you post a link so we can see the registered teams?

Oh man our google doc is a mess. Minneapolis is nice and has actually filled out the form. Other than that, T Bay teams, Winnipeg, then maybe Toronto, smaller cities in Minnesota/ Wisconsin are coming. I think it will be >10 teams. Lots of play.

Anyone need a third? or maybe two stragglers, want to make a team? PM me.

MinneaPOLOgasm -----------[] ((((O


Anyone still looking to for a third or a team to join?

Good luck hosting your first? tournament Thunder Bay! Wish I could be there.

Good luck to MegLee, Mr Do and Wade/Viking/Yaweh and NickD, Jeff and Matt. I think this is Matt's first tournament, y'all take it easy on him.