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Tokyo Classic 2009 -CMWC 2009 Tokyo unofficial bike polo tournament-

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Contact info: 
Court size: 
1 court (30m x 20m)

more info soon.


good secret court in Tokyo

Signed up


ok, i'm sorry man.
probably, no one needs japanese polo info.
i don't upload any info never.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

I think the "spam" comment is a joke. Awesome that you add content, i'm sure most everyone is excited to see that you're putting together a tournament for CMWC. Wish i could come to Tokyo to play with y'all.

awesome poster btw!

Must agree, this tournament poster is really great. In Melbourne we are envious of your logo too. It's different and interesting.

Bikepolo.ca is my go-to place to see what's going on around the world, not limited to North America, Canada and Europe. Keep the Japan bike polo coming!

Let us know how it goes.

Polo was awesome! tokyo bikepolo has only been going for 5 months,but they have up to 50 players already and they have some skills.big-up to riki,he's been pushing polo in tokyo and he's doing a awesome job!!thanks to the tokyo bikepolo crew.keep up the good work.BPT


Results for this tourney... http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.com/?p=747