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UK Championships - 17th & 18th April 2010 - Manchester

Saturday, April 17, 2010 - Sunday, April 18, 2010
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Court size: 
110' x 50'

Due to the phenomenal response to our proposal to hold the 2010 UK Championships we will be holding the tournament over 2 days in April. Obviously the running orders and times are still to be finalised depending on team numbers but here are the key points;

• Saturday 17th April (starting no earlier than Midday, dependent on final registration numbers)
• Sunday 18th April

• Manchester - INDOOR ROLLER HOCKEY COURT! 110' x 50'

• Double Elimination

• The Registration WILL BE CAPPED at 36 teams

• An official Registration thread will be started on LFGSS.com for teams to confirm their registration.

• Registration will OPEN on TUES 23rd FEB at 2pm.

• Registration will CLOSE on SUN 28th FEB at 2pm.

• There WILL BE a registration fee in the region of £20 PER TEAM which will need to be paid via PayPal by SUN 7th MARCH to guarantee your place - DETAILS TO FOLLOW.

• We will try to provide as much free accommodation as possible to players on a first come first served basis, PLEASE STATE IF YOU REQUIRE ACCOMMODATION WHEN REGISTERING.


United Kingdom

Signed up

woo canuck style polo in the UK!!!!

edited to add exclamation points

Ah yeah, nice weekend in MCR. 32 teams registered so far, 4 spots left i think. A lot of good teams.

MALICE for the people.

The Court

Is that court really, 110'x50' ?

Sveden wrote:

Is that court really, 110'x50' ?

34x17 or 115x56 or something i think

nice to see the clean up crew wearing b.a.d. shirts.

1 Cosmic 3 LDN
2 Rotten Apples LDN
3 BAD Polo LDN
4 Malice LDN
5 La Schmoove LDN
6 Polo Fiasco LDN
7 3 Beards 1 Cup LDN
7 Fen Boy 3 CAM
9 Massive Cogs LDN
10 Netto Superstars MCR
11 Two Beer Rule MCR
12 Los Coños LDN
13 Cream CAM
14 Sparkle Motion LDN
16 Gnarly Bones LDN/LDN/MCR
17 3 Guys, 10 Eyes CAM
18 Black Rebel LDN
20 Black Stabbath BRM
21 Three Less Toffs (no-show) OXF
22 SoYo Polo-Co SHF
23 UK Champions LDN/LDN/FR
24 Brighton BRI
25 Doomallets MCR
26 Hip Replacements MCR
27 Le Mallets Jaune MCR
28 Sneakinsters LDN/DE
29 Newcastle NEW
30 Edinburgh Fixed Gear EDN
31 B Team (Birmingham) BRM

Congrats to Netto Superstars on making the top ten!

Sveden wrote:

Congrats to Netto Superstars on making the top ten!

haha was sarcasm intended?

Hell no! Its obvious London has a lot of good teams and making the top ten against those odds is great to see.

ah ok, i just think a lot of people expected an even higher finish from them (myself included), since they are a really solid team, but they got a touch unlucky in group play and just missed the knockout stage

ASBO did really well.