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Last seen around here Feb 27 2012 - 4:32am


I've just move to London from Montreal. I played there for 2 years and I'm back in the old continent. And I'd like to play polo there soon as possible. I was at the court on Downham & Ufton Road on sunday but it's was nobody. Can you tell me where are you playing and the hours. I'm living in Bethnal green. So the closer will be the best.

Thanks a lot


what happened Em? Boston was waiting for you!

I sent you a text enquiring about the weather and heard nothing back??

Aw shit! texting from a Brit phone in the US doesn't always work dude. Should have called/ or I should have taken your number... We played, we slayed and the weather was perfect! Next time.

God damn. Never mind dude, just means I need to drag myself over again some time.