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LOBP is shutting at the end of 2016... read more at leagueofbikepolo.com/goodbye.


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Last seen around here Apr 26 2016 - 11:17am


Que onda Alejandro.. Gusto en conoserte en seattle.. Haber cuando bienes a Los Angeles para cotoriar un rato..

"We don't need no education"

Yeah man!!! 818!!!!!!
Un abrazo, compadre!

*Somebody please think of the children!!*


Were the birchenfelt guys from Belgium. Im afraid we got a situation, our teammate is no longer able to join us..

Would you happen to know someone who is willing to join us for the wildcard.?

But dont write us off just yet, were still comming :)
cause we allready paid.. :)



Hay its Kropa from Dublin... so team that take the spot is Tour de court, and Dubeva will go for wild card... we did our qualifiers today so sorry for keeping you waiting with that... talk to you soon paka pa


Slot six on the wildcard registration, entitled dublin, is a mistake and can be removed. Sorry for any inconvenience

I accidentally filled in two application. The Correct registration from dublin is dubeva (slot seven)




If you have a moment, can you confirm you received the registration for the wildcard tourney from Dublin. Thanks



Hey there,

if you happen to have a spare second, could you please check if you got the registration form send yesterday from Vienna?


Hi Florian,
We are looking for the first weekend of june. Unfortunately, Barcelona's city hall hasn't confirmed with us the date for the courts and it might be changed.
I hate that I can't be more specific, but there is little I can do until we get the confirmation.
I will be making an announcement as soon as we receive it though.
Talk to you soon and feel free to contact me at if you need anything else.
Take care.

*Somebody please think of the children!!*

hi there!
I am one of the people organizing the german championships and we really need to fix a date to do that. can you tell us when the euros will be (we don't want to do it the same weekend of course). we were planing on the last weekend of may but of course you get the first pick ;-)
greets, florian