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LOBP is shutting at the end of 2016... read more at leagueofbikepolo.com/goodbye.


My tournaments

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  • Midwest Bike Polo Champeens
  • NACCC's Atlanta Bike Polo
  • Scary Larry's Wicked Wallop in Kansas ToTo!!!
  • Scary Larry 2 Year Anniversary
  • SCC 2012 in ATX
  • ESPI 7
Last seen around here Jul 20 2012 - 5:52pm


Hey are you trying to go to All-Florida? If not I want to talk about Vegas tourney. One of these days I want to team up with you and Kelli and see where that gets us in a tournament... just an idea I had. Hope to see you at polo again sometime soon

hey I am sebastian! can you please let me know when and where are you guys getting together to play?? because I have not seen you by 17th street on mondays anymore!! thanks sebastian

hey sebastain,
sorry i have not had the internet in a long time. we have been trying to play mondays again but we have been doing wed,fri almost everyweek it seems like. my phone is 239-989-6468. that is the best way to get in contact with me.