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Bellingham, WA
Last seen around here Jun 11 2014 - 9:40pm


Oh you made a BellingTurkey group..... I just made the Bellingham Group. I dunno about this Turkey shit

Lame! We're established.

Hey man, it's Joe from Jacksonville. You should come up to Jacksonville sometime soon and play with us again! And perhaps a Jax trip to Daytona soon? What's your number? My number is (904) 874 0837, we should plan something out.

Live Clean Ride Dirty jaxbikepolo.blogspot.com

That would be awesome, I think I can get up there this Thursday if you guys are still going with that schedule. If you guys want to come down here, we should definitely get on that quick because our semester is ending fast. My number is 360.556.1944, actually I might even be able to make it up there tomorrow, I'll see what I can do.