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Last seen around here May 4 2015 - 1:02pm


hey man, is tacoma still active? i'm from Vancouver island, but looking for a couch to crash on, maybe play some games in the tacoma area november 11-15th.

hit me up by email.



2007 - King of The Juice

Hey man, I live in Everett but i'm in Tacoma every friday and saturday. Maybe we could get some Friday night games going!

Friday is a great night for games. We just need a good spot. That hockey court sounds like a nice spot, but might be too out of the way for us to get numbers to show up. Still, if it's a nice court we might be able to pull some of the Seattle crowd down for friday evening or saturday afternoon.

A few of the UPS folks have been hitting the ball around at Mason Middle School - sounds like they've got a couple of fenced in basketball courts there that are decent, too.