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Friday, August 12, 2016 - Sunday, August 14, 2016
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Hockey Rink

Valley III is really going to be the best one yet. And thats saying something.

This year its in White Lake!!!

We are doing traditional 3v3 because the court is not very good for bench format as there is only one door. We still will be incorporating face offs at every stoppage of play though because they are awesome.

Registration is $40/person and includes 2 nights camping, breakfast and lunch and maybe even some dinner. The food will be awesome and include meat and veggie options.

We locked down a location that will once again house all of us at one campground. It is located 10-15 minutes (drive) away from the courts.

Our group site is located away from the rest of the sites which is awesome. We have 6 sites, 4 are waterfront and 2 are water view, we can swim directly at our site. Each site has a fire pit and a picnic table. The area is about 5 minutes walking from a comfort station but we will have a portapotty on site. The comfort station has showers and flush toilets and lockers etc. We can bring our own firewood or buy it there for cheap ($8 for a large bundle). They dont mind if we stay up at the fire all night until like 4 am, as for noise though they ask that we keep it down after 11 because thats the bylaw. Dogs are fine too!

Alcohol on site is fine, alcohol elsewhere on the grounds is fine as long as we are discreet about it and put it in cups or conceal it a bit. Basically he said straight up that they aren't there to nag us or stop our fun and they're pretty flexible as long as the group is respectful. They also have kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats that we are allowed to use for free.

They have a boat launch and rentals that are available as well although you must have a valid license for any motor over 9.9 hp.


The courts are located in White Lake, just moments away from waterfront for dips and a convenience store with an LCBO and darts. Theres a ball diamond at the courts if thats of interest to anyone. Soccer baseball is pretty awesome.

No individual sign ups. Send your registration for the full team ($120) with the team name and the 3 player names. Partial teams are ok of course if you're just waiting on getting a 3rd and what not, but registration is not confirmed until money is received.

We are capping it at 16 teams.

Questions and sign-ups can be sent to


Payment is preferred in the form of email money transfer but a paypal link can be sent if required.

Thanks a bunch and really looking forward to this one.

p.s there will be a prize for biggest fish of the weekend



Signed up



What's the format?

Undecided. More details to come.

Where/when do we register?

Registration will open shortly. Just tying up loose ends.


Does the convenience store sell single darts?

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

They're called loosies Wes, and no!

This is gonna be a gooder!