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Saturday, September 29, 2012 - Sunday, September 30, 2012
Host club: 
Warsaw bike polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
1 court 18m x 38m

Hi all!
The format of the tournament is as follow:
It will be a 2-day tournament with 16 teams playing in Double Eliminations (Sunday Games)

Day 1 --- Saturday: Swiss rounds
Day 2 --- Sunday: Double elimination <----------- 16 winning teams from swiss round

Registration: will be opened on 25th OF August at 12:00 via email: warsawopen@polishbikepolo.pl
Please, be ready to email us with the following information:
1. Team Name
2. Name of players -> state who will be captain and their email address
3. Where you are from.
4. Yes/No if accommodation in need.

Registration fee: 80PLN per team will be payed on the spot (around 20 EURO)

If you haven't yet played in the country called Poland, well... its about time and now is a great chance to have a great game of polo on a great court.

Check out the photos of the court on our event site.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to email us on

More information will be up soon.

See you in P'land! :)

1. Terpentins (Endzins, Eriks, Sinkevics - LATVIA)
2. Krystalis! (Jenda, Martin, TBA - CZECH)
3. Oystercatchers (Opice, Vojta, Nováková - CZECH)
4. Krew na kiju (Zuzia, Bruno, Adam - POLAND)
5. Ūsiņš JAAJ (Mārtiņš, Mihails, Reinis - LATVIA)
6. Apollo 3 (Przemek, Kubacki, Maciek - POLAND)
7. Ściana Wschodnia (Qavtan, Bartek, Patryk - POLAND)
8. Tora, Tora, Tora (Tony Makarony, Agata, TBA - POLAND)
9. Big Mallet Vikings (Samson, Mark, Stefan - DENMARK)
10. Discopolo (Wowa, Majki, Sabicat- POLAND)
11. The Beardless (Madej, Pajac, Rudy - POLAND)
12. TBA (Majranos, Doktor, Ivan - POLAND)
13. Kremówki Salezjańskie (Antek, Mario, Janek - POLAND)
14. VWPOLOWLPG ( Ptaku, Miro, Buśka- POLAND)
15. MiiT-TiiM (Gundars, Jankic, TBA - LATVIA )
16. P.Y.Z.D.A. (Timi, Igor, Stanisław - POLAND)


Tor Lyzwiarski Stegny
ul. Inspektowa 1

Signed up

some photos of the court!

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

We have a possibility for have 1-2 courts more if there will be more then 16 teams wanting to come.
I presume this is hard to know but i wanted to say and inform all that there are possibilities here since we have great facilities for polo courts at the ice rink. :)

i will try to keep you guys up-dated because i think it would be easier for the teams to plan a trip here to Warsaw. The earlier the cheaper the air fares.

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

just a reminder that the registration is opening today! :)


1. Send email to warsawopen@polishbikepolo.pl with details listed below:

a. Team Name
b. Name of players -> state who will be captain and their email address
c. Where you are from.
d. Yes/No if accommodation in need.

You will receive and email confirming that we have received your registration. On monday you will get and email confirming that you have got a SPOT in the tournament.

The team list will be posted on this event site and also on League of bike polo.
Sorry, for the delay of the confirmation of your spot. there is a huge amount of intrest.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

We are looking forward in seeing you at the tournament in WARSAW.

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

Anybody looking for a team/third?

hi me and marjanos looking for a third player. so if you want to play in warsaw email me: serekwiejski@poczta.onet.pl free housing is possible

Sorry for the late reply, but I already found a team to join. Thanks for the offer though :)

i'll be there in the spirit of tournaments past but cant make this one this time booooooo Gr8 hangin with y'all in London

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

MACHINE! you fuckin rock, man!
maybe next time you should come to poland and have a vodka shot with us! :)

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

I can resist everything but an invite and temptation . COUNT IT!

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I'm looking for a team. !!!!!

Mario, have a look at the registration team list. maybe where there is TBA you will be able to get the spot. If you need contact details to a team from the list don't hesitate to email me. :)
By the way SPEEDY MARIO is gooooddddd!!!!! very! so anyone what a great fast player get on him! :)

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

I'm also looking for a team :)

For those that weren't able to make it in time for registration for WARSAW OPEN vol. 2 we are happy to notify that for the first day of games (SWISS ROUNDS) there will be unlimited teams welcome.
Whereas for the second day of the tournament there will be 16 winning teams from day one taking part in the double elimination games.
Hopefully this will help come teams out that would still want to come over to play here in poland.

If you still would like to com please shoot me and email with the details stated on the tournaments web page.

see you there.

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

Being upset for not being able to be there, I just wanted to let you all know, the court has THE SMOOTHEST surface in the world! London Open 2010, 2011, 2012 was much worse!

Red Bull will be keeping the energy up with music and liquid!
yeah, wings! :)

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

We would like to share with you some photos. :)


3-2-1... POLoLAND!

thanks for the great weekend !

Team Nut - Riga Bike Polo

also, log yourself (and your team) in @ http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.org/polo/main/tournament/92.html

have heard a lot of things about your tournament.... good things exclusively