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WHBPC - 1st - 6th February 2016

World Hardcourt Bike Polo Champs - Timaru, New Zealand 1-6 Feb 2016
Monday, February 1, 2016 - Saturday, February 6, 2016
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Four x 40m by 20m

The world of Hardcourt Bike Polo comes down under for the first time in the Championship's 7 (8?) year history. Hosted by Timaru Hardcourt Bike Polo Inc. in association with AHBPA at Aorangi Park in Timaru, New Zealand.

Format for Wildcard and Finals has been announced. Basic outline is:
30&31 Jan: Courts are up and available for practice
1 Feb: Wildcard day one, cap of 48 teams, although unlikely to have a full 48
2 Feb: Wildcard day two, down to 32 teams
3 Feb: Rest day, final on site registration. Evening hold an opening ceremony (also looking into organising half-day ‘excursions’ e.g. Brewery Tour, Trip to lakes etc.)
4 Feb: Finals day one, 48 teams
5 Feb: Finals day two, 32 teams in finals, 16 teams in Plate Final [link] round robin
6 Feb: Finals finals. 20 teams round robin the 8 team single elim. Plate Final.

Updates made via:
Instagram @WHBPCvii
Twitter @WHBPCvii
Facebook: /TimaruBikePolo


Aorangi Park Timaru
New Zealand

Signed up


I can not miss this freakin epicness. Wildcard team where ya at?

Are there going to be tournaments either side of the worlds in AUS/NZ? It would be good to know where, so we can book flights accordingly.

I can unofficially tell you, there are several tournies in the works.

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

Likely locations?

We haven't been able to 100% confirm they are locked in so I won't post the cities yet to avoid confusion. However, there are 3-4 tournies either side in discussion. Most likely one in New Zealand the week before then 3 on the east coast of Australia after Worlds including a femme tournie.

It's taken a bit as we're trying to organise them all in a way that works best for travelers keeping in mind likely in/out airports and accessible for road tripping.


Auckland have now locked in their dates as the first satellite tournie confirmed for the weekend of January 23-24. Tournament structure and format TBD, but as it's the weekend prior to WHBPC, it might be something that is a little more relaxed, or more aptly, isn't injury inducing levels.

Sounds great. I'll be there! Looking forward to playing in the city where I was introduced to this hit ball thing. ;)

I think I'm officially the first person with my ticket booked?

... Yes I deserve a prize.

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

I think Aaron Hand already bought his.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Technically Fletcher beat me to it, but only because stupid Fiji Airways wouldn't take my AmEx and I had to get a Visa credit card.


So to count chickens prior to hatching I need a Visa card?

If booking on Fiji airways website, then yes, visa credit card.


Damn it!!

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

Adjustment to Allocations for the Main Event

We’ve reviewed the initial allocation announcement which each region has received and have made a minor amendment. We are now aware that Central America have access to WHBPC7 via the NAH qualifiers and will be removing their direct spot and allocating this to the South American Region.

After discussion with the Asian and South East Asian polo communities, we are also pleased to announce that they have now organised for a combined qualifying tournament, which was played last month. We hope to see this remain on the calendar as a regular fixture, and would like to congratulate the first 6 qualified teams for WHBPC7! More details on these team to come.

The updated allocations for WHBPC7 are now as follows:
1 Current World Champions
12 EU
12 NAH
8 Wildcard
6 Asia
4 Australia
2 New Zealand
2 South America
1 Africa

World Format Announcement

We’re pleased to announce the format and tournament structure for WHBPC7 in Timaru 2016. The main event will see 48 teams battle it out over 3 days for the ultimate crown. There will also be a wildcard tournament in the proceeding days for those who were unable to attend or outside a region with a qualifier.

WHBPC7 sees some key changes to the format to improve on the great groundwork the polo community has developed in the recent years. The main aim of these are to improve accuracy of the seeding rounds, reduce wait times for teams between games, limit delays and streamline a knockout stage which will be more exciting and enjoyable for both players and spectators.

The tournament will do this with a more accurate staging system for each Swiss Round (Bayesian), a more staggered advancement into the final elimination round (i.e. no teams from day 1 automatically advances and there’s less of a pressure cooker for the mid table) and a new final elimination system which still encompasses a second chance mechanism but is fairer for teams. The elimination round has all teams playing to an identical schedule and importantly both the teams in the grand final will have played the same number of games.

Importantly, this is how it breaks down:

Day 1
48 teams, split into 2 groups of 24 teams. Each team plays 5 rounds of Bayesian Swiss Rounds. (Average wait time between games of each team is 2 games).

Day 2
The now ranked teams are then merged into 2 evenly ranked groups of 16 teams. The field is now down to 32 teams. Each team plays a further 4 rounds of Bayesian Swiss Rounds to determine a final and more accurate seeding. (Average wait time between games of each team is 2 games).

Day 3
The top 20 teams proceed to the elimination round. These teams are split into 4 ranked groups of 5 teams. Each group plays a full round robin (4 games each) with the top 2 teams proceeding. The final 8 teams play out a single elimination final (quarter, semi and grand final)

The changes:
All games to be 15 minutes with an uncapped goal limit. The grand final will be 20 minutes. Dropping down the number of teams on day 2 meant an easier schedule and more chance for teams to rest. The final day of round robin still allows teams to mess up a game and proceed through while having a more realistic/fairer system to proceed into the top 8. Single elimination games will be more exciting than double elimination while also being much easier to follow. All teams play opponents that have played exactly the same amount of games. The two teams in the final would have played 7 games in total (32 team double elimination sees a team play a minimum of 6 games and maximum of 10 games). We felt that this combination is a much more honest and professional method which brings it in line with all other similar sports.

Bayesian Swiss Rounds: more detail can be found on LoBP (https://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/organizing-polo/2015/04/28/alternativ...)

brox wrote:

Day 3
The top 20 teams proceed to the elimination round. These teams are split into 4 ranked groups of 5 teams. Each group plays a full round robin (4 games each) with the top 2 teams proceeding. The final 8 teams play out a single elimination final (quarter, semi and grand final)

The changes:
All games to be 15 minutes with an uncapped goal limit. The grand final will be 20 minutes.

This is so so so fantastic. How do we get cameras on every court?

We've developed a full schedule for all three days with appropriate breaks and allowances for delays. Round robin games are over 4 courts and structured so you've only got one game between your matches. The top 8 go down to 2 courts (quarter finals) and the semi finals are on a single court.

Timaru have already put together a streaming team which met over the weekend to go over logistics and testing.

From what I've heard about their planning (don't want to give away anything yet), it's certainly going to be an epic tourney.


Timaru will now hold a "Plate" tournament for the 16 teams that are knocked out on day 1.

These bottom 16 teams from day one play in a 4 pools of 4 round robin on the evening of day two. On day three a single elimination final of the top 4 (or 8) is played for the “Plate” (as opposed to Cup) between the required breaks during the championship finals.

There a few more reasons that Timaru think the Plate Final that will be brilliant for this particular tournament:
- We want teams to come to Timaru with the assurance that they'll be able to play as much polo as possible, in an a high intensity field for the best chances of gaining experience and skills.
- These 16 teams would otherwise have only played 5 games but will now play at least 8 (the same as all other teams in attendance).
- Fantastic entertainment value on the Friday night and between finals on day 3
- The cut-off does have the effect of making every game matter, from day one.
- For teams who doubt their ability to reach the top 20, the possibility of playing in the Plate Final on day three in front of a big crowd could be a big drawcard in coming out to New Zealand - along with the mountains, lakes, beaches and people of course wink emoticon.

This is important as we know we are putting on a fantastic event; the more of the poloverse who come to the week long Bike Polo festival and various satellite tournaments the better.

Any live streaming arranged for Worlds?

Yes. There are plans for all 4 courts to have live streaming.

Yiuu!! I'll be on the lookout for the link. Gracias!

I've saved up for WHBPC, and I'd like to come play. Looking to build a rad team. Ideally to rep North America, but I'm down to mix this up intercontinentally.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

If you are intending to go to the Worlds in NZ under an NAH allocated spot, please send an email to tournaments@nahardcourt.com. Anyone from NA can apply for the spots, not just the top teams. We will prioritize teams based on the number of players in the highest finishing positions in the NAHBPC. Teams must consist of at least 2/3 players who called a North American club home for a significant part of this season, or played in the NAHBPC.

Registration for both the World Finals (qualified teams) and the Wilcard tournament open on 1 October 2015 at 12.00pm NZST (New Zealand Standard Time).
Please note that with the time differences, this means:
- 9am on Thursday 1 October 2015 in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
- 1am on Thursday 1 October 2015 in Paris
- 4pm on Wednesday 30 September 2015 in Los Angeles
The registration fee of $NZD175.00 is payable immediately upon registration.
The link to the register for is http://www.whbpcvii.org/registration.html
You will need the following information to complete your registration. Starred items are compulsory:
- Team name*
- Team photo
- Contact for media enquiries
- Team bio i.e awesome stuff about your team*
- Players names*, City*, Country* and email address* (you must have at least 2 players to register)
- A photograph of each player
- Players phone number and emergency contact phone number
- Social media information for each player
- Dietary preferences/restrictions
- Can each player help out with refereeing/assistant refereeing/other
If you have any questions about registration, please email them to registration@whbpcvii.org

NA teams who have said they are going, so far:

1 Prospectors - Bike Polo
2. Los Cuatreros Unidos
3. Les Beehive Boys
4. Thunderfart
5. Ratking

Everyone down to 16th has now been contacted, and I'm awaiting responses.

Handsome 3rd right here looking to get upside down.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

These are the 10 teams who so far have confirmed to the NAH they will be going. Please make sure to register at www.whbpcvii.org/registration

Thunder Fart: Matt, Nico (SF), ?
Ratking: Nate, Zach (NYC), Chris H (Lex)
Les Beehive Boy: David, Gabe, Jimmy (SLC)
Royals: Dave, Ned (MLB), Dasha (VAN)

Confirmed to NAH, not registered:
Monster Truck: Arlyn, Pete (PDX), ?
Prospectors: Aaron, Fletcher, Drew (PDX)
Los Cuatreros: Andrew, Miguel, Rob (ATX)
The Control: Eric, Forrest, Andrew (SF)
TBC: Ben, Shannon (VAN), Shelley (NYC)
Breaking Rad: Dana, John (PDX), ?

2 main event slots are still open, for any team with at least two players who played at NAHBPC 2015, or have been a member of a North American club in 2015.

I wouldn't mind being one of those question marks...

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Another spare right here.

i love coming to oz and nz especially since i have family there Unfortunately i dont want to leave my daughter on her own for that long now that her mum works nights.Sitting this one out unless something changes by mid jan

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Make it rain!

*Somebody please think of the children!!*

Perks from 1€.
No need to be rich to help!

*Somebody please think of the children!!*

It seems that Timaru is closing registration on Dec 20th. Where are the free agents?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I'm still looking for a team (Belgium, Europe)!


I'm a belgium player looking for a team for the worlds..!
Seems that if i find 2european or american players, we have a direct slot for the main.

Who wants to join?

Updated list of NA teams. All 12 main event spots filled.

Registered with WHBPC:
Thunder Fart: Matt, Nico (SF), ?
Ratking: Nate, Zach (NYC), Chris H (Lex)
Les Beehive Boy: David, Gabe, Jimmy (SLC)
Royals: Dave, Ned (MLB), Dasha (VAN)
The Control: Eric, Forrest, Andrew (SF)
Frenemies: Carol (SEA), Sarah (LA), Wes (MLB)
TBC: Jeanna, Chase (SAC), Alice (?)
Portland United: Arlyn, Pete, Dana (PDX)

Confirmed to NAH, not registered:
Prospectors: Aaron, Fletcher, Drew (PDX)
Los Cuatreros: Andrew, Miguel, Rob (ATX)
TBC: Ben, Shannon (VAN), Shelley (NYC)
TBC: Tobi (BOS), Matt (SEA), David (GVA)

what's the official word on shoulder tournaments (before and after). Dates? venues?

Details about pre-event in Auckland. Sort of.


Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Qualified Euro team looking for a third!
Max & Mathias (cambridge uk).
Due to injury our third is no longer able to attend the tourney, please get in touch if you are interested !