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WHBPC 2010 Berlin - Thread #2

WHBPC 2010 - Berlin

First thread with more details: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/whbpc2010

Official Site: http://www.whbpc2010.org/

check out our site - will be updated daily now

It's really disappointing that Berlin is using "2nd" on the poster.

You are giving montana way more credit than he could ever deserve.

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

you are really just perpetuating myth and superstition. but perhaps that's all you have left. who is this "Berlin" you speak of son?

why give mark, or catherine, or anyone else inolved so little credit? why discount the time, effort, and money spent by teams like L'equipe? tell me why tell me why tell me why . . . a why you want us to cry? is eigthinch sponsoring this hatespeech in addition to all the terrorism? perhaps if anyone ever checked your site instead of pieter's they might find out.

oh wait, now I get it. you're mad they didn't say "3rd".

big big pollution in the streets


Think of it has we're not giving Montana any credit and this really is in fact the "2nd".

BTW, There's no denying the fact that hardcourtbikepolo.com gets plenty of hits...

C.R. - Can't wait for Mansion Guest House! BRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr

Perhaps the "3rd First Annual" would be more accurate?

MALICE for the people.

The funny thing about this guy is he thinks he found a sensitive spot in me by laying criticism on my blog. But I think its funny that he has a blog too. Have any of you ever seen it? here's a link. http://nycbpl.blogspot.com/

aside from that, I think it does little for the history and mystery of our sport to cut off all happenings before 2009. I know CMWC had a polo tournament back in 2006. Saying 1st, 2nd, or 3rd is like saying there is no history to find or learn about. It all just started.

I just believe in setting a standard that does not take credit away, or give an undue credit (like inaugural, what a joke, the FED is not even a real thing).

I would like to see World Championships distinguished by Year and City alone.

I'd also like to not be called an Urban Bike-poloist in the media

And that thing that happens in the Mid-West is a C-H-A-M-P-E-E-N-S-H-I-P-S

And I want to know that every polo player everywhere has capped bar-ends.

And one day I want every city to have a designated public bike polo court

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Doug D wrote:

The funny thing about this guy is he thinks he found a sensitive spot in me by laying criticism on my blog. But I think its funny that he has a blog too. Have any of you ever seen it? here's a link. http://nycbpl.blogspot.com/

wait, is this your comeback bro? everyone was right: you're not worth it. here it goes anyway. I don't think I found a sensitive spot with your blog. I think i found one with the fact that you can't (yet) call yourself a world champion of bike polo. further, that's not a link to my blog; it's a link to a website I help set up for the NYC league in which you signed up to participate only to promptly drop out of because you didn't like your teammates.

and of course it is not the case that even were I to have a blog I should be unable to criticize yours without it being found funny. unthank you for making me point out the obvious. no wonder you are trying to get paid for your photos and not your words: is it funny that I think I found that spot or that I have a blog? or both? step up your sense making game son.

Doug D wrote:

aside from that, I think it does little for the history and mystery of our sport to cut off all happenings before 2009. I know CMWC had a polo tournament back in 2006. Saying 1st, 2nd, or 3rd is like saying there is no history to find or learn about. It all just started.

I'm sure a lot of events had polo tournaments before 2009. but until that year no one had held an independent world championship of hardtop bike polo. so, saying x is not at all like saying y. nice try though.

Doug D wrote:

I just believe in setting a standard that does not take credit away, or give an undue credit (like inaugural, what a joke, the FED is not even a real thing).

having held the first world championship of extreme urban hammer ball has nothing to do, and has no dependence upon, whether or not the federation is something that exists, like cosmetology. one could, and maybe in fact did, happen without the other. but the business cards makes me think they both happened. for real.

Doug D wrote:

I would like to see World Championships distinguished by Year and City alone.

but then nobody would know what you were never champion of.

who gives a shit about the rest of what you say? irrelevant to this thread. unthank you.

insert vuvuzela noise here

KING Angry.
Vooooovoooozelaaaaa vooooovooozelaaaaa vooooovooozelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

click for Polo w/ vuvuzelas

give blood. play polo.

i'm up on my grind, shawty. don't block my shine, shawty.

I have a dream ...

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

Extreme urban hammer ball ftw!



MALICE for the people.

This thread delivers.

wow and holy shit! This kinda confirms that the 1st polo only WORLDS should have been in Seattle!!!!!! count it! playing more days that you have thoughts. Like I always say: Put you mallet where your mouth should be!

  • CIMG2776.JPG

Matt Messenger
since 1998

Hey i dunno if this is helpful or not but a few of us from Australia just booked into a hostel 1.8km away from the court..
See you there soon!

mossko: Good to know, thanks. A gym floor sounds good like eating serial with out milk and a 55Euro hotel is way too cash for me.

Edit: Just read up on it, 8 Euros a night not bad at all. Sound likes its kinda close to the beach afterparty spot too. You sir, deserve a hero cookie.

polo polo polo ohno

What are you doing with your bikebox? Assuming your going to have one of course? Leave it on/near the spot until you are leaving? Not sure what I am going to do, wondering what your plans are?

polo polo polo ohno

I'm flying out of Sydney in 12 hours time. Just realised by back tyre is looking a tiny bit suspect.
Is there a bike shop close to the courts and are schwalbe marathon plus readily available in Germany?

Shuwalbe is a german company, the closest shop with it is 10 minutes by bike (not that close).

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

Thanks for that

I'm so excited. leaving tommorow. i won't be able to sleep tonight!

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

I'm in Berlin! There's even proof; I saw Chris, Nick, and Gena at the Brandenburg Gate yesterday, and two players on yellow bikes with white wheelcovers that I didn't recognize and rode past me like I was crazy for shouting "Polo!" at them.

I'm going to Frankfurt for a couple of days tomorrow, does anyone from this area know if it's safe to lock my bike from Wed. night to Fri. afternoon at Hauptbahnhof?
If not, is there someone nearby willing to care for a pretty, sad, and highly abused polo bike for a couple of days?

(I'm going to try and get away from my family before midnight for pickup tonight).


Don't lock up at the Hbf. Bring it on the train. 9€. wheel it right on.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

My aunt won't let me bring it with. You guys know I would otherwise, I mean I've already dragged halfway across Europe without getting in a single game.
&&I'd just stay here and go straight to World's but I only get to see my cousins once every 5 years or so. :(
See you guys in a couple of days!


Beers to drink while packing for WHBPC 16$, ABS for new mallots 8$, Ticket to Berlin and back 1600$, Trying to board a flight only to be told your passport expired two months ago....FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

polo polo polo ohno

As someone who has had already paid for international travel cancelled last minute due to passport fuck ups in the past, I feel your pain. Fuck indeed!

That is terrible! I hope your passport office has serious fast-tracking abilities! good luck.


Passport acquired! Flights rescheduled! Won't be in till late Thursday but what the hell I'm still coming!

polo polo polo ohno

read this:



whoa. this thread is crazy.
so to bring it back around...

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE OVER THERE IN BERLIN! i'm super jealous that i can't be there, and hope you all have the best of times. good games to everyone. =]

Will the schedule for the next 2 round robin days be posted today? I've heard that each team will be playing in 3 hour blocks of time and was hoping to see a schedule.

The courts looks awesome. Size is perfect on the first court. Thanks for all the hard work.

BriBri!!! Get a hold of me!!! ASAP! No idea where we're staying. Get the info out there please! Getting on plane shrortly and need some contact info PLEASE! getting really stressed. If anyone sees Brian or kremin have get in contact with me asap.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

It's like your little polo happy world except in another world with six courts and 4-6 native languages and all day long polo everywhere. Happiness.

Hiding from the rain, drinking from the tap. Thursday was an impressive 40-team event for the European teams that did not make it based on one of the Euro qualifiers. The top 14 (?) get to play tomorrow. The we play two days of seeding before the 32-team double elim Sunday. Rain in the forecast. We had a t-storm heavy rain at the end of today.

The courts are fantastic, there's reasonable food/beer/coffee at the event. This is going to be fun like OMG there ain't no fun like this anywhere else fo sho.

Hey Joel, I know that the polo is the reason for your smile, but photos don't lie and I gotta ask.....Is Andrew giving you a handjob?


Three of us, rolling on the floor laughing.

Its like 4pm over there. Where the twitter updates?!

Fights? Upsets? Throw us a bone!

Polo Nirvana Found in Berlin

There is terrific cheap beer and food and fantastic people. Everyone's having a grand time, the games are happening pretty much on schedule. I had a blowout and got a mechanical and a tire change and back in lots of help from the sidelines. Red Bull is hosting good DJs. It's a hell of a time when every team you play was on a podium at some recent event. Later in the late eve sundown bracket, drinking my umpth beer and cheering for Munich against Grenoble. Milwaukee is playing a hearty game, giving the refs a bit of a challenge to keep things cool. Machine Politics playing well. Smile looks to earn a top seed. L'Equipe is damn fast damn good and helping Trefoil (with surprise Julian replacement) discover where their goal sits lonely. Rotten Apples is playing some strong polo.

Day one, fantastic times. Another day of fantastic qualifying tomorrow.

A couple snaps:

Ha ha no sexuh wahxing for me. Heh. Dem damn French gave me a little push.

Smiles and smiles. Wish you were here!

Way to make me a proud fan, Chicago!! Keep the pressure on boys!!

Midwest is best!!

A Rory bonus.


ROARRRRR like a bear then EEEEEE like a mouse


more updates please!!!

x2!! I'm dying over here!

Midwest is best!!

Ya so the late night update starting from the warehouse "hall".

Knife fights

Food in the late night somewhere in the north side of Berlin.

Leon! watch out for your hub!

Joel you're awesome for the updates.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

x2!! Thanks for keeping us in the loop Joel! Apparently you're the only one.

Midwest is best!!

ya .. awesome to see some photos and hear some news.. keep it up... give a holler for all us geeks at home..

EVBP foreva

x3 joel-y, i know more about the tournament from your updates and i'm even here in berlin.

lack of internet making updates difficult but we're working on it.

such a good time being had by everyone, i'm sorting through my first couple days of photos while the sun comes up here again on a wet saturday.

what's happening at the courts? games on schedule in das rain???

Rain continuous this morning, a good steady rain like the Midwest in June. Yesterday we were pretty clear all day and rain at night. Weather looks to reverse itself today.

Things I especially like about this tourney:
- posted schedules running on reasonable (bike) time. You know when you play.
- 8' high lifeguard ladder/chairs upon which sits a ref and a scoreboard
- well built courts. They're all a little gritty and easy to slide out. Obviously lots of labor when into smoothing the cracks holes & dimples.
- excellent cheap beer and food for sale.
- many tents and benches and tables. lots of places to keep your stuff, sit down in the shade or hide from the rain.
- the tent, pro stand, and a couple tools lent to me for putting on new brakes, cables housing. I mean, that was a happy moment for me...getting stuff fixed right, and right in the middle of everything.
- good stuff for sale. Shafts & heads & bling & useful bike stuff.
- four courts for tourney, two for pickup
- the challenge of qualifying for Sunday

I can say much about results...hopefully those will be posted. Yes software and the internets are great but people have to push lots of buttons to make things happen.

I'm trying to RT and such at http://twitter.com/bikepolo

So far @chukker_norris is the twitter hero of the WHBPC.

Who/where is Toros from?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Berlin, I believe. Don't quote me.

/edit Munich. Toros are from Munich.

Pos Team City Pt GD Gf Ga
1 Fuck the Border / TBA Madison 24 32 38 6
2 LEquipe Geneva 24 30 36 6
3 Team Smile Seattle 24 27 37 10
4 Machine Politics Chicago 24 27 37 10
5 Toros M?nchen 24 25 32 7
6 The Odds USA 24 22 33 11
7 Beaver Boys Milwaukee 21 24 36 12
8 Profane Lobotomy NYC 21 22 33 11
9 Trefoil East Van 21 20 31 11
10 Polosynthese Frankfurt/Main 21 20 29 9
11 Strange Brew East Van 19 26 36 10
12 MGM Paris 18 18 28 10
13 Shark Attack Karlsruhe 18 16 31 15
14 El Club Barcelona 18 15 29 14
15 BAD Polo London 18 15 28 13
16 Massive Cogs London 18 15 26 11
17 Candy Colored Clowns Karlsruhe 18 12 23 11
18 Tough Shit Munich 16 13 32 19
19 Joel and the Janky Mallets San Francisco 16 8 22 14
20 La Shmoove London 15 9 23 14
21 Dans ta gueule, Puceau Paris 15 9 22 13
22 Malice International London 15 1 23 22
23 Los Manguis Barcelona 15 0 20 20
24 Iron Ponies Geneva 14 14 25 11
25 Rotten Apples London 14 10 32 22
26 Apologie Paris 14 10 25 15
27 Cosmic3 London 14 10 24 14
28 Rolling Hoods Grenoble 14 6 23 17
29 Li Carbonari Rome 13 6 20 14
30 Riding in Circles Venezia 12 10 20 10
31 Bambule Berlin 12 7 27 20
32 EHFXD Eindhoven 12 4 24 20
33 Team Tiffany Cambridge 12 0 17 17
34 Copenhagen Casuals Copenhagen 12 -1 22 23
35 Das Polo London 12 -4 15 19
36 Puffin along Seattle 10 3 26 23
37 Netto Superstars Manchester 10 0 20 20
38 Polomoto Dresden 10 0 16 16
39 Fenboy III Cambridge 10 -3 21 24
40 Rakete Berlin 10 -3 18 21
41 24h polo people Barcelona 10 -5 22 27
42 DBBA Rouen 10 -7 17 24
43 Polo Fiasco UK 8 -12 15 27
44 Les Moteur Fuckers Geneva 7 -10 15 25
45 Top Centre Melbourne 7 -14 16 30
46 Budapest Bikepolo Budapest 6 -8 12 20
47 Malaforca Fano 6 -14 15 29
48 Polo dOro Karlsruhe 6 -16 11 27
49 Euro Threat Paris 6 -16 11 27
50 McCormick, Menace & Hewitt, Attorneys at Law USA 5 -9 19 28
51 Mortal Wombatz Sydney 4 -11 16 27
52 Ball Breakers Stuttgart 4 -21 9 30
53 Adelaide City Mallet Adelaide 4 -25 7 32
54 Polosaurusrex USA 3 -17 8 25
55 Ketjes Belqium 3 -22 8 30
56 Li Cardinali Rome 3 -25 10 35
57 One Team! Poland 3 -27 8 35
58 Polo Prostects Amsterdam 3 -29 4 33
59 Broken Legs Rouen 1 -24 8 32
60 The Human Centipede Boston/NY 0 -25 9 34
61 Atze Peng Berlin 0 -30 9 39
62 Grrizly & Teddybears Netherlands 0 -33 4 37
63 Team Quit Looking
Down My Shirt USA 0 -33 2 35
64 Polocalypse Now Australia 0 -37 1 38

64 Polocalypse Now Australia 0 -37 1 38

i hope the dude who scored their lone goal takes 12 months of bragging rights back to aus with him :D

Rob would but it was so scrappy/ugly he might just leave it be. (hell, we will take it though. My shot that hit both posts but did not cross the line was my highlight) came half way around the world to be schooled. Never had so much fun learning. (this from a teacher)



The info below is incorrect. Check the official site as it has been updated. http://www.whbpc2010.org/results-qualification-fridaysaturday/

Most of this is gleaned from Chukker_Norris's twitter stream and is in no way official.

Bracket for Sunday is seeded as such:
1 L'Equipe - Geneva
2 Smile - Seattle
3 Machine Politics - Chicago
4 Toros - Germany?
5 ???Kev/Jonny/Alexis
5 ??? The Odds

8-0 teams after two days of play: Smile, The Odds, Toros, L'Equipe, Kev/Jonny/Alexis, and Machine Politics

Paul/Zach/Doug(Profane Lobotomy) and The Beaver Boys are 7-1 after two days.

There is also a report of "clean body checks" not being allowed.

thanks for the updates! Yeah Chicago!

first lady

Heard reports of a rumble between some limeys and frogs? which teams were involved??

The Toros are from Munich, Germany.

rumble between La Schmoove (london) and DBAA (rouen, France). One of the french guys heard a whistle, thought the game was over, threw his bike away, bike kept rolling, hit James Brown from La Schmoove who was still playing, he thought it was on purpose and started punching the other dude. All OK in the end, both players in penalty box, game resumed with 2on2, Rouen scored golden goal.

Great day today (well at least for those who played in the dry afternoon)


any actual gloves dropped?

Polo Happiness continues.

Morning rain was what it was everyone just played their games and I hear it was really not too bad. Afternoon rain stopped, overcast skies. Court 4 is was bumpy and puddly but hey I heard it was a pond in the morning.

Funny how I have not mentioned nets. These are my first games with play with nets. The Geneva goals are awezome. Will post picture.

Alright today was very exciting. Play is getting more vigorous all the time. These Rotten Apples from London have a bulldozer. During pickup on Thursday I was told it was considered gauche in the UK to look menacingly at the goalie. Perhaps not so much.

OK, so some of the exciting (unofficial) updates from yours truly.

This is available to you if you want to download an image file and try to make out the 32 teams arranged for tomorrow. For example, yours truly is playing in game 10. If we win we mostly likely get Smile. Then should we be bold and fortunate we would get either The Odds or Strange Brew (que Geddy Lee on bass). There are no friendly places to hide on Sunday.

Some highlights of games watched today...Rotten Apples plays Dans Te Guelle. Brutal game to beer point. Very physical. I believe Rotten Apples wins in the final seconds (may be wrong here). Strange Brew plays a team with Copenhagen; Drunkie Unkie gets the heckling points. Martin & Rory got the count it points. Copenhagen nailed one nice goal. Copenhagen then goes down the street to hand a loss to Rotten Apples. Meanwhile Strange Brew goes down against the number one Prelim team, Toughshit.

Top seeds: L'Equipe, Smile, Machine Polotics, TBA (Alexis' team? Have not caught a game of theirs yet). Some surprising teams not playing on Sunday. I believe Lexington is out, along with Sean/Matt/Menace. DFL looks to go to a team traveling all the way from down under to be here.

Tweeting may happen from polojoel, or not. Other sources may be more successful with their internet-fu.

My photographer was MIA so not a lot to offer here. I had a great snap of a Martin goal lined up but damn Rory got in the way.

Rory does tend to do that.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.


Keep your standards low, and morale high.

when is the final games estimated to be played EST?

i think it said the finals were supposed to be around 5pm Berlin time so that is 11am eastern time.

follow the elimination bracket here. http://tinyurl.com/whbpc2010-finals
twitter feed here http://twitter.com/bikepoloberlin

The live brackets are amazing.

Beavers just sent the European champs to the loser's bracket. Only one eruo team left in the winner's bracket.

Wow, yeah. Very cool for the rest of us. Kudos!

All European teams will be eliminated by 11am CST!


geez lucky you should have used your powers to the wise and stated that "all NA teams will be eliminated by 11am CST" maybe the others would have done better.

I'm not usually into spreadsheets but this one is fucking exciting!

Cascadia is out. Smile just lost 1-0 to Toros from Munich.

Beavers vs Machine to come.

Machine beat Kev/Jonny/Alexis 5-4.

I have a feeling that team is going to crawl its way out of the loser's bracket.

the spreadsheet is wayyy cool..... big thanks goes out to polojoel for sending updates.... now my eyes on spreadsheet.... go teams!!!!

EVBP foreva

i've never enjoyed a google doc this much.

ben schicago wrote:

I would like to take the opportunity to say that Chris Williams and Jerod Walz are two of the best polo players I've ever had the privilege to set foot on the court with.

Also, super handsome.

Me too! i love this little note at the top too...

"Viewing in simple list mode due to high traffic to this document."

L'Equipe vs Machine Politics to see who gets to face The Beaver Boys in the Championship.

Oh man I hope it's a rematch of the finals here in COMO at the 7th Midwests!

And Midwest 6

And ESPIs. What's with the twitter feed? They've got Beavers VS L'Equipe? Who won CHI vs MKE?


i think the twitter feed is a typo, it should be chi vs l'equipe.

Beavers up on Chicago, 2-1. Dear god I've never refreshed a twitter page so many times...

"bikepoloberlin Beavers vs. Machine: 4 - 1 This is going way to fast! #whbpc2010 #whbpc"

Beavers for the WIN. World Champs. Congrats, Milwaukee.

FUCK YEAAAAAAAAA! Midwest represent!!


Keep your standards low, and morale high.


congrats mke

ben schicago wrote:

I would like to take the opportunity to say that Chris Williams and Jerod Walz are two of the best polo players I've ever had the privilege to set foot on the court with.

Also, super handsome.

can i get a top ten list? thanks. congrats boys!

Dillman is the new Five Points

I am really waaaay to blissed out to press too many buttons on this device. I love you all so here are some words. More later if I come up with good side stories.*

If the Worlds comes back to the North America next year we have to represent yo. Berlin was the hostest with the mostest. It was a World Championship to behold.

In the early afternoon we had top NA teams playing each other, and top Euro teams playing each other. It was NY vs. The Odds, E.Van vs. Seattle, CCC (Karlsruhe) vs. Cosmic (UK), El Club (Spain) and Dans Te Guele, Puceau and BAD. Perhaps irony was happening. Thu-Fri had a delightful mix of teams, few had to play against familiar faces. Instead they had to qualify against the best from far away. On Sunday it comes to pass that the familiar faces have to sort themselvs out to make a strong finale.

That finale included Torros (Munich) L'Equipe (Geneva) Machine Polotics (Cheigh Ka Go) Milwaukee (Beaver Boys) working out the final double elim. Fuck the Border made a spirited effot deep in the winner's brackets, disrobing in the rain against M.P.; taking that loss into a game against L'Equipe. L'Equipe won and my they were sporting beautiful clean red jerseys for the game. I say that if FtB had gone skins it would have been a different game. Fashion counts here people lets not deny it. Well, fashion and mean fast hands that make pretty goals. L'Equipe made goals on FtB. Chicago beat them to have another crack at the Beaver Boys.

The final was played with the sun behind the buildings. BriBri scored from afar. He scored from near. That is, two from beyond half court quick pow into the net, and three from front to make five nice points in the World Championship. I think the guy deserves a spot in hardcourt polo history. The Dillman. You try to get one, in your weekly pickup. Good luck with that. Let us know. We'll be doing this again next year Worlds 2011, applications accepted and encouraged.

There were capacity crowds around court two today. Besides the hard rain on FtB v. L'Equipe we had sun and mostly fantastic weather. The afternoon games were a delight. Imagine a wet blacktop in the warm sunset. Players' long shadows on the far wall. A huge crowd of world polo family surrounding, cheering, pounding walls, screaming loud, even doing the wave. Prizes were a mosh pit of joy (sorry for the broken bottle).

The fading daylight slow exodus had a steady cool easy late evening breeze maybe 8 knots across the courts, heavy dark clouds high overhead still holding back the rain. People carrying back schwag and memories. Courts one and three running pickup games in the dying light, the hard core getting in games when they can.

Thank you Berlin.

* A small one, somewhat apropos...my girlfriend Cecilia's camera took a mallet to the lens as I tried to capture Truffle beating Rotten Apples. There were cameras everywhere I hope some of the images can be seen on The Internet, because after that I figured I would scribble instead of work a (mostly broken) device. Someone else can get the eye candy.

Thanks for the juicy commentary Joel. Much appreciated!

From jailhouse to top of the world:


Fuck yes MKE!!!

Midwest FTW!!!

MALICE for the people.

Amazing tournament, Amazing finals games!
Thanks Berlin, and Thanks to every team who make this game so incredible.

Great work MKE! Let us know if you are near Geneva this days, send me a message.

Congrats to the Midwest from the Southwest. Nice 1-2 on the podium! -MT

If some berliner found key attached with a blue strap, please let me fuckin' know...

Thanks Berlin for all this week, I met amazing people from all the world, Vancouver for the 2011!!

*Somenone forgot a Marathon plus 700x28 locked to a fence.*

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

Awesome weekend, and as always, too short.

Bests games we play: Toros in the qualif and Trefoil in the finals, those damn golden goals... See you in Vancouver (?) for the rematch!

So happy that Milwaukee won it!

Many many greats games! bests games on sunday
Machine vs Kev/Jonny/Alexis
Beavers vs Machine 4/3
Polosynthese vs Strange Brew
Kev/Jonny/Alexis vs l'équipe
Machine vs l'équipe

Thanks Berlin, was a really fucking great tournament!
Nice to see so many poloplayers in Europe...

as everybody said, it was a great moment, the first "true" worlds!

Good points:
- A good balance of teams from all around the world (still missing: asia, south america, scandinavia, russia...)
- probably the best teams playing today (maybe a few strong USA teams missing, but all the good Euro ones were there).
- A relaxed (did I hear anyone say ramshackle?...) atmosphere, a nice green venue, enough shelter from the rain and sun.
- Schedule pretty much on time, even with the disastrous weather
- A lot of courts
- A young and friendly community (we'll look back on this with nostalgia in 5 years when the sport will have gone big)
- Good reffing all around I think, special mention to Paul NYC and Nick Apologie.
- being able to watch 2 (even 3) games at the same time, standing between the courts

Less good points:
- The courts: only one was "world-standard" to me, and even that one wasn't "perfect". The other courts were just too flawed in terms of size and surface
- The scoreboard: pieces of A4 paper??
- The sound system: I wish there had been a good PA system all weekend long to announce the upcoming games, the origins of the teams, the scores etc...
- Goals should have had a deflector in the back so that the ball goes up in the net instead of bouncing straight back out.

Thanks to Berlin! Marc, Oli, Morgan, Stefan, etc... put a lot of efforts into this.


Some lil' rules change from court to court : able to play the goal keeper mallet without the ball, restart after end of time for the golden goal... But nothing really important.

Paul was a great ref (best i've seen for now), give some good 30 second penalty, pragmatism, clear.

There's always a gap between european and us teams for the "check" shoulders on shoulders. Some of good teams from here like polosynthese could do nothing against Beaver Boys, even when the checks was clean, they were really angry and never really get in the game. Here we really play body to body if the other team does the same kind of play, a lot of games could happens without one "real" contact.
When i say "here" i talk about most of european teams, not barcelona for example...

uolmo wrote:

Here we really play body to body if the other team does the same kind of play,

Someone have to start!

uolmo wrote:

When i say "here" i talk about most of european teams, not barcelona for example...

Thanks, we love body to body contact!

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

Hey, but sometimes barcolonians need to keep their arms out of the way during the check:
Image hosted by uppix.net

it could make people a lil bit angry:
Image hosted by uppix.net

uolmo wrote:


Paul was a great ref (best i've seen for now), give some good 30 second penalty, pragmatism, clear.


Thank you Stefan, Martin, Morgan et al. Best tourney and atmosphere yet!

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...


Thanks Marc, Oli, Stefan, Morgan, et al. Epic.

MALICE for the people.

How is Seattle Drew doing? I did not get a full good story on his situation. The basic gist was someone's bars broke his hand in incidental contact. I heard he had to book the first 1-way flight back to Seattle. Please let us know.

@Clement Barcolonians are not phisical by default, although if the game gets to the point, we can play like that. I remember you being very intense....

But I don't understand, you say Barcelona plays phisical like the americans? Is that a good or a bad thing?

And also, it's hard to judge from a photo if Alejandro was making a foult in that moment. The arbitrer didn't think so, and You were the one out of the game for 30 secs, not us.

Anyway good game! ( we needed a win to get in... :/) Next time we do it better.

your mallet and and the hand you play with should never be in front of someone like that. just saying..........

Fuck off

I don't understand how people can't see how ridiculous it is to allow a player to use their mallet arm against a steering arm...specifically a defender trying to get the ball from the non mallet side...use your bike skills and court/ball awareness to be in the right spot rather than resorting to desperate and dangerous tactics.

I don't realy know what to think about check during play. That's a game enough dangerous by himself to allow too much physical play. So for me, things need to be done with safety, shoulder on shoulder. Putting arm in front of one player to block him is not allowed.

I think that most of barca players show us some great games and a lot of skills, but there is a part of your game that i don't realy like.

And yes, it was a good game, and the ref' was right when he put me out. I made some huge mallet hack, two times, with one warning...

I think that im gonna begin a thread about body to body contacts.

So you think I should be given 30 seconds penalty for that? Psshhha

*Somebody please think of the children!!*

no, a warning or a ball turnover...
the fact is it was 1-0 for your team at this moment of the game. I was out cause of my stupid red-bulled angry attitude, my friend was going alone to the goal. your team was 3 on top during the power play (3 against 2). Blue player goes straight to open goal, and you never play the ball during this action, the most significant proof is that the ball is on your left side but you keep the mallet on your right to block the player.
I'm not saying that's a pretty huge foul or stuff like that. Just that barcolonians need to play a lil' bit more clean to get on top.

uolmo wrote:

nJust that barcolonians need to play a lil' bit more clean to get on top.

Is El club on top? Beeing 3th in the euros and around 10th in worlds isn't enough?

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

"on top" isn't the right words, you're right...

That is clearly a foul. Hand to forearm. You even steer his bike for a while. Dangerous play. The defending player's front wheel could easily have been taken out from underneath him by force or loss of control.

Which is easy to see when its slowed down but at speed, that could be easily missed.

I saw a lot of slow motion of short sequences that i shoot. and you can see a lot of foul that a ref could'nt see from the center of the court...

hell yes...start and international thread about this...we've had threads about body on body but no decision on what's "too dangerous"...this gray area is going to get some people hurt and I don't want to see polo degenerate into a full safety gear no finesse game. I'm down with a bike hockey league in addition to our current game of polo...I'll play bike hockey as well.

yes, it was a foul. But as far as I know it was allowed to put out a elbow so a player do not enter your space. I'm not saying it was correct, just saying that a defensive elbow was allowed. Which is not shoulder on shoulder.

Alejandro put a elbow out, joanne was invading.

anyway, it is very difficult to ref, we should use 4 refs, one on every side of the court. And rules should be clear and stable.... now a days they change a bit every tournament. Also lots of grey spots

Maybe elbow out is ok (don't realy know)... but forearms and mallet in front of a player to block isn't.
Alejandro put elbow, forarms, and mallet in front of johann, without trying to get the ball one second...

Four refs is one answer. One ref in the middle can not see what happens directly in front of the goal. Goal refs were there to make weak determinations of goal/no goal, and even then I saw center refs over-ruling them. Players/spectators sometimes knew the center ref was making a bad call and that undermined the ref. I saw that happen once at least.

It's quite a challenge to have many good refs at a big tourney. For finals maybe we could do a better job here. I know in soccer the line judges are held accountable to make calls, the ref depends on them.

Otherwise, we have to continue to be self-ref'ing. Berlin was full of excellent sportsmanship, even vigorous games ended with friendly handshakes.

Yeah.. reffing is something that needs to be refined.
We keep on talking about Barcelonian style being dirty, based on a single action.
Yes, I know I charged your teammate and I did it hard. I had an open goal and wasn't going to let him through. I might have stepped over the line, but sometimes you do what needs to be done without thinking it over. The ref could have called a foul, but he didn't for whatever reason.....
What you don't see is that you and you alone, not your teammates, consistently played an aggressive game that ended up sitting you on the bench for 30 seconds. Blame it on our style, blame it on the redbull, blame it on a single action. It was a fun game and I think it is a shame that you are such a sore loser (it was a TIE!!!).
You are welcome to rematch any time you like.

*Somebody please think of the children!!*

the only people i can blame for the 2 goals that's you put during this game is myself. The first after 20 seconds of play, i get out of my goal to get the ball in front of one of you and don't get it. Open goal. Score.
The second is when i play again unelessly and shitty agressive mallet to mallet contact. 30 seconds out. Goal for Barca.
Your absolutely right about all this.
great game.

I was just talking about physical play, not about this game, and trying to make a difference between the phys of some us teams and some spanish teams.
(edit: My bro tell me, and he's right, that all your team was pretty clean during this game, so this debat is useless here. And you're right about the fact that only one sample prove nothing...)

I try to bega an topic today about body to body contact. to stop talking about all this into the berliner thread.

"stop talking about all this into the berliner thread."


It was definitely one of the most frequent conversations during the event. Everyone talked about aggression, whether it was too much, lots of finger pointing. It was a fairly constant buzz, one could meet complete strangers from the other side of the world and start up a conversation about it.

It's good to see a reprise here from home.

I think it deserve a dedicated topic...
Body to body contact is a huge issu in Polo World... When people play always together they begin to have their own kind of appreciation of b-b contacts (and all other part of rules). For example in Geneva we allow shoudler on shoulder, forarms lil' push, but nothig more. So when we go into a tourney and play against a team who always play "check" and body hit, there is a gap. Like i say before, during the MKE-polosynthese game, some check was pretty clean for MKE but look really unapproriate into the synthese players eye's.

Everyone has different opinions. Sometimes the minority opinion is right...the audience could be quite unfair &/or unobservant at times.

What I'm saying is start a new thread, or talk about it here, or talk about it anywhere. It's funny...you can't get two players in a room together without talking about it. We need to play together more. Worlds 2011!

I posted the bike polo t-shirts seen at worlds on my site. Nearly 100 images.
thanks to all who let me snap pics

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

great pics!



AJ you better be there next year!