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WHBPC 2012 Geneva 14 - 18 august

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - Saturday, August 18, 2012
Contact info: 
Court size: 
3 courts.Scenario A: 2 courts 18x36m, 1 court 22x32m Scenario B 2 courts 15x37m, 1 court 15x32m

48 teams tournament.

Wilcard on tuesday 14 august.

Tournament on three day, from 16 to 18th august.

Format (for now):

More informations about format really soon!

Housing and food:
Housing is booked for 200 people in city bunkers near the courts.
Protection civil bunkers are spots like that:
not so sexy but for free and for everybody. Any other stuff is really expensive in geneva.
Plus they are next to court and lake, around the most beautiful part of the city... so it's worth it.
You can also find some room here http://www.genevahostel.ch/

We are making food for playing days, Wildcard included.

Instragram photo stream: http://whbpc2012.org/whbpcphotostream/

Thanks to our sponsors and partners who are making this possible:
Major sponsors and partner

Northern Standard
Ville de Genève
Waiting for the sun


Bike to work
Indian Summer
Lucky Basterds
Victoires cycles



cycle d'orientation de sécheron
1 avenue blanc

Signed up

the best invitational tournament of the year!

one team gets an invitation and there is a good chance they would have been there anyway.

Flame war, go.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

that's not the point, there are plenty of teams that would've been there anyway but still have to spend the time and money qualifying.

anyways, this thread isn't the place.

"anyways, this thread isn't the place."

yeah, so...
Keep your comments for the forum thread please: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/tournaments/2012/04/16/informations-an...

Why is the wildcard on the Tuesday? Is it a 2-day event?

We want a day off for potentials issues, and we want an official day for chilling out too.

There's a quick sneak peek of the court: http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/6743320/1/sneakpeek?h=e03b80

that looks really sweet, i'm kicking myself for not being able to go.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

i love the poster

nice work clem! can't wait


Just wanted to check what dates the accommodation for players would be available from so I can work out my flights.

We have spot in bunkers since sat 11, you are welcome for helping or visiting town during this dates.

Virginia, you can visit us in Berlin any time you want, just let us know!

Also, anyone that wants to came to play in Berlin, will be welcome, housed, and will get to play at the WHBPC central court, plus beers, lake....

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

Thanks Rik! Will have to come back to Berlin another time - going to Barcelona and and London instead.

Protection civil bunkers are spots like that:
not so sexy but for free and for everybody. Any other stuff is really expensive in geneva.
Plus they are next to court and lake, around the most beautiful part of the city... so it's worth it.

they are VERY sexy. Who sleeps anyway?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

You. You need to rest your voice for the finals!

If you fly into Basel, what's the best way to get to Geneva?

Train, but that's expensive in switzerland. But the travel worth it.
Car if you find some basel guys who are going down. Maybe that's possible to find cheap ticket as a "day trip journey" in switzerland if we handle that with basel guys...

Any U.S. team that is 2/3 qualified already and thinks they'll need a third should get at me. Just placed 13 at ESPI so I'm not sure if the displacement allows my team to go to NAs. Regardless, I'll be in Geneva whether I get to play in Worlds or not.

Although, I'd much rather play.

voilà: http://whbpc2012.org/

The poster is sick!!

"We don't need no education"

Hey guys, My Team mate and I are looking for someone to put us up for a few days until the bunkers become available as we fly in early, are there any forum spaces or facebook groups that I might find some locals to have a chat to? Thanks in advance.

PCP||Perth Cycle Polo

When are you coming?
We gonna open a facebook group to talk about it soon.

We fly in on the 7th of August if my memory serves me correctly, There is just the two of us and we will know no one, just want a couch or a bit of floor to sleep on and maybe some good advice for things to fill our days with until the tournament.

PCP||Perth Cycle Polo

Im gonna try to figure something out, pretty sure i can find you a couch until 7 to bunker opening days.

For how to fill your days, swiming in the river and lake, drink, playing pick up and construct courts should be your only task.

Ahh Thankyou kindly! Might I add that your suggestions for activities sound perfect! would you mind if I added you on facebook? I tend to keep track a little bit better on there.

PCP||Perth Cycle Polo

Paris Bike Polo, I need somewhere to rest my head in Paris from Aug. 9 through Aug. 12 and maybe again on Aug. 22.

Coming a very long way. Can ya help me out?

I am coming to get my Europe on for the worlds . If anyone needs a 3rd , I was born in Peru , grew up in Scotland , lived in Germany for 4 years , Australia for over a year , am a resident of the USA and fecking love bike polo. How do we sign up for the Wildcard

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

You and me old friend?
Sign me up!!!

Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!

What's all this talk of old . I'm at beer point so it aint game over yet......and if i win next year it's 5-4 instead of 4-5 so I get another game , annyhoo. So Let's do it.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Flights booked . Arriving at beer 30 on the 13th . Leaving 29th at beer point. What happens in between is yet to be written. Slay ya there

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Is TGV the best way to get from Paris to Geneva? Are there regional trains that are cheaper? What are my options? Can one of you Paris dudes strap me to the roof of your car?


Yeah, what he said.

Will Paris' club be driving to Geneva?

Shut up quit piggie backin' me!

Yeah TGV is the way to go for sure. I think Ngaihon Maija and i will be on the 6pm TGV on Monday the 13th.

Hey Clément what nights will the bunker be available? And do people have plans for Sunday? Anyone taking the train back to Paris Sunday? What time? Ngaihon Maija and I are looking at 18:29 or 19:42 Sunday, or Monday around noon i think.

From 10 to 21 august, more informations soon.

If you wanna get in touch with Paris Bike Polo club, it's here => http://www.facebook.com/pages/Paris-Bike-Polo/446578105360474

We are actually working on a planning to host as many people as possible in paris in August.


Van Barben wrote:

We are actually working on a planning to host as many people as possible in paris in August.

From EHBPC thread:

Van Barben wrote:

We can't offer any housing, parisian flats are really small, we'll post soon some hostel you can contact.


El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

You can't compare 150 polo players coming in town during one WE, and 20 polo players coming on a month. wich make, 5-7 players a week.


x 1,000 common sense

Are you guys still able to host people traveling to worlds? There are three of us from America looking for places to stay in Paris. I posted on your Facebook page but no one responded.


Right now im in holidays, so if you have question ask Helmet here.

Hey Van Barben, my teammate and myself are to be in Paris a few weeks after WHBPC, and I was wondering if there is at all a chance that someone could put us up for a few days and show us around?

PCP||Perth Cycle Polo

Or perhaps recommend a good hostel or Hotel that is nice and cheap.

PCP||Perth Cycle Polo

Housing registration for the WHBPC:
(thx kev)

dorms = civil bunker?

The Bisons

For the people that are touring through Europe on their way to the Worlds:

Do we need a sleeping bag for the bunkers?


Mmm, don't think so. I'll check

I am Brendan! I have a dream!
Right now I am in the great polo city of Vicenza, Italy. I am scrambling to find a ride to Paris for the EHBPC. Is anyone driving that has an open spot in your car/van/truck/tractor??? I can help pay petrol/highway tolls. I am also hoping to find a ride from Paris to Geneva or Karlsruhe, or any city nearby after the Euros.
Please let me know if you are able to help a polo bum out.

goddamn keyboard cowboys ruining it for the rest of us

More info for North American teams qualified for WHBPC


I'm travelling around europe for the 20 days before the tournament and therefore cannot bring a bike with me to geneva. I was wondering if you had any advice on bike rental for the week or whether i'd be able to buy a beat up old clunker (i.e for under €20)? Alternatively would anyone from geneva have a bike i could rent off of them for the week? i would of course pay them

ill check that right now.

Brilliant thanks

really excited guys! website is great and the tourney looks to be pretty special!

is it possible to camp next to where the bunkers are? im gonna be cycling for a weeking before the tourney anyhow so i will have my tent and would happily stay in it if its ok to.

You can t put your tent anywhere next courts or bunkers, that's in the middle of the city. You can put you stuff in bunk and manage to wild sleep around courts, o in parc in front of the lake, beautiful. But you can be wake up by cops or some weirdos.

Normally, you don't need a sleeping bag for the bunkers.

Sorry about volunteers who fill the form and didnt get feedback. First thanks a lot, this gonna be rad to have so much help from everywhere, and second point, we are coming back with some informations soon. Trying to give you private housing I you don't want bunkers (which are cool too by they way, ask people from 2010, get no complains about it).

in fact in the bunkers there are: pillow, pillowcase and coverage, so you need a sleeping bag.

So a double sheet would be okay? I am thinking a sleeping bag might be too hot.

Yes, it's ok.
You have (scratchy) blanket if you're cold

Thanks Sarah.
One more question - I will be arriving after 5pm on Sunday 12th. Is this too late to get into a bunker? Would I be better off getting a hotel for one night?

Hey awesome thanks Clem and GVA!

How can my team register for the Wildcard tournament? We're one of the Australian teams: Rob M, Leo and Jojo

gotta give a massive shout out to Geneva for hosting The Worlds. Such a huge responsibility for a club of a dozen slayers , even though you are all world class. Thanks . Hope we can all help out as much as you will allow us. Your pack mule , Machine

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

and i'm in one of the other australian wildcard teams

Is there a sub list anywhere?

I'll be there Monday - Sunday, so happy to sub for anyone, at short notice, that will make do with an average player (not qualified).

Is anybody looking for a third?
If so, stop looking and hit me up!
Flo (monkey punch)

concerning food. do the bunkers have a kitchen?
will there be food during the days of the tourney provided?
what are the reasonable food options near the courts, such as grocery stores? deli? coffee? more coffee?
ill take my answers off the air.

Lunch provided at the 2010 EHBPC in Geneva was amazing!

Also there were some guys making pizza on site... one of the best I´ve ever eaten.

You won't be able to cook into the bunkers but it is very likely that we will have free food for players during the tournament days.
The area is near a lot of: kebab, store, and things to eat.

Yes, maybe the punks who made the pizzas will be there again but nothing certain about that, sorry metroid :)

Do you have a contact email/site for the punks making the pizza?

Saw pictures of the pizza makers!
Even more gutted now that I could not make it ;(

Tourney seemed so amazing, also thanks for running the live stream during the ending ceremony!

Join our WHBPC facebook group :)

Just putting it out there if anyone needs a last minute 3rd let me know. I can't make it to the wild card but will me at the worlds the whole time


For those who come by flight, don't forget to take you free ticket transports at the Baggage Claim ( a grey and white distributor just before the custom aera). Push the button. The ticket will give you free transports in Geneva for one hour. With this you can take the train, directly to the train station CORNAVIN, right in the middle of the geneva. From there, the ride to courts is 4 minutes on the main street call "Rue de Lausanne". If your back is always in a box or a bag you can take it into the tram (small train) to get really close to courts. Publics transports didn't allow bikes in them.

Plan commin' soon.

volunteer for the whole week! ... and ready if any team is looking for a substitute!

Those euro teams have to confirm ASAP that they want to participate in the wildcard:
17. Goldmember (Rouen, FRA)
17. Nice Touch (London, UK) - OK
17. Chacals (Paris, FRA) - OK
17. Tigers (Genova/Padova/Venezia, ITA)
17. Dirty Sanchez (Barcelona, SPA)
17. Goal Diggers (Paris, FRA)
17. Tough Shit (Munich, GER)
17. Simon Says (Antwerp, BEL)
send me a message before monday please. we have to know that to handle the format.

BeerPoint are so looking forward to the Joust and some Good Ol' Fashioned Slaying.
Hope you've all got your Donkey Underpants on.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Commin' from Airpot!!:
For those who come by flight, don't forget to take you free ticket transports at the Baggage Claim ( a grey and white distributor just before the custom aera). Push the button. The ticket will give you free transports in Geneva for one hour. With this you can take the train, directly to the train station CORNAVIN, right in the middle of the geneva. From there, the ride to courts is 4 minutes on the main street call "Rue de Lausanne". If your back is always in a box or a bag you can take it into the tram (small train) to get really close to courts. Publics transports didn't allow bikes in them.

From train station to courts:

is there any options for camping? thinking about coming with a lil camper van...


Nop, not so many free park place around. A camping call "Pointe à la bise" is on the other side of the lake, expensive and kind of fare, but beautiful.

Regarding the Civil Bunkers...

What is the real name and address of the bunkers? I tried a few google searches and can't find anything useful...


probably too seriously...


Also, do the bunkers have washers and dryers? Otherwise, we'll just find a laundromat.

Hey also I was wondering if the bunkers have hot tubs and traditional geneva breakfast?

I also hear there will be complimentary massaged with happy endings for all guests. Please confirm!


C- Courts
B- Dortoirs de la protection civile – Paquis (Rue du Môle 11, 1201 Genève)
A- Dortoirs de la protection civile – Varembé (Rue de Vermont 33a, 1202 Genève)
On this map

Bunkers have no dryer but you will find plenty of lavomatic around, we'll check that for you soon.

Bunkers have shower and bathrooms for everybody.

bunkers gonna get open around 9 or 10 pm every night, and closed every morning around 8am. With some extra opening sessions if needed during the day. It's gonna be dormitory, nothing fancy, but comfortable enough to have good nights. To sleep more we suggest you to sleep in front of the lake, nothing better.

We also try to find 3 or 4 people per Bunkers who leave on the monday who agree to give us a hand to clean the mess up. Cause we have to make it. So we ask you first to try to be clean as possible, and then to give us a hand. If you have here on last monday and what to help us please message me.

Official registration for WHBPC 2012 main event open:
WHBPC registration open: http://whbpc2012.org/registration/
for all the teams who are already in the main event, please fill this form and pay us! Registration for wildcard comming soon (pretty sure all team who already filled the pre-reg gonna get in, confirmation soon).

Wildcard thread:

Tag your pictures about WHBPC with "WHBPC" on instagram to feed the stream.

Program is out:

Courts are done.
Hopefully we get te best scenario: 2 are 18x36 meters. 1 is 22x32 m.
Boards are 1m25 high same kind of Wood as ehbpc 2012 or Seattle whbpc 2011.


Some change gonna happen in these. This is the draft for the groups seeding.

I just wanted to say that I am dissapointed that I have so little to complain about when it comes to watching this tournament from the west coast of america. The live feed is near perfect, podium, while not updating on my computer was doing so on my phone, is keeping me updated swiftly. The games are great fun to watch. (with the exception of Machine and morgan fighting it out, bunch of goofy looking individuals who can't make up there mind where they're from)

Great work to all involved. Now if I could just solve this time difference thing I'd be stoked.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Is the stream being archived at all? I've missed most of them on account of work and booze.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

3 am bud viewing party!

Hey, just looking over the Friday results now and I see one sort of irregularity: How come in the final round of the AM bracket we have two teams up towards the top, Jean Polo Gaultier and Goal Diggers, who should maybe have even played against each other - but instead they end up facing the two last place teams, KBPA and Beer Point? I mean, isn't that the sort of thing that impacts who makes the Saturday cut and who doesn't?

Yes, this is correct.

I had originally manually staged that game, as Jean Polo Gaultier vs Goal Diggers, as you say it's the most logical matchup at that point.

But, at that point these teams had played 10 games already, of the teams left, all the possible combinations of games had been played, including KBPA and Beer Point.

So when I asked Podium to stage the rest of the games it unstaged JPG vs GD, and created the combinations it did. I immediately saw the that, and looked at manually restaging the games left, but there wasn't a possible combination that was any better, without stopping games that were currently on court.

This is unfortunately one of the drawbacks of Swiss, it wasn't Podium's fault (or mine, as far as I am aware).

What could have been done to avoid it?

1) 1 less round. With hindsight, that 6th round wasn't needed, with the initial 5 rounds carried over, almost all the relevant match-ups had been played at that time, and the pairings were starting to diverge.

2) Not staging the next round until the previous one was finished. I haven't looked at all the potential pairings, but it may be possible that a better set of games could have been picked if we completed each round before selecting the first pairings. But if you do that, you are potentially losing 20+ minutes of court time every round.

It's something to bare in mind for future tournaments. Apart from this, I didn't see a single bad pairing all week.

Well put...

Thanks for all your hard work, you did an excellent job running a huge tourney. I'm very excited to have a Podium Partner in Europe now! Let's do it again this weekend:)

It did seem kind of weird, and meant that after that 6th round we (Chacals) dropped down and had to do the playoffs... and be excluded from saturday's bracket...

Beyond that WHBPC was a blast, too many fun times to mention, too many amazing games to remember, too many nice people to thank!


The matchups looked just fine, with that one exception.

(actually, one other little one: a rematch of Triple Dutch Rudder and Love Sex Violence, Thurs AM/Fri AM - But still much smoother than the matchups for last year's worlds out here where we had some bizarro problems where the computer lost a couple of team's entire day one results)

A Swiss definitely suffers from your #2 point: you can't really start staging the next round before the current one ends without quite a bit of guesswork, and that guesswork gets harder as rematches force the next rounds matchups to be more and more convoluted. That said, unless most of your games had already been played, it's extremely unlikely that the matchup you ended up with was the best that could've been done. But whatever. Had they faced off, it would've taken a 5-0 blowout by JPG to knock Goal Diggers down to that #14-15 playoff spot. So it's very unlikely that it changed the tournament in any way (sorry Yorgo) beyond some minor seeding down in Saturday's 25-31 spots (which it surely did change). Something algorithmic for Podium to improve, I imagine.

And I agree with your #1 as well: no need for that last round. Ten rounds is plenty for that number of teams.

There's a bit of apples-and-oranges going on, though, when you move to Friday and shuffle the pools but keep Thursday's results. Seeding the two pools separately but using the results from the crossover games doesn't make a lot of sense (i.e. teams in the top 18 Friday who saw more of the bottom 30 on Thursday have somewhat inflated records, and teams in the bottom 30 who saw more of the top 18 have depressed records - a problem that's exacerbated somewhat by the fact that Podium doesn't take into account the relative difficulty of opponents faced, where a three point loss to a good team is much worse for you than a one point loss to a bad team). If it were me, I think I would initially seed teams Friday using the results from Thursday, but not use those results for Friday rankings beyond maybe breaking ties.

Still, these are minor quibbles. Tournament looked great from way out here.

Hmm, how bizarre, you are correct those two teams did play each other twice. That shouldn't have happened. I don't know how I missed it.

I disagree you with you about choosing games early. With the exception of a couple of games in the second round of the first day (where all the teams are still too close to be certain, and suicide seeding is still being used), every pairing I manually choose was the correct pairing, I made sure to check that they were the only mathematically possible opposition, regardless of the results of the rest of the games in the round.

And with the JPG Goal Diggers situation, the round was already fairly advanced, there were only 8 teams who hadn't played or weren't playing. I checked those 8 teams, and there was no combination where JPG and Goal Diggers could play each other (without repeating a game already played).

I agree that using the results from the day before, isn't perfectly fair, but at the same time if you've had a tough run in the first 5 games, you'd still have 6 games left, which should start off easier because of the first day. So I don't think that really makes that much of a difference. But not carrying the results over would be an option. Using a Median-Buchholz style tiebreaker would help of course.

Final Results

1st - Call Me Daddy (William, Polo, Greg Paris)
2nd - Guardians (Cody, julian, Dustin SEA)
3rd - Clobber Politics (Ben, Joe CHI, Robie OTT)
4th - DeadRappers (luca CBG, Emmet, Brendan LDN)
5th - Edisons (Eddy, Moritz, David)
5th - Portland United (Arlyn, jason, Eric PDX)
7th - LEquipe (Manuel, Mario, Lukas GVA)
7th - Gettin Wild (josh, Hayden, Lee CBG)
9th - Hooks (Florent Paris, Vallette, maks ROU)
9th - Beaver Boys (eric, Brian, joe MKE)
9th - Moteur Fuckers (Lolo, Piks, Sammy GVA)
9th - Crazy Canucks (Rory, chris, Alex VAN)
13th - COSMIC (Todd, Rupert LDN)
13th - Ma Couille (Remy, GUIGUI, Rob Paris)
13th - Iron Ponies (Johan, Clement, Quentin GVA)
13th - Sophie (Daniel, Pete, Giv)
17th - The Buddies (Christopher, Eric ATL, Nick TO)
17th - Long Hair Don't Care (kouyo, joey, Anthony SEA)
17th - Cocorico (Hugo, Seabass, Marc Paris)
17th - Bourbonic Bacon (Chris LEX, jake MKE, Nick MPLS)
17th - Nice Touch (Dave, Josh, Cam LDN)
17th - Spring Break (Jon, Adam, Ryan LDN)
17th - Jean Polo Gaultier (Melvyn, Daniel, Florian BER)
17th - St. Louis Cardinals (Nick COMO, Pierre DC, Jonny MAD)
25th - Candy Colored Clowns (Max, Hannes FKB, Robert HAM)
25th - Pienture 51 (Salvo, Kevin LYN, Tom Paris)
25th - The Bisons (David, Gabor, Dodi BUD)
25th - Shaft Punk (Felix, Remi, Alex)
25th - Yatagarasu (Mambo OSA, Arthur, Tommy TOKYO)
25th - Guacapolo (Antoine, Vincent BRU, Max CBG)
25th - Goal Diggers (David, Mattheiu, Alex Paris)
25th - No Big Deal (kev, maija, Ngaihon TO)


Thank you Geneva...
Is anyone opposed to having worlds later in the year in 2013?
There is a spot in Florida with six hockey courts... Just sayin.
Also sayin, all tournaments should have a mallet work station with non proprietary atachments available...
America Jr you guys fucking rock!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...


Count me in.

We provided almost aniyhing needed, from food to beds. Mallet work stations are not commons in Europe, most of the time people show up in tourneys with one or two good mallets and don't need any tools for that. It was a surprise for me when people asked for that, honestly we didnt think about it before the first question. Milk guys won't bring screw and stuff they dont need for their mallets and we get trouble with the guys who where suppose to handle a proper bike station. ( plus I would say people should ask themselves why they need all this for makin a mallet)

Yes for florida, but i think that more than 3 courts is not mandatory. As that's really hard tofind a ref crew for one or two courts during a tourney, feed 6 courts is really hardcore.

Clement, many many thank you's for all of your hard work. My apologies for coming off a little pissed, my only excuse is lack of sleep causing me to be irritable.
It's ok, i was just surprised. By my own laziness I didn't make mallets before I left, one reason being I wanted to try a new attachment like you guys use.
What the guys at milk have come up with is superb and they should be very proud of their product. I did end up having to purchase a full set up something I really hadn't budgeted for but it's ok it worked very well.
This tournament was very smooth and we all had a blast. You have an amazing family and it was so nice to see how they came to support you and us, it's something I've never witnessed before. Very touching...
Everything was in place and orderly with no confusion, housing, courts, lake, river, beer and food (healthy food) all so close together it was truly amazing!
Thanks to you and your relatively small club of 20 or so? Did put on the best worlds to date, you all should be very, very proud of your event.
Great job and thanks again to all who cheered on the United.
Your pal
p.s. That Dachshund was so precious I just wish he liked me and would let me pet him...oh well

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...


son... wrote:

p.s. That Dachshund was so precious I just wish he liked me and would let me pet him...oh well

Ha ha, this is for you:

Image hosted by uppix.net

Thanks for the kind words by the way.

pretty amazing weekend.
bridge jumping into river.
best polo lunches ever. the "vegan-friendly" stuff in North America has nowhere near as many vegan options and nowhere near as healthy / quality.
travelling with the toronto crew.
pizza punks, i think i ate about 30 slices...
seeing the most ever fast, hard, clean polo.
matt from munich feeding me Helles.
reffing and not getting any disrespect.
late night lake swimming.
awesome courts.
british hecklers, although i suppose there will be many times more this weekend.
seeing tons of people i haven't seen since WHBPC 2010 or earlier.
goal reffing from the side Panizzo wasn't shooting on.
Taiwan, Japan, six teams from Australia.
seeing three totally different styles of polo represented on the podium--this sport still has a long way to go.........
train ride back to paris with the world champs and the prez.

Agreed. What a weekend. Thank you Geneva: Clem, Quen, Sarah, L'Equipe, Ponies, Elena, John H, Louisa, Mother of Ponies. EVERYONE. Holy moly, it was superb.

Walky talkies, lanyards, free lunches for refs and volunteers, meeting NA folks, the Japanese team who were all over the court like a rash, Machine's team, the lounging area, Cambridge upstaging London, Emmet and Super Luca, the Guardians and their super clean passing plays. The courts, the bunkers. I could go on...

As always, travelling and courtside hangs with LPC still the reason I play polo. <3

See y'all in London this weekend !


Well done.
I am still in awe after the entire adventure.

Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!


"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Does anyone know whats going on with the video archives?

be patient! it was the frickin world championships!
and when it comes, IT'LL BE AWESOME.

just rewatch the NA videos again ;)


No video archive of the streaming unfortunately but we will upload games to vimeo (the camera was streaming and recording in hd).

Hi Geneva Bike Polo,
What can I say ....................EVERYTHING is running thru my mind about the most perfect Slaycation i was ever on. You as a club, a community , a family and as individuals are some of the most selfless , incredible people that I have ever encountered in my days on earth.
Your organizational skillz , stamina , unfaltering love for the poloverse and generosity blew us all away hourly with a perfectly organized slaycation for the poloverse. We all thank you from the heart of our hearts.
If you weren't there ,I'm sorry , but here is a very bare list of what you missed.
World Class Polo , Perfect courts , on time everything except the final due to us reffs , an unlimited supply of cold draft beer and espresso, meals made from the garden of eden and served with silver cutlery and on china plates to all , perfect HD streaming for your pleasure , permanent smiles and good times , a world class polo community , free accomodation for EVERYONE attending for 9 days (I shit you not) with a real bed and a hot shower , Fritz and Flo , Lake Geneva , The River , The City of Geneva and it's people ,free outdoor movies every nite , kebabs , all night everything ,the best game of the world championships(for me) Iron Ponies v Gettin Wild , polo love ...............................................
Thank You Moteur Feckers from the Poloverse

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Thank you machine, and thank you for your help and involvement into ref schedule, refin and commentary.
See you next time!


clobber politics vs edisons game please!

Replay from WHBPC are up slowly, here are some:


Thanks Claire for uploading and work on the vidéos. Thanks to all the staff involved in this.

Max, this game is coming...

Thanks for taking the time to sort all these videos out Clem (and Claire), they're ace... keep them coming!


Goal Diggers vs Ride or Die:

thanks clem!! I can't wait!

the next rainy afternoon is gonna be packed with polo. Between the Worlds and Mr Do, Nice John, Leo , Jeremy, Sven , bikepolo.tv , Geneva,Claire, Dr Chan and The Stream teams efforts and everyone who ever pointed a camera at a court Reckon we could rent a theatre somewhere for a week of polo entertainment. As long as the weather is too ridiculous to play

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Who won the MVP?

Suerte y puntería

Luca. Played on Dead Rappers from London/Cambridge in the UK.

And Dustin-Guardians-206.

Luca is playing in this one, small guy on the small bike. Fastest on court, the only one who seems to be able to avoid from behind checks from robbie:

One of the best come back ever in polo history:
Clubber politics=Dirty Laser Shots team.

Easy for things to look dirty when the size difference is that big. For example, that check at 7:30, the one Robbie got called for, was clean. You can't take the wall just because you want the wall - what's he supposed to do, let him by? Cleaner than Luca's monster hack at 12:40!

Even on bigger players Robbie can look dirty (the one against david in the net for example, 11:00 of eddisons game). Some of his checks are just drop the whole body and bike on somebody, regardless how he's gonna handle it later. Sometimes that's juste forearms check (Same example against david). And sometimes that's just clean.
Yes it's easier to say that's dirty because you're bigger, sometime it's also easier to be dirtier because you're bigger.
Checking somebody by falling on him is not checking, that's just falling. nothing skillfull or nice in that kind of move. See for example the one at 6:58, he just check of the ball emmet then fall completly on him whit all is body and bike.
the one at 7:30 i would call it mid-clean. The first part of the move can be considered as legal, but after that, using all your boding when you fallin to try to make the oppenent dab is a foul in my opinion. Also the fact that he's bigger make that the check he put is right on the head of lucas, for me that's dangerous play.

And yes, Luca is really often a dirty player who avoid a lot of call because of his size and speed ( I reff one of his game, and sometimes he's so quick that you just miss the fouls he did). But in the case you mention, i don't think that anybody can be hurt by this kind of hacking (that i would prefere call "big", than "monster").

By the way, this should deserve a whole thread in the Rule section about what we considere as legal check or not. Seeing some stuff at worlds and at ehbpc make me feel that sometime we are going to far in this kind of play. We are putting move that can be considere as illegal in ice hockey in a sport were player are wearing less shield to protect themseleves.

I don't disagree with any particular point you've made. It's just that, if Robbie were to hit me like in your reference to 6:58, we'd bounce off each other all day. It only comes across as a topple because the largest dude on their team probably comes in at 65-70 kg. Robbie's a hockey player, he's been pushing around against big guys his whole life. But yeah, you're right on all accounts and I agree with you on the Eddison reference.


By the way dirty was also to call the kind of shots this team put on. But "insane" is probably more accurate. Robbie and Joe just know how to laser beam this shit.

Good points Clem, we were also debating the fact that small guys get away with loads compared to big guys.

We're also a little confused by what Ryan is/isn't allowed to do at times... he has mastered the "surprise check" (shoulder-to-shoulder cleanly from the non-mallet side taking people off their bikes as they haven't seen him), but everyone hates it and kicks up a fuss.

what "get away with loads" mean?

Ryan checks are often from behind I think, or seems to push on the steering arms.

In my opinon we should get rid of a lot of check moves and only keep a few of them.

One that also disturb me is the frontal check, when you cross an opponent you just throw your shoulder where you can. Im always confuse when i see that move, fell like a big guy could easily brok your shoulder by doing that. And what if some come with shoulder pad begin to do that? still allowed?

Ryan is too tall for your steering arm!

Check the CMD game: https://vimeo.com/48859324 (7:30), completely clean in my opinion, Greg is just looking at the ground and not ready for it? Refs called the exact same move in our other games (you called it against Bisons, etc)?

I'd like to see an illustrated set of rules to make it abundantly clear what's allowed (and what's not).

Clean as fuck.

We definitly have to make a thread about it.

" illustrated set of rules "

like with short clips and stuff ? :D

uolmo .Clement. wrote:

One that also disturb me is the frontal check, when you cross an opponent you just throw your shoulder where you can. Im always confuse when i see that move, fell like a big guy could easily brok your shoulder by doing that. And what if some come with shoulder pad begin to do that? still allowed?

This! I got a check like this from Eddy in Karlsruhe and it hurt!

put a ban on shoulder pads

aach come on Robbie ya cant ban shoulder pads...........................I'd have to get a whole new wardrobe.
and gr8 to play against Butterfly Tits at the London Open , I particularly enjoyed our "lean to screen" session off the ball when you said "Machines got me" to Julian .

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

BoozeKruse wrote:

You can't take the wall just because you want the wall - what's he supposed to do, let him by?

If you, as a defender, are put in a situation where you can either crash/fall into an offender or let them by, it seems obvious to say that you should let them by because crashing/falling into them is illegal.

People seem to bring up the 'I'm not just supposed to let you by' defense all the time and it's pretty silly. If you're beaten (in terms of speed and position), then yes, you are supposed to let them by. I'm not saying the crash at 7:30 was one of these sorts of situations, though. I'm just fucking tired of seeing people put their front wheel into someone's bike along the boards because 'I'm not just supposed to let you by'. If the only way to not let someone by is by breaking the rules via t-boning/questionable checking, then yes, you should let them by.

You're creating a situation that I wasn't commenting on. I didn't say its okay to do something illegal to stop a ball carrier. I said that if you try to squeeze like in the video, expect to get hit, and that it didn't warrant a penalty just because it was rough. He got the whistle because he complained. Robbie wasn't beat in terms of speed or position. But yes, I suppose it doesn't hurt to clarify that I wasn't using that term as a catch-all for limitless violence.

L'équipe vS dirty sanchez.

Yatagaratsu Vs Supercolliders

Here's some photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/49844967@N07/sets/72157631625869742/

Thanks y'all for the amazing time!

Love your pics!

my blog report:



This is not a report about the champs, but just about your team (indeed your team shirts) and your stupid car.


Nice report, except the part about our game, we would have beat you even without paying the ref.

Our new playing style will leave you dazed and confused (in a good way), sorry for the consistently messy games..!

more vids:

What's up with the Lefty Joe highlights you're trying to post? There's a banner of over them that says PROCESSING ERROR and they won't play!

Many thanks for all the vids you already post. Just curious what happened to these highlights.

i know it sucks, im trying to upload a shitty footage of olny one shot from shot against dead rappers, the last one. but it seems that vimeo don't like the windows movie maker file i tried to send.

Ah bummer. No worries, man. Like I said, it's nice just to have some games to watch.

How many do you have left to post?

maybe it dont want you to upload it!

yeah i keep refreshing uolmo vimeo page, love it.


Here's a new game of WHBPC 2012 :


enjoy ^^