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Winter Whack II - New Zealand

Saturday, August 6, 2011
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Court size: 
18 x 36m (hopefully we'll run two courts)

Australasias’ coldest Bike Polo Tournament is back!. For 2011 Christchurch is adding a Knife Fights session (1vs1 polo) on the Friday evening – 5th August, 8pm at the courts
main tournament is on Saturday 6th August.


Heathcote Domain Courts Christchurch
New Zealand

Signed up

Hey Visitors,

CHC took another hit with a fairly serious earthquake "aftershock" on Monday 13th June. I'd previously recommended that the area of Sumner be the Hub for all players accommodation and happenings as it was close to the courts and was a good "village" to be in. Unfortunately the aftershock on Monday has caused further rock fall in that area and it's fairly beat up. I'm now going to recommend that the area of Addington be the Hub. I've revised the visitor map on our blog to show the essentials for that area. It's closer to the airport and not too much further from the courts... it's the best we can do for 2011 but should be perfectly adequate and has far less damage and no risk of falling rocks!!

Map here: http://chchardcourt.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/winter-whack-ii-essentials-...

...was going to comment that the weather is looking good this weekend, but maybe hold that thought for a couple more days.

Don't jinx it... but yes it's lookn' solid.

That was an awsome day of polo! :)

who won??

The Hammer of Thor - Damon [MLB], Will [MLB] & Glenn [AKL] - not a whitewash tho', Polo Disco managed to draw 4-4 in round robin with them... keeping them on their toes. Full review on blog soon.