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Zagreb International bike polo tournament

Saturday, May 11, 2013 - Sunday, May 12, 2013
Host club: 
Bike Polo Zagreb
Contact info: 
Court size: 

Zagreb International bike polo tournament
Saturday / Sunday From 11th to 12th of May 2013.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/548616855157453/
Tournament tumblr: http://bikepolozagreb-tournament.tumblr.com/
Chillout hostel Zagreb: http://www.chillout-hostel-zagreb.com/
Time and place:
Saturday / Sunday 11th,12th of May 2013, Zagreb, Croatia
Court: Outdoor inline hockey rink covered with tent, (a roof)
Dressing room: Showers, toilets,
Other facilities: Light, sound system (disco ball), beverage bar, a parking lot,
Accommodation: Free sleeping on the site Saturday / Sunday only (covered & heated)

Chillout hostel tournament offer:
- 4 bed room - 12 € person/night
- 8 bed room - 8 € person/night
- Parking - 24h- 6,7 € (reservation 7 days in advance)
- Breakfast -3 € - Dinner - 4 € (individual order when check in)
- Airport transfer - 13,3 € (4 persons max, one direction, individual order when booking )

Saturday: 18 teams, 5 rounds of Swiss Round, 10 minutes Games
Sunday: 16 teams, Double elimination, 10 minutes to unlimited games

15€/per person
Registration fees include
Free sleeping on the site Saturday/Sunday only (covered & heated)

More info regarding
-time table
…soon enough!

For all your questions fell free to contact us

Court video...


Klizalište Velesajam - Inline hocky rink
Ul. Joszefa Antalla bb

Signed up

Inline hocky rink, at the moment totally covered

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

This facility is absolutely awesome... if I knew about this set up a month ago, I would've come out to Zagreb... when is this.....
May 11th & 12th??? Rock on Zagrebpolobros!!!

oh shit, wrecked again!

Argh... i really fucked up my vacation back to Europe.... should make it 24/4 -15/5 instead of 17/4 - 7/5 ... In that way i can also do Smack in da Middle.... uhmz.....

Would love to come. I hope I can make it timewise!

Is the court slippery?

It's not like concrete, not that type of grip ofc.
U get used to it in a few min. on it.
Super smoothhhhh... u fall in love with the wall pass behind the goal :)

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Maybe interested, flights from London are really cheap right now.

You should come John, already missed out on the eastern european qualifier ;)

Glad go hear...
Metriod is right... east, south-east this May :)

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

I've got a team sorted, so I'll be there.

Graz is really looking forward to this event!

pumpkin bread will wait for u guys... :)

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

yes we will come for sure!

Very tempted, I've been wanting to go to an Eastern European tournament!

Right on!

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Im in,
hope its not too slippy though, can you turn hard at speed without worrying your front wheel will slide out?

Hey there,
Yeap, you can turn hard at speed.

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Cant wait now,never been in Croatia so Im expecting fun fun fun :-)

Now u got me worried.
Will find triple FUN around here somewhere :D

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Psss... I tell you something in secret, we'll be there :)

Whooo! Apolland :)

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

I've got another secret.... Beardless are thinking about being there too :)

Pajac, The Beardless


Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Right on guys, great news!!! :)

do you or will you have a fb event?

The Bisons

We will make this FB event, just need little work on few more detail.
Will let u know :)

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Facebook event is up

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Registration will start on 15th of February, exactly at 11.00 am CET.

For Your successful registration we will need You to:

• send us an email to bikepolozg@gmail.com with subject „registration“, together with
• your team name
• names of all 3 players (2 players at least. If you looking for a third one, instead of blank please fill „to be announced“ )
• your town and country

The list of registered teams will be sorted by „first come first served".
Shortly after You register you will receive an email for confirmation.
You are officially registered after a successful payment.
Registration/payment deadline is 1st of April at 12.00 pm CET.

In cases such as a team dropping out, or registration fee hasn't been paid 'till the deadline, the next team on the waiting list (19th, 20th, 21st...) has a chance to register for the spot.



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First! B-)

Still not final ... but close

[photo with email addresses deleted]

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

-Matej- wrote:

Still not final ... but close

Wow, gmail will soon take over the world.
By the way, thanks for all the email addresses ;)

Matthieu wrote:
-Matej- wrote:

Still not final ... but close

Wow, gmail will soon take over the world.
By the way, thanks for all the email addresses ;)

Hope guys and gals don't mind. If so speak now or forever ... :)
Will make it go away :)

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb


Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Tickets booked :-) s u guys soon...

Great news :D

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Here you can see the final list with 18 teams officially registered for Zagreb Bike Polo Tournament!

Accommodation Update!

Bellow You can find special accommodation offer (32% discount) that we arranged for You!
Chillout hostel is located in the very center of Zagreb. It can host all of You together with your bikes with its 170 beds capacity, parking, security cameras and more...
All information regarding hostel you can find at http://www.chillout-hostel-zagreb.com/.
If you have any additional questions feel free to ask. We are looking forward to having You all here!

Chillout hostel tournament offer:

- 4 bed room - 12 € person/night
- 8 bed room - 8 € person/night
- Parking - 24h- 6,7 € (reservation 7 days in advance)
- Breakfast -3 € - Dinner - 4 € (individual order when check in)
- Airport transfer - 13,3 € (4 persons max, one direction, individual order when booking )


- Reservation: http://www.chillout-hostel-zagreb.com/
- Phone info: +385 (0) 95 44 44 012

? via bikepolozg@gmail.com :)

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Nice Poster! Matej, you made this?

Nope :)
... old buddy, Ivan Eror.

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Here you can find weekend program scheduled on daily basis, together with some general information for You to organise yourselves & to fully enjoy the tournament!

SATURDAY / 1st day of the tournament

- 09.00am - 08.00pm: All day polo!(the court)
- 08,00pm - 08.00am: Free time!

FREE TIME (optional) program:

- 08.00pm - 10.00pm: guided bike sight-seeing (downtown, chillout hostel, Student center..)
- 10.00pm - 11.30pm: After polo party -“Hit them in the mouth” movie projection - Student Center (downtown)
- 11.30pm - 02.00am: After polo party - hipster friendly DJ music program (drinks charged) - Student Center (downtown)

SUNDAY / 2nd day of the tournament

- 09.00am - 04.00pm: All day Polo - final games (the court)
- 05.00pm - 07.00pm: Victory ceremony (the court)


The court is private commercial space. It has been rented for the tournament purpose and we have to pay overnight additionaly.

So, if you decide to overnight on the court we need Your confirmation in advance that we can organise ourselves?

Overnight on the court is available only from Saturday to Sunday.

CONFORMATION DEADLINE for overnight on the court is 30.04.2013.

NOTICE: Please take in mind all the distances, facilities, locations, time & Your abbilities when deciding your stay.


Zagreb airport - main bus station - 15km (bus shuttle, cca 45min)
The Court - main bus station - 5 km
The Court - main train station - 2,5 km
The court - main square, downtown - 5 km
The court - Chilout hostel, downtown - 5 km
The court - Student Center, downtown - 4 km
Chillout hostel - Student Center - 1 km

Here is the map with all spots mentioned:


Hope this helps…


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In order to make all of You 18 teams happy with Your tournament t-shirts,
please be kind and send Us your t-shirt sizes that each player fit's best?

What we need is the name of a team and 3 letters: S or M or L on our email or facebook or here...

We need 51 t-shirt sizes total till friday 11.4.

T-shirts are Gildan heavy cotton, regular fit.

Let's Go...

Dear All,
Unfortunately team Wolperdingaz from Munich, Germany won't be able to make it. One of their team members broke his leg a couple of days ago. We wish him fast and full recovery.

Bad news for Wolperdingaz, but good news for teams on the waiting list. There is now an empty slot!. We have already contacted Poland 1 (first on waiting list), but they are also unable to attend. So, to fill the open slot as quickly as possible, we kindly ask the remaining wait-listed teams to let us know where they stand. Will you be able to attend?

Apologies for the short notice, but we hope that you will be able to decide ASAP. The cutoff date for confirmation is the 1st of May. Here is the waiting list in order:

1. LEMMY IS GOD (Hungary)
2. M³ (Austria)
3. TEAM SOPHIE (Switzerland)
7. ROCKETS (Italy)
8. POLIPOLO (Italy)
9. New team J

We will of course honor the order of this waiting list. The highest team on the list to confirm will get the spot.

Bike Polo Zagreb

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Short notice but Poloroid (Gert and Mateen) are looking for a third for Zagreb. Anyone up for it?

New tournament team ... welcome Qubic !

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Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

New podium for tournament...


Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb


Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Tournament photo set ...


Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb