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Saturday, November 16, 2013
Host club: 
Knoxville, TN
Contact info: 
SEAN MESSAMORE 865-209-9796

It's that time again.the 2nd annual TURKEY JAM BIKE POLO EXTRAVAGANZA!
this will be a BENCH MINOR tourney on november 16th at northwest street hockey court.pre tourney polo on the 15th for anyone who wants to come down early. 7pm at the civic coliseum on hall of fame dr and howard baker jr drive.free tournament. 40 players max.we will make 4-6 teams depending on how many peeps there are.very casual play.if you want to play with your crew you can,or just names in a hat get thrown on a team.
PRIZES:1st place gets fame,and fortune .RULES:it will be several rounds of 2x 20 minute halfs.a break in between the two halfs.players switch in and out on the fly,as long as theres only 3 active players on the court at a time.after a goal is scored teams may switch players.ref's whistle to begin play.sudden death is 2vs 2 if it comes down to it.ref's make the penalty calls.if you stab someone in the face with a mallet,you get a penalty,play resumes 2 on 3 until penalty time is up.goals are worth 1 point.
we shall be cooking out,bring stuff to throw on the grill,or more charcoal to keep it going if you want,i know i am.
at the end of the day we shall have a pilgrims vs indians game( shirts vs skins everyone plays )or something to that effect.
rain:if it rains we can move play to the parking garage next to the civic coliseum on howard baker jr dr for rain cover.this is going down regardless.
to register call/text sean messamore on 865-209-9796.leave a voicemail if i don't pick up.(names,number,city)
hotel ideas:
days inn-865-687-5800(has a pool)
quality inn-865-342-3701.theres about 8 around the area.
if anyone has anything to add,or any ideas to make it better please call text or message me.
more details coming soon.


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